Conquest of Mittens

Hello, Nachos

We logged on to Mittens today to conquer the server for our fallen brethren, the Underground Mafias Army. I thought the server would be safest in Nacho hands. IW didn’t elect to defend the server, so we conquered it. Apparently our invasion isn’t valid because we’re technically invading a S.M.A.C army. RPF invaded S.M.A.C armies and didn’t get penalized for it, so we shouldn’t either. Anyways, at the event, we had a consistent size of 15 or so and a maximum size of 20. We had bit of a U-lead type of thing towards the end. Overall, the event went well. We now have the full island of Shiver, Mittens, and Mountain.

Video courtesy of Cookky2:


Comment if you came (It helps with promotions)


2 Responses

  1. i was there

  2. I came to it!

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