opinion on opinions, by aka, master of opinions

so i had planned on turning this into a video instead of typing it, but after 3 attempts of trying to fit everything in in under 10 minutes failed, i figured i’d just go with the traditional route.

before i get into this topic, i want to lay out the plain facts right now.
no matter how good cpps, cpr, vp, or any other server goes, club penguin and its userbase are dead. there is no one advertising for people to play club penguin or any private servers. everybody who has wanted to play club penguin either has already played it and left, or is playing it now and will leave soon.

want to know how i came across this secret, hidden information?
its because with no updates, no new features, less servers, less reasons to come on, less NEW people that are coming on, and less dedicated people coming on to play on private servers, it means that (in short) the idea of club penguin is dead. the “new” people playing on it right now are people who missed out on the final few days of cp and are playing it out of nostalgia before they get back to what they were doing before. those who came from cp to play on new private servers like CPR are people who have yet to accept this fact that the community continues to stagnate and die.

want to know how i unraveled this enigma?
you can see it plainly in the sizes of the armies. a well organized, established army like rpf recruits all day, plays all day, chats all day, on xat and cp. they have their own community of people and brought their soldiers onto club penguin rewritten, and even with every server full of “new” people whom could be recruited to armies, they struggle to get 40 with ZERO competition. if an army gets 50, thats just average sizes for the #1 armies of the past year. even numbers higher than that arent really enough to throw your hands into the air and cry “CLUB PENGUIN IS SAVED!” when you take into account the last paragraph. less people are playing cp than they were at its height, nobody is advertising these private servers to get genuinely new players involved, old players who moved to a private server know to ignore armies and go about their days, and all thats left are the same people who were going to join armies anyway – the uninformed or the young. the community continues to die but rpf, thugs, some nachos, and others claim that we can start a NEW GENERATION in a dead game. its not nihilism at this point; it is fact.

but i will continue on to silv’s spammed post anyway, since no one makes posts anymore anyway:
Red: as someone who was actually around when armies were created on the forums, i can guarantee you this is the biggest lie on the whole opinion piece right here. a server didnt make us, we made the server, as it was decided on the forums that mammoth was just a meeting place for people on the forums. we moved out of mammoth, but we still came onto club penguin and fought many hundreds of more times before we even considered using xat, so to say that once the forums were gone we became something entirely new is horseshit (sites and the forums coexisted until the forums were shut down).

Green: and if this were the case, we wouldn’t be playing club penguin or a cpps, yet we continue to do so because we play club penguin.

Blue: this has nothing to do with anything and i wonder why you even typed this sentence.

nobody outgrew club penguin or we wouldnt have 20+ year olds still playing it.
the age of people had nothing to do with it. the community never moved from the game because this is the game we recruited people into and we made sure it would take them a long time to advance in ranks so then they in turn would recruit the next group of people into the army. we had gained more people than were leaving, so it was sustainable and people grew to enjoy each others presences and fighting for common goals together. the age thing has nothing to do with anything and i believe you just put this in because you didn’t know what to say next.

finally, after three paragraphs we come to the meat of your post.
we didn’t only leave because the game shut down, we left for any number of reasons that were piling up over the past couple years

1. we left because with rampant autotyping and botting of events, playing the game became automatic and un-fun to play

2. we left because armies focused on multi-logging to get to the top of a third party top ten instead of having fun and playing the game

3. we left because legends whom after years of not playing the game saw their armies dying would come back and overthrow people to try and keep the decline from happening

4. we left because the leaders in the army became hateful and used that hate to hack, ddos, dox, and delete sites that we had all worked to form as a community

5. we left because the game became less about being in a tight knit group of friends working to defeat other armies into people whom were never in the army instantly getting owner-ranked positions as they were leaders in other armies

6. we left because the moderators were actively working against us and mass banning accounts tied to armies

7. and after all this, we left because even the simplest things of declaring victory or defeat became so muddied in propaganda and hatred that there was never a point in fighting anymore.

this community was going to die even if half of these points were fixed before the end of cp. now that we’ve all got the bright notion of “private servers are going to be totally different!” into our heads, we’re just going to ignore the reason we got here in the first place?

i guarantee you that you will not see a huge rise to prominence for cp armies in private servers, for all the points i had stated above and for the simple reason that we’ve already made our story, so now instead of closing our book and leaving the “what-ifs?” to everyone’s imaginations, we’ve decided to turn our final chapter into some stupid fan-fic where cp never ends and we make-believe that the game isn’t over.

the nachos are dead and we are staying dead. if you want to go to another private server and start an army, go ahead (even if i vehemently disagree with it). if you advertise your cpr/cpps army on the chat, the ban will be swift.

go away


5 Responses

  1. I totally agree with the points mentioned above, CPR armies will fade soon and the hype created by RPF leaders will be gone.

    • Funny. RPF is maxing 60+ on a bad day, and our size views have more than tripled.

      • Maybe AUSIA is dead then, because yesterday I found all xat dead at late Ausia Timings, the only CPR army chat which was listed on xat groups page was rangers with 2 people(random pgo catchers) and a bot.

      • weird how when you’re the only option in a dead community other than a joke army how you tend to get a bigger share

  2. Thank god someone said it

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