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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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    • 2,136,603 Nachos (Old site = 1.3 million)
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    Notable Tournament Championships

    Legends Cup I, Christmas Chaos I, March Madness I, March Madness II, Champions Cup IV, March Madness IV, Legends Cup VIII




To receive a rank in the Nacho Army fill out a join form at the join page!

➡ Need help finding your name on the ranks?

Visit >>HERE<< for help! Learn about ranking up and receiving a promotion HERE.

Red: US Division (Americas)
Blue: UK Division (Europe and Africa)
Green: AUSIA Division (Asia & Australia)


  Nacho Leader

Conno11, Cookky2, Dan101, Verum


Kevin, Blueysib6

     Field Marshal

 Thomas,  Arureadindis, Dominus, Fluffy 9404, Mario988

Click HERE for Cabinet Positions


moderator 1.0 Nachonnian Imperial Guard moderator 1.0

Apple6683, Justinzigag, Jester, Ay12

moderator 1.0 Nachonnian Recruiting Force moderator 1.0

 Graffitidust, Rook21680, Blueychaz

moderator 1.0 Nachonnian Stormtroopers moderator 1.0

Guitar48300, Mutee



 katniss33335, Boss3, Gianna0987, Penguifriend, cpd21, Ferb 2014


Tsubasa1, ccost17, Piningozon, Firechef663*, Deropy, Miniman15, Olliebob3321,  ScreamingSquid, Amogh0b, Panos5000, Aris336, Megayt123, Hollyfriends, P346870087(Majords7), hotmm, Jacobaz1, Kobe0076, Squidysquid, Happy The Ca, Gianna0987, Penguifriend,  FaZeoptic2, Iceygirl, pinkcool1145, Mr Eds1, Penguine0322, Maloomboop, Ninja42802, Got This 56, rosiekk09, queenjakiejr,  Snow8778, Sup Sup123, octog123, Rayton, samson2020, kdef125, lickitgood, Likezo1, Pepe4358, Gaint thing, Justanormo, Menameisno*, Idleblue1*, Cenafan01, Janet Lee1, Coco2529, Josefinuchi1, Motocitre*,  Pikachu[Steven48], Poofles11, Tasbot, tikirode, Aviatornacho, Maddog, Nacho Girl5, jalbert, Doomringer, Bl4ck Ag3nt, Daren1


