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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Welcome! This page consists of the Nachos’ Modern Uniform, Traditional Uniforms, and suggested items if you want to have your own custom uniform! Enjoy!


Traditional Nacho Uniform



Modern Nacho Uniform 2016

Member Uniform 

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.37.57 AM


  • Head Item: Sombrero Cordobés (Available with Penguin Lodge Item Adder)
  • Face Item: Red Sunglasses (Available at the Mall right now!)
  • Neck Item: Polka-Dot Bandanna (Available at the Gift Shop right now!)
  • Body Item: Red Letterman Jacket (Available at the Gift Shop right now!)
  • Hand Item: Acoustic Guitar (Available at the Lighthouse right now!)
  • Feet Item: Cowboy Boots (Available at the Gift Shop right now!)
  • Color: Red or Orange is fine!

Non-Member Uniforms



  • Head Item: Sombrero Cordobés or Miner’s Helmet (Available in the Gold Mine!)
  • Face Item:  Ninja Mask (Become a Ninja!)
  • Neck Item: Red Bandana (formerly available in the Gift Shop catalog)
  • Body Item: Orange Shirt (unlockable with code 2BEHEARD) or Orange Star Shirt (formerly available in the Gift Shop catalog)
  • Hand Item:  Grappling Hook (optional)
  • Feet Item: None (optional)
  • Color: Red or Orange
  • Puffle: Any color! (red or orange preferred!)


Golden Age Uniforms

                2009                           2013                  

 Screenshot_3  Screenshot_4



If you didn’t like the suggested uniforms above, then you can create your own uniform! Scroll down for the items. We would prefer that you  wear items closest to the top of each list. You are still free to wear whatever you’d like on this list, though.

If you would like to wear something that isn’t on here, PC an owner on chat or leave a comment! We will try to make an exception!


Head Items

Sombrero    FestiveSombrero

SombreroCordobesItemIconMini_SombreroMiners_Helmet_clothing_icon_ID_429New Player Red Baseball Hat

Mexican_SombreroStarlit_Sombrero Brown_Cowboy_Hat_clothing_icon_ID_1240

TanCowboyHat Black_Cowboy_Hat_clothing_icon_ID_433 Prince_Redhood's_Hat.png


  • Miner’s Helmet (in the Gold Mine!) – non-member item
  • Red Cap (once you join Club Penguin!) – non-member item
  • Prince Redhood Hat (at the Mall!) – member item
  • Sombrero Cordobés (available with Penguin Lodge) – non-member item

Face Items


Black_Sunglasses_clothing_icon_ID_101NinjaMask LavaMask

Eyepatch_clothing_ID_icon_105 Red_Pixel_Glasses_icon


  • Red Sunglasses (at the Mall!) – member item
  • Ninja Mask (become a Ninja!) – non-member item
  • Fire Ninja Mask (become a Fire Ninja!) – non-member item
  • Eye patch (unlockable with code ELPIRATA) – non-member item

Neck Items

Messenger_BagRed_Bandana_clothing_icon_ID_192  Red_Backpack

Supply Bag     

Hiking Backpack Polka-Dot_Bandana_icon


  • Messenger Bag (Gift Shop Catalog!) – member item
  • Hiking Backpack (unlockable with code FERIASCP) – non-member item
  • Supply Bag (at the Mall!) – member item
  • Red Cape (at the Mall!) – member item
  • Polka-Dot Bandana (Gift Shop Catalog!) – member item

Body Items

Poncho_clothing_icon_ID_236 Winter_Poncho_icon_ID_764

Black_and_Red_Sailor_Shirt Star_T-Shirt Be_Heard_Campaign_Shirt_(Unlockable)

Red_Letterman_Jacket_icon  Matador_Outfit 

Cowboy_Vest_clothing_icon_ID_217  Black_Cowboy_Shirt_clothing_icon_ID_843 Pink_Cowgirl_Shirt


  • Red Letterman Jacket (Gift Shop catalog!) – member item
  • Orange Shirt (unlockable with code 2BEHEARD) – non-member item
  • Red Hockey Jersey (Snow & Sports Catalog!) – member item

Hand Items

Festive_Maracas_clothing_icon_ID_337  Pair_of_Maracas_clothing_icon_ID_335 Green_and_Blue_Maracas size 85

RedElectricGuitar  Bow_and_Arrows.png  150px-AcousticGuitar

Clothing_Icons_5422   Mexican_Maracas Clothing_Icons_5226Lasso_clothing_icon_ID_327


