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The coup d’é·tat of the current Nacho Leadership

Brothers, sisters, my dear Nachos. It has come to my attention that the current Nacho Leadership is not functioning properly. I had gotten word of this months ago, so I dispatched some retirees to check it out as I was not able to get online. The reports I had gotten and the unacceptable behavior I heard about nearly crippled me. We had gone through a similar thing like this in early 2015 with the Coup of Shivertoe2 and Camperjohn64. I will not let that happen again. We are now faced with a big challenge, my Nacho friends.

Clause 1: Reasons for overthrow

It appears Kevin believes himself to be the dictator of the Nachos. He retired in late February and he returned suddenly. This cannot be happening. We had this problem with Edd64 in 2015, with him returning amidst chaos. I even took part in one of his returns. I believe this cannot happen in the Nacho Army. Neither Kevin, nor even myself are in the position to disrupt any affairs in the Nacho Army at our own liking. It is not our place. If Kevin is going to do this every time something happens he is not fond of, then something needs to be done. It’s being done.

Dan101 and Stone523 have proved ineffective in their times as leaders, and I’ve had enough of it. Neither of them seem to care at all about the Nachos, alongside Kevin. From my views, they are in it all for power and nothing else. Personal achievement and a reputation amongst armies, and nothing else. I even heard a plot of them to abandon the Nachos for another army. At least Shivertoe2 and Camper cared for the Nachos, but these guys should never have even gotten leader in the first place. The Nachos deserve better than leaders who care nothing about their troops.

The hiring of mods has become almost excessive. From the retired veterans I dispatched, I’ve heard much of the chaos and destruction going on in the Nacho chat. There are people who have joined less than a month ago that are getting moderator. That will not be able to happen under my watch. I’m in college. I shouldn’t have to hear from retirees about how there are moderators on the chat that are screwing the Nacho name and everything it stands for up. If we’re hiring mods like this, what is next? Will we be hiring owners? Will troops who joined a week ago be achieving the privileged rank of 2nd or 3rd in command?

Tournaments have been horrible and embarrassing for us. We’ve won one tournament in the past year. ONE. In the past tournament, it appeared the leaders were complete cry babies and used petty excuses to get themselves a redemption round. Never, ever, ever do I want to see the Nacho Leadership displaying such a low level of class. This is madness. We are even in a war with the Army of Club Penguin that we’re losing right now. This is insane. How are we losing to these clowns? This is why we need change, and the current leaders are not effective.

Clause 2: Ultimatum

All three leaders, both Dan101, Stone523 and B Batman3[Kevin] will be banished forever. This is unbreakable as no one is able to unbanish them. The destruction they’ve caused, and the path they’ve put the future of the Nachos on is worthy of eternal banishment on top of their removal as leaders. These leaders now have no shot of ever getting back into or hurting the Nacho Army ever again.

The new leaders, Based on my retired veteran agents, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three people best meant for leader of this grand army. The leaders I’ve selected to lead the Nacho Army going forward are Bubbagum620, Agent233 and Green Dai. As you know, all have been in the Nachos for a long time, and 2/3 have even led the army before. Green Dai led in April 2015 with little experience, but has grown as a person, and leader since then. Bubbagum620 was a loyal 2ic from the end of 2013 to the end of 2014 and served the army in what some used to say was our darkest hour. Agent233 was responsible for leading us through the champions cup with Dan/Kevin, but later stepped down as a leader due to inactivity. He is obviously more active now.

These leaders were selected based on my trust, and the rest of the retirees trust of these three good men. The re shifting of the owner ranks will totally be decided by Bubba, Agent, and Green. It is up to them on who will replace who. This is their army now, and I should never have to get involved again, ever. I will still be watching from the shadows, but my involvement will be limited.

Clause 3: Moving forward

I would like you guys to move forward with this war on ACP. I believe they are beatable and that the old regime just wasn’t capable of beating them. I believe this regime is much stronger and has the will power to do anything. Unfortunately, I said the same thing of the old regime. I however do believe this regime will prove me wrong. If you guys do begin to fall, follow my 3 week program.

Week 1: Recruiting. Recruit your tails off. Recruit like there is no tomorrow. Focus mainly on recruiting and using the tools we’ve given you. Don’t even focus on events too heavily, just recruit, recruit, recruit. If you’re doing it right, LOADS of join comments should just flow right in.

Week 2: Training. If week 1 was successful, week 2 should mainly focus on development of these new recruits. With new recruits, they need training. They need to learn the ways and arts of battle. Once you guys perfect tactics, you should be ready for week 3.

Week 3: Practice Battles, War. If week 2 proves successful, you guys should be ready to take on other armies with ease. If two practice battles go your way then it’s time for war. The Nacho Army in most cases grows in war.


We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas!


Hey guys, April Fools!!!!!!!

This wasn’t Puckley. This was posted by Dan101, B Batman3, and Stone the Nacho Leaders. 

Puckley would never write this (hopefully!)

Hope this was a good joke 😛

18 Responses

  1. You got me

    But what if it really happened tho

  2. you got me with that one ; )

  3. Nice one. You literally fooled me.

  4. I doubted that this was actually real when I was reading it because it is the 1st of April but it seemed really serious so I partly believed it and partly didn’t.

  5. Shit …. U guys got me
    Good job sukers

  6. Lol …u guys really got me!
    Nice one!!

  7. **** you! I was gonna do a very similar post like right now 😥 .


  9. i feel like the mod thing was targeted towards me

  10. were not losing to act

  11. acp

  12. Jokes on you, it’s real!

    Haha, of course not really. Loved the joke though, definitely fun and well-executed!

    Keep up the great work guys in all that you do!

  13. T T T T T T T Thats not very nice

  14. you really got me there…..

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