Whyguys101, Tom7709, pippi, xlar8, alivin4, y249, sana33333, Flipper2527, xDarkAng3lx, Sunisshine, krishna94023, pingupingu63, pufflo73, Tru31sh123, The King3313, jonathan804, brevski, thecoolkid13, P349984619, Adrian123045, Parv05, Sorengamer9, Jones3, blossom2486, calykate, skylar33, Cahmesahbda, chandru2004, mewtwo907, snowydudexd, layz, bmcqu26, rafi127, CpMark, sweet penuin, sanggary, BlobfishJaz, josh42026, mono j, vanya73658, annaanna05, shafi126, milky18835, sideous1512, Eskillz, connor95yt, AwesomeSaul2, niadiva322, Clubclub8, TheMountPeng, Prophecy112, HappyLarry05, James James, DanMate999, cookiecat335, DerEchteJanni, cardsgame, abbybabs123, Fearness, Dof X, Lenlazer, cookie, zacksky09, kingil, 4ntK2, Tallulahtega, mynameisgang, matthew4865, hanrog1, waddle41321, alexsmith101, zochoz, Zipyyzpyy58, lizzie19678, Mathildek, AmFreArthur4, xizyx, Nachosarmy, macandronnie, cheesypeas, candy12336, PastelxAmy, Colester9391, jeevs10, CPnachoz, fran12348, lil66549, niamhk265, Queenp09, Vicki9162, Anadino11, NSCP42, Eyeron, Aqa Girl, Gubtub134, Bunch of Spa, TheodorB, dlina, YOYO DS, Pinko478, papibear, Lilly99970, clare1236, Adam11086, batman1o, Bubbablue9, Nature Pengu, HadiBoss, fugchristins, tennuggets, kala1904, jellyan, Good Choice, Muvaaah, poptropic99, Guccibacon, Cpsweetgirl1, 8Ima8, kantstopme1, Jaybear32, soy yo amigo, xxxjmc, Fresnopengi, pinklove01, Byebyeworld, sweetfartlove, dcsoccer, Angelina5018, Macs13450, FiaHope, Mrfluffyisba, hooper33, sakyor, fluddershy2, Snooflord, Sweetie200, CowsidyGud, 21CoolKid12, babygirl642, Boujee14, Ellabella539, Cookie 2008, MrPiggy1432, olehsaboss, HadiBoss, HipBees, Exile75125, 31starmagic, Moana31301, Penguinggg1, Lone Taco, Tacky 21658, daisydazed, lilgil11, contheshadow, Duddynuggets, VryImportant, Raspberry785,  purtypengy, titus125, Jessicajoy99, vizslasrule6, policepeng1, nachos2004, BlazingStorm, Berry506, Macs13450, AleronAzeol, PasstheQueso, ilovemybffs9, Puppis127, Berry560, awesome58026, P349352967 (Xxsara 1Xx), valerie1959, ben99906, P20356, cooly890, wolf girl240, Coolly40512, andrew1959, Bl0ods4ever, Maxangel707, valerie1959, LaCucaracha,  Penny16911, Emmaplayz2, Senime03, GalaxyGamer2, d a n i e l l e, square samy, La Cucaracha, CYD2, jeff, Shrek8lllllD, Narf, Tuioonor, Mouat97, Mrpiggy1432, M3RKlegendYT, CaramelFlow, moo000, lila263, Kateline0773, Pshopp, Crystal7070, kitkatgamer, orangewill, Mssquidy, Alexia Garcia, Endy1407, sweetcakes10, Firestorm, Joah75, Una400, sofi36548, Ya bBoi 2k16, kalykate, bolota09, Cricket2, colechole, J0006, Smartandy, Jurosophine, jordin45, orangepeng2, Penguino360, Lil Meep, ZeRz Alpha, clearwater15, Laly, Pinkpen10, Erikasorios, strikerlion6, THE BEAST!11, JessaPlayz, emi is awe, Pinkriboncat, gjc 1999, kingklarz, AddyHitlr, LightGreenCP, PapiChulo117, trainboy, BlobfishJaz, grace2370, shineshiny, kiley8468, p349678921, superrei68, scaredvillager, Purikel, keira804, Nices Sun123, Soccerboy920, Batterblue, Allygary, makhic, Ericnerdboi, Threerivers, yahairadiaz2, Gigi 101, Finn7002, chief276, Tanki X, chantilly200, Skrtney, Jing Kohnia, Erinw6, Lucywashere, Aniyah, PrincesssEmi, Bob54324, callon

Special Ranks

Revolutionary Guard: Bryce, Redduck, Shiver, Jed, Sarge, Camperjohn64

Website Curators: Person1233, Beeky128778, Puckley, Kevin/B Batman3, Fluffy9404


Guide To Ranks

Emperor: He is in charge of the running of the army and has the final say on everything. All commands issued by him should be followed and respected by all. He has the sole power to banish people forever and declare war on other armies. He is the Protector of The Nachonnian Empire & The Guardian of The Nachonnian Empire.

Chancellor: They’re the Commanders of the army and hold the rank of main owner on chat. They’re able to lead battles and schedule events. They must be respected and followed at all times.

Generals: They have to recruit, be active and govern the chat. They’re also in charge of running the Nacho Army and deserve lots of respect for all their hard work. If a General is inactive and doesn’t meet the requirements, or tries to rebel he will be demoted.

The Imperial Nachonnian Guard: They are selected personally by the emperor and must welcome recruits, keep the chat active and attend as much battles as possible. They are the most elite soldiers in the Nachonnian Empire and can only be appointed by the emperor.

Nachonnian Recruiting Force: They are in charge of recruiting and must always welcome troops and be recruiting at all times. Any member who starts recruiting and proves themselves good enough will be allowed into this korps.

