Multi the good multi: addendum

No one answered him.

In this post, I will go through a few penguins that I forgot to mention in the previous post. Also take a look at Joffrey’s evidence. 


In the last post, I said that he started attending events on August 2nd. This is incorrect. He actually starts attending RPF’s events on July 20th, the day after FW’s only event, and he stops attending on August 10th. FW merges into RPF on July 23rd. Why does he join RPF before FW merges into RPF?


Antiarctic has been attending events since July 11th. Supposedly a Canadian, he attends almost every event, and stays up late to attend Ausia events. For an obscure mod who hardly talks on chat, he has a lot of initiative. He only wears nonmember items that are currently available.


He’s been attending events since August 1st but he’s not on the ranks.

A normal RPF Ausia event

On August 9th, the RPF defended Bunny Hill from the Smart Penguins. At this event, you can see that neither Badboy or Taco is present. This is the only Ausia event that Badboy did not attend. What’s interesting about this event is that almost all of the penguins logged on for RPF are known RPF veterans. You don’t see any of the suspected multilogs who usually attend Ausia events like Antiarctic, Popsiclebeak, or Iidabpandaii at this event.

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  1. what happened to jefferys post?

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