  • Red / Acoustic Guitar (Lighthouse!) – member items
  • Green and Blue Maracas (Gift Shop Catalog) – member item
  • Lasso (at the Mall!) – member item
  • Fire Nunchaku (Be a Snow Ninja!) – non-member item

Feet Items

CowboyBoots  BrownPirateBoots

BlackCowboyBoots  FlameSandals  


  • Cowboy Boots (Gift Shop Catalog!) – member item
  • Flame Sandals (Be a Fire Ninja!) – non-member item




  • Puffles (adopt at the Pet Shop!) – member items except for red & blue
  • Puffle Sombrero (Pet Shop Catalog!) – member item

Special Uniforms

Nacho Heavy Armor



NSP Astronaut Uniform




177 Responses

  1. First! Enjoy making your uniforms! 😀

  2. ok

  3. I’m probably not going to be a ninja anytime soon so am I allowed to go without the ninja mask?

    • Certainly! You can substitute the item for anything that’d you like!

      • I don’t know who made this page, but it rocks, so I’m thinking of Puckley ❤

      • Puck and I made it. I came up with the idea of a customizable page, but our lemon god took over from there!

        • LEMON GOD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!?!?!,!?!!?!!?!?!??!? NOT COOL DUDE, GODS THE ONLY GOD AND YOUR god IS NOT A god!

  4. what adout a bow of nachos

  5. where is the sombrero in the mine

  6. easy enough going get anther member ship to get some stuff i have

  7. plz tell me how to make a uniform by yourself because i am new here

    • Hi there! Any of the items listed above you can use for your uniform. If you don’t have any of those items, however, you can just wear red and orange. That’s perfectly okay! Let me know if you have any more questions. Welcome to the Nachos. 🙂

  8. Thanks for making this page! Now I know what are the items I can wear to battles and meetings and Nacho stuff!! (My red puffle is named Fire btw)

  9. I just joined a few weeks ago! what rank am i?

  10. Can i wear a red viking hat?

  11. yay

  12. i got an idea guys can i use yellow and orange face paint?

  13. for a hand item can I do a guitar or only what’s on the list

  14. ok thanks

  15. how do you get a uniform

    • If you don’t have some of the items, that’s okay. You can just customize your own uniform as you wish! Our only requirement really is that you keep the items red or orange.


  17. i also have a orange puffle i use to be a member but now im not

  18. I dressed up as a proper member nacho army dude and i changed my sombero into a black colored and red trim

  19. Can I use My regular hair since i am a girl?

  20. can we use the red cheerlarding dress for the body item

  21. what puffel do we need

    • A puffle isn’t required, but a red or orange puffle would be great with nacho colors. 🙂

  22. do i have to wear the sombreo pin? because i don’t have it

  23. The grappling hook is no longer avilible what shall i do

  24. Can I carry an acoustic guitar?

  25. I can’t seem to get how to get the ninja mask. Is there a certain way to get it?

    • You can get the ninja mask by beating the sensei at the Dojo. It’s okay if you don’t have it though. 🙂

  26. i have it

  27. where do i get the sombrero? i need to know thanks!

  28. plz help me!

  29. hey guys i was wondering if when i play cp i have towear my uniform or when im in the army thnx

    • You can wear ANYTHING you want when you play cp. At the battles though, it’s important to wear our uniform so people can determine whether you are with Nachos or with the enemy army. 🙂

  30. srry or when im in a battel

  31. I don’t have the fire nunchaku so can I use the red loudspeaker I got with the orange shirt as a hand item?

  32. I have a question:Are yellow penguins allowed as I am a yellow penguin?

  33. how u join?

  34. They have updated the catalog and now have different stuff. I think this page could use some updating

  35. Can we use the green and blue marroccos?

  36. hi

  37. u should include some of the red kits

  38. can i wear my pixel shades substituting ninja mask

  39. how do you get a sumbraro

  40. Where do you get the sombrero?

  41. As a hand item can I use my megaphone?

  42. What is the body thing for members?

  43. The current member uniform body item is called the “Red Letterman Jacket”. The traditional uniform has an item that hasn’t been around in a while, the “Poncho”.

  44. I Made My Nacho Set I Made One OF THe Rare ones cause i pretty much have every item in game beside beta hat :3

    To Check out my outfit!

  45. Heres A Idea On A Club Penguin Nacho Set Idea

  46. Would a yellow cape work too?

  47. The picture of the modern member uniform is in low quality.

    Here is a picture of it in high quality graphics:

    And here is a picture of what it looks like on CP:

    Maybe replace it if you have time it will look better.

