Camper Edit: As of right now, the entire site has been restored other then a few small graphical details. Nothing important was lost and everything is back to normal. Viva Los Nachos!

Hello, this is Person1233. For those of you that don’t know, I joined the Nachos in 2008 and was the leader in 2009. Kevin’s account was compromised this morning, which allowed for someone to add themselves to the site, delete our theme and pages, and post porn. Let’s all publicly shame this individual:


If anyone has any information about this incident, notify Nacho leadership. Puckley will assist in the transition of the leadership back to the website as well as the restoration of the theme and pages. I’ve been out of the loop so I don’t trust myself to add people back on my own. I’m just glad I was able to act and remove the hacker before our posts were lost.

The Nachos are and have always been a resilient army. Pride yourselves in your ability to come back from this setback and know you’ll always have a safety net in me.




Nachos I am sorry for not being here as often as I should. As 2ic I should be here for events and help out as much as I can. A lot of problems have come up recently that has caused me to make some tough life choices. If you really want to know why PC me in the chat. Again I am sorry.





Invasion of Fiesta [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos!

Today our US Division invaded the server Fiesta from the rpf. The first half of the battle took place at the Stadium, and the second half was a nice long game of hide-and-go seek with rpf. As soon as we followed them to a room, they immediately moved to another room. I got the Going Places stamp during this battle because of the amount of rooms we followed them to. I don’t know why they were retreating so much but I guess it’s a victory for us. Read on for pictures.

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Invasion of Shiver/Invasion of Aurora [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos,

Today we invaded the historical Nachonnian city of Shiver from the rpf. The battle started at the Stadium and ended at the Forts. We tied rpf most of the battle but got the edge at the end to win the server. I think Shiver is a level 1 server as well. After invading Shiver we logged on to invade Aurora. This battle was fought entirely at the Iceberg. We got off to a slow start but got stronger towards the end of the battle. This was probably a tie, and if Aurora is level 1 we should get the server. Read on for pictures.

Invasion of Shiver

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The following have been demoted. If you’re not going to act like your rank, then this is what happens. You will earn your ranks back when you attend battles. How hard is it to attend battles. If you have this much hw already and it takes you till past 8:00, the I’m sorry, but you might need to reassess your time management.

Purple= Get more active

Red= Demoted 

Leader: B Batman3, Camperjohn64, Stone523

Co-Leader: Legofan Cy, Ryan[Longway1], Agent233, Conno11

Ambassador: Jammi Dodger, Poseidon112, Casillas2159, Snickers4763

 Advisor: Chrisi Blule


moderator 1.0 Elite General: Hazie65673, Guitar48300, 95 Spider[Temp/Away], Baseball1043

moderator 1.0 Grand General: Blueysib6[Ohcan1234][Away], , Konrad*

moderator 1.0 Head General:, Cookky2, Centaur 17*  Bull Hour,  Katniss33335,

moderator 1.0 Major General:  Leila[Nylam123] , Datdudebp,,

moderator 1.0 Brigadier General:  Fabgirl12346, Apple6683, Bosss3


Below mod rank after demotion:

The Nacho10, Libra29emy*,  Alex10189



Aut detrimentum die, RPF

As of 3:35 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, the three main allied powers consisting of the Nacho Army, the Army of the Republic,  the Army of Club Penguin, and allies hereby release the following statement to the United Servers of the Rebel Penguin Federation:


RPF, you have 24 hours to surrender 90% of your nation to the Nacho Army, the Army of the Republic, the Army of Club Penguin, and allies or you will face a fate worse than death. Again, you have 24 hours to surrender 90% of your nation or you will face a fate worse than death.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall



~Camperjohn64, B Batman3, Stone523

Non aggression pact with the Doritos

It was in both the Nachos and the Doritos best interest to make this pact.

Vires et honestas

So, the Rebel Penguin Federation scheduled 3 AUSIA invasions on us last night, because they’re incapable of fighting us at regular times now. RPF’s Ausia has devestated us this war. We can’t very well cover that ground, because we don’t have AUSIA soldiers. Even if we did have AUSIA soldiers, the matter of the fact is, they’d most likely be in school at the time of RPF’s invasions. For example, an invasion at 1:30 in the morning EST would equate to the hours of the AUSIA school day. Katniss is in school and doesn’t get home until about what would be our 4:30 in the morning. Well, we knew this would be a good place to shut RPF the fuck up, and stop them in their tracks. A brave platoon of Nacho soldiers attended all three of these invasions, and RPF didn’t show up to one of them. We beat them at their own game, now it’s time to win at both their game and ours. It’s time to turn this around.

We’ve beaten RPF in three wars before this. We’re going to do it again. They claim to have never lost, but they lost a grand total of three times. RPF may have beaten us at some battles, but they haven’t beaten us in war.

War 1: RPF loses. We take Sleet/Parka.

Well, RPF fucked with us again. The second war, we didn’t take much.

War 2:

Well, RPF fucked with us again. This time, we declared war on them.

War 3:

RPF still…wanted…to…fuck…with…us…after…this…war.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the following Batman quote might explain some stuff:

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just wanna watch the world burn.”

RPF isn’t honorable enough to show up their own battles.


~Vires et honestas~

Multi the good multi: addendum part 2

This will be a very short post.

Squadrant X

He’s been attending events since August 9th. He has 3 stamps.


He first appears on August 16th. He has 1 stamp.


He never talks on chat. I tried PCing him during an event his penguin was logged on for and he never responded. He left after the event was over. His xat name is brand new.

Kakashi Yay, revisited

Kakashi Yay first appears in RPF in July 2015. He did come on chat at that time. In January of this year Drake is leading RPF. He sees Kakashi Yay on cp, but doesn’t see him on chat, leading him to think he is a multilog. Kakashi Yay takes pictures at events, and some of them are posted. He has a lot of initiative for an unknown troop.


Kakashi Yay at the Invasion of Ice Cave on July 31st 2015

Stopping RPF in their tracks

We defended Fjord from RPF today to stop their advance. This haulted any RPF presence in the current Nacho Empire, our 4 servers. This was a good day. We beat RPF at their own game, Ausia. The gayest possible way to invade. Special thanks to 50 Cent 254, Shivertoe2, Stone, Camp, 123344a, Otto, Pepsi, Edd, Chip, 95 Spider, and all those who attended these invasions.

Fuck you RPF.


I’m going to fucking bed,




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