Nachonnian Stormtroopers: They are the most active of our troops and receive the rank of moderator for their work and dedication.

Corporal: They’re the most elite of our members and are next in line for the rank of moderator

Troops: They are active troops who attend battles and help make this army great.

Enlists: They are new to the army and are yet to prove their worth to receive the rank of trooper

Revolutionary Guard: They’re veterans & guardians of the peace who have made sure that the Nachonnian Empire isn’t destroyed by inside and outside forces.

248 Responses

  1. i like the flag a lot!

  2. My name isn’t there! I’m Pickletree90

  3. Why is there two Rakejens? Can anyone fix that?

  4. im awsome

  5. Sorry, but could you please remove me from the ranks. I will not be active anymore due to issues going on at my house. Thank you.

  6. I don’t see myself on the ranks 😭😭😭

  7. Hi, its Misty10. Really sorry and sad to have to write this but unfortunately I just don’t have time for Nachos anymore as school gets in the way and I have been too stressed out recently. I miss the community and the family so so much but I can’t keep kidding myself or you that I am going to be more active. It was nice to be up in the ranks for a while but you should probably take me off the ranks as the only time I’ll be able to attend battles is in school holidays so you’ll probably see me again Easter or Summer time. Again, I am really sorry to have to leave but it is for the best. Good luck with everything to the whole army because you deserve every victory. And especially to Lego, thank you very much for everything, you were a great friend and help whilst I was such an annoying noob and I am very grateful. Also to BrassAssDash who will most likely never even see this, you were super awesome so thanks. Thanks for always being so kind and stay epic Nachos ~ Misty10

    Nachos lost a great soldier today.

  8. Hi legofan cy, I know you from club penguin

    • Hey! Welcome to the Nachos bro 😛 . Check our event schedule post to see the next event 😮

      • I had no idea I said that!
        Thanks bro!

      • I’m sorry I left The nachos. I did not realize how this army meant to me. This was a great army, one of the best. I hope you can continue in CPR, CPI, CPPS.ME, etc. I tried to make it to the last battle but I couldn’t, I’m very sorry. And can you add me back? Thanks, nachos.
        Keep waddling while eating nachos.

  9. hey can u change me to ausia

  10. Hey this is Booboo33233 I have waited over two days and wondering if you have to be accepted? Sorry for stupid questions just a little confused… I watched one of you recent battles (If you saw me I have a tiny old hat)

  11. Nevermind found myself! – Booboo33233

  12. Yeah thanks man! Sorry chats a little slow so I did not see your comment until after I put down my newest one! Sorry for bothering you!

  13. my chat hasn’t been working and my computer has been broken so i have been inactive but every thing is fixed now 🙂

  14. sorry but on only fridays and saturdays i can go active….

  15. Hey just letting you all know know I’m not inactive just I might be able to battle on wendnesday to Saturday! Sorry time messes me up…

  16. why am i us? just asking

  17. Hi, could you add me as a Private to the ranks? I applied earlier today.

  18. hey lego my chat still isn’t working

  19. Hey! Just saying I ain’t inactive so please don’t put that weird star thing on my name xD

  20. hey lrgo…plz try to schedule some battles in ausia times….in march!!

  21. lol…ok! I’ll just wait now…..:(

  22. my name is spelled joeymnbvcxza

  23. ok now I am Major rank but the January promos says I am Colonel so please fix it again.

  24. I’m supposed to be a Captain from the February ranks. Please fix this

  25. I am supposed to be a Colonel according to the january promotions

  26. rly everyone is just asking stone and other staff for free promos. You have to check the previous promo page and be honest.

  27. Hate to be a pain in the arse but Dan said someone to make rakejen me and conno 4ic remove lewis chainpro and iceberry and make pickletree a major.

  28. can i be major

  29. cool im sergeant

  30. Hey Stone (or Lego which ever) can I still move up the ranks if I attend to battles and my Xat isn’t working? (basically whenever I go to the chat it says BR or OA sometimes it says Null not found) You’ve heard this from me in the chat. Luckily I have someway to communicate with you that isn’t Xat.