  48. dear staff,
    hola nachos! u guys should include the red kit from cp soccer world cup 2014. sombreros and maracas,ethancoen7

  49. super glad I joined

  50. ok

  51. what shall i do when i can not find a hat to wear

    Wear something close to the uniform 🙂

  52. i think we need a girl uniform too

    Ok… 😀

  53. a girl uniform would be nice, and is the Penguin Item adder safe? the penguin lodge one? and, is there another way to get a sombrero? I want to complete my nacho’s uniform

  54. aw, ok. I feel kind of sad they left. I would get one if I had the coins…. and if they were still there…

  55. I like the part where you can make your own uniform. I am always missing one item from the uniforms. I am just too lazy to get them now.

  56. make a Christmas uniform

  57. I joined

  58. i really think you guys should make a girls uniform.

  59. hi i would like to wear my red hair if that is ok to the nacho army at 8:00 tonight

  60. would we be allowed to use a darth vader lightsaber if we got one from the takeover party? It will take a long time to get the fire nunchaku.

  61. I wanna be a member!!!!!!!!!

  62. how can you get a uniform?

  63. 1. What is your Club Penguin username? (required)
    2. Will you try to attend our next battle on Club Penguin? (be at xat.com/NachosHQ for battle) (required)
    Yes, i will attend all battles if possible
    3. Will you visit our website and chat daily for the latest news and orders from the Nacho Army? (required)
    4. What country do you live in? (US, UK, Australian, etc.)
    5. How did you find out about the Nacho Army?
    Penguins dancing and advertising this army
    6. Have you ever been into another Army? If so, what Army and what rank?
    7. Do you promise to remain active and never betray us? (required)
    8. Do you promise to read our beginners guide?
    I’ve already did and i will again

  64. i was in a mexican coustume in real life!

  65. I got an idea i got these bunch of Mastashes (Typo) what about using them too?

  66. I would love to come to your battles but i cant!!!! it is at 8:00 and I will be at school please change it


  68. hey

  69. i think i might have a ok uniform

  70. hey the sombrero hat is not in the adder website

  71. i dont like the hand items

  72. Do we have to have an item for each thing (Neck,arm ect)?

  73. i want the black sombrero but i don’t know were to get it what do i do?

    • You have to add it using penguin lodge item adder. Go here: penguinlodge.com/club-penguin-item-adder and find the ‘Sombrero Cordobes’ under non-member items. You can also add the Mexican sombrero, brown pirate boots, red bandana, etc. Make sure you are logged out of cp first!

  74. i do not have any of those items:9

  75. i dont have a hand item

  76. can there be a special costume called nacho disco outfit?

  77. I have that neon jacket and it looks so boss with the uniform

  78. pls

  79. I cant get an orange top will the fire ninga top do?

  80. Can I wear my cat costume for body it’s orange and I can not bear to part with it so please can I wear it?

  81. Yay!! Thanks

  82. i want this stuff

  83. u should where ezros uniform it looks cool

  84. Hey guys, I just used Lodge to get the cool Grappling Hook!

    Totally epic.

    Why is using Penguin Lodge against the rules??

    If it is, then why did the PC creators make it if using it was against the rules???

    • A bit over a year ago item adders like Penguin Lodge had rare and beta items, which was considered cheating and CP patched those items so they could no longer be added. But now they don’t have have rare items, so using it is fine. If it was still against the rules to add non-rare items then CP would have patched those items too. And as for the last question item adders are not made by the CP creators

  85. where do you get the nacho uniform plz tell in the comments

  86. while penguin lodge is useful, it is a hack. so technically, any item that is listed available through penguin lodge is unavailable, unless you are fine with risking your cp account. you can be banned for using pl. also, I don’t mean to be a know-it-all, but I want to warn ppl who don’t know.

  87. can i wear my stone mining hat?


  89. hello,

    I just joined and There is no red bandana?

  90. I used the item adder because im a nonmember but it didnt give me the sumbrero so ill use my mine hat XD

  91. i cant redeem my code 2beheard

  92. is the item adder trustworthy?

  93. It says the codes are expired?

  94. THe codes are expired?

  95. All codes have expired, so now new non members can only wear a hat and a mask. ;[

  96. I don’t have any of those hand items, can I use my friendship

  97. can i use a diffrent lookin acoustic guitar as a hand item it looks just as good as a regular acoustic guitar

  98. I can’t use the code 2BEHEARD. It says it has already expired.

  99. @Above My real username is annaanna05


  101. why did cp shut
    it was so fun

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