Multi the good multi: addendum part 2

This will be a very short post.

Squadrant X

He’s been attending events since August 9th. He has 3 stamps.


He first appears on August 16th. He has 1 stamp.


He never talks on chat. I tried PCing him during an event his penguin was logged on for and he never responded. He left after the event was over. His xat name is brand new.

Kakashi Yay, revisited

Kakashi Yay first appears in RPF in July 2015. He did come on chat at that time. In January of this year Drake is leading RPF. He sees Kakashi Yay on cp, but doesn’t see him on chat, leading him to think he is a multilog. Kakashi Yay takes pictures at events, and some of them are posted. He has a lot of initiative for an unknown troop.


Kakashi Yay at the Invasion of Ice Cave on July 31st 2015

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