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    Third Blue Soldier on Information
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Events This Week

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Monday, September 26th

Mining Expedition

Server: Blizzard – Room: Ice Berg

8:00 PM UK

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST



To join the chat, click on your name! You have a green pawn and are on the top of the users list! [Xat gives you a funny default name]

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Active Count

Greetings Soldiers,

It is that time again when we will be having a active count to see who remains active in the army. If you do not fill out this active count by Wednesday, September 28th, you will be demoted or fired. Copy and paste the form below in the comments section, below all of the comment, and then fill it out before submitting the form.

Name you go by?:

Rank? (If you joined in the last week, your rank is most likely private):

How active are you on a scale of 1 to 10? (Be honest!):


Nacho Force Defeats Doritos [9/24/16]

Greetings Glorious Soldiers,

We logged onto Klondike for the CPA Tournament to defeat the Doritos forces that stated that this would be an easy victory for them before the battle. Determined to prove them wrong, 22 soldiers stormed the Ice Berg and the Snow Forts until the Doritos fell in defeat. Once again we were the underdogs, and once again underdog victory. Great job soldiers, and next week we will destroy our worst enemies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, in the tournament finals. Read on for pictures from the event.

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Just a quick heads up


Data nicked from https://haveibeenpwned.com if I was you I’d go and check if your Xat account has been hacked and if so change your password.

To do so just type your email you use for Xat in this box right here on the main page. d217ec888a5a4c7fa372f3173f6852c5.png

 Jammi 2ic

Removal of Legofan/Snickers || New Era

Update: Legofan has agreed to become a Field Marshal and continue serving the army, but not as a leader.

Greetings Soldiers,

As of today, September 23rd, 2016, Legofan and Snickers have been relieved of all leadership duties and will reside as former leaders of the Nacho Army.

This was a difficult action to take, knowing that both Conno and I had to decide what was best for the future of the army. They were simply not ready for the responsibilities of leadership, and acted in ways of not leading tactics and leaving before events, but again, they were simply not ready.

They were asked to resign from the leadership, following a warning a week before, and upon their refusal, we had no choice but to remove them from the leadership. The September Drop has had strong effects on the army, and a strong leadership is necessary to combat that. Conno and I will reveal the third leader soon, until then the army will run as usual. Do not let your feelings about this decision affect your loyalty to this army.


Nachos Leader

Igloo Raid On Blizzard [9/23/16]

Greetings Soldiers,

Today, our UK division logged onto Blizzard for a fun filled igloo raid. We maxed 13 on Club Penguin, so it was a alright performance, but we could do better. Soon this will be the floor, and many more penguins on Club Penguin will be the roof. Read on for pictures from the event.

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New Rule

All owners need to be on chat 30 minutes before the event begins to hype and prep for the event. Mods, I need you guys to be on 20-25 minutes before at the latest, while members need to be on 15 minutes before it begins. I am tired of mods/owners not attending events, and demotions will be coming soon if you guys don’t try.

Calling To Arms

Greetings Soldiers,

At this time I am calling for all former soldiers of the Nachos to explore their return to the army, and to join in on the rise to the top. Loyalty is a word that the definition is not lived up to often, but I want loyalty to this army to guide you back to us and help us do no less than rise. Pc me on chat if you are interested.


Nachos Leader


Hello Nachos. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to answer those polls I posted. Your feedback is appreciated. I would like to now address the results of these polls. First off, the overwhelming consensus is that the leaders are not doing a good job. I would like to apologize for this. The other leaders and I are doing our best to step it up, although we are all very busy in real life. It seems that you guys want more practice battles. We will try to have at least one practice battle each week. You guys also wanted to have less recruiting sessions and to have other events instead, but I don’t know if this can happen. We have to cancel most of our recruiting sessions anyway, and having events on 5 bar servers helps our sizes. You guys are divided on whether we should be red or orange, but orange is winning by a slight margin. Red is our official color, but it seems many of you prefer orange. I am leaving it up to you which color you want to be at our events. Now, moving onto CPA. A few weeks ago, we made the controversial decision of leaving the server map. Many other armies left with us, and now there are not many armies left on the server map. There seems to be no clear consensus on whether we should return to the map or not, but I think it is best that we stay out of it. It seems to be dying, and I don’t see any point in returning to it now. It seems that many of you are discouraged about the state of the army. I will not lie, the next few weeks will probably be pretty rough for us. Just hang in there. Things will get better soon. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. See you next time.

~ Snickers

PB Against Teutons

Hola Nachos

Today our UK Division logged on to the server North Pole for a PB against Teutons. We maxed 10 and averaged 8. We had great tactics too. Thanks to all who came. Special thanks to Conno for pics.😀 . Continue reading for pics.


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