    • Of course! I have kept track of the events you attended this month. I hope the chat starts working for you soon sorry for the difficulties.

      • hey stone! remember me? u accepted my buddy request at the March 3thrd practice battle with the ice hounds. mm hmm. well i got a problem. I cant get into chat! Id really like to get into chat and hang out with u and the other nachos but i cant! please help me

        • Yes I remember you, sorry I haven’t replied to your comments quicker. Can you describe the problem you are having with the chat? Maybe then I can help you 🙂

  31. Thanks! Ye my Xat is stupid. I really do hope it starts working soon too.. Even though this chat is fine it took 3 hours for my own comment to appear (for me) I sorta follow you guys around lol. I like the recruiting sessions on Iceberg and stuff like that since people who aren’t in the army talk too, also before the event starts you guys talk! The conga line thing was funny that last time!

  32. thx for the promo!!!

  33. Thank you for the promotion I’m like jumping ’cause I’m eating cookies and got promoted! I’m going to try getting to the battle on Flippers but I have a vision test at 2:15 EST

  34. sowwy not active we go to new house and cant go to chat cus connection too slo to go der

  35. why cant i get into chat?

  36. stone i dont know if any of this is coming up on chat but can u please make me a private first class. for the past few days i think iv been spending more time here than on cp its slef

  37. UGH im posting this on march 4th but is only going to show up by march 5th! stone can u please help me out?

    • What does the chat say? Sometimes it gives an error message. Also, the comments have to be approved by a staff of the website which is why they don’t appear right away.

  38. I am SO sorry I’ve been inactive. I’ve been sick and couldn’t get on the computer I cant go to the battles today MAYBE at 8 I’m so sorry

  39. I checked, and there are 55 people with a * next to there name. That isn’t that big of a deal compared to the number of nachos. (It is like 8% of people LOL)

  40. lilmonkey444 is in the ranks but the computer isnt letting him play

  41. I’m supposed to be a leuitenant general now so plz promo me!

  42. oh sorry

  43. i may not be active anymore

  44. Hey sorry for not attending March Madness… I got a choice to either go to a theme park or get on the computer… I debated all morning and decided the theme park sorry. In other subjects I’m glad we won and hope to attend the next Madness battle! Until then this timing of mine was sucking and is getting better so… YE I’ll be here for the battles though!

  45. By the way, are we doing the fight on Blizzard or nawh?

  46. Hey Stone if I attend a battle and it says if I attend I get a membership can you still give it to me without xat? Sorry still confused about some of this!

    • You’d sorta need to be on chat for the code, unless it is posted on the website which would be first come first serve. We don’t usually give away memberships anyways. Hope you can get on chat soon!

  47. kk thanks Stone!

  48. Welp this whole ACP war will be interesting! what is this the 3rd war with them? (doesn’t keep track of Nacho history books sorry lol) I remember when I joined we we’re fighting RPF! Time for my first war eh? This is exciting! I’m pumped! Sorry for blabbering on I’m gonna go see if I can fix my chat! (again lol)

  49. Why is my name red? I live in the UK so shouldn’t it be blue?

  50. Why is my name red? I live in the UK so shouldn’t it be blue? I am Blueysib6

    Ill change it

  51. Hey i was Master Sergeant in my old army and i forgot to say that when i joined yesterday

  52. Umm… Did another promotion thing happen? theres a lot of new private first classes and lance corporals. Not to act like trying to be like IM THE LEADER just curious

  53. Might be able to attend the next madness tomorrow dunno. Last time I could’ve but my stupid self forgot the time aaaaaaaand got on at 3:00…

  54. how do i know if i become a member

  55. my name was finally added to the ranks!

  56. my name was deleted from the chat, but it is still on the ranks. What do i do?

  57. Hey Stone do I need to be logged in on Xat to talk on the chat? because you tell new troops that go in there click their name (what name? And what users list?) The inner face I get when I enter the chat is this: A big black box infront of me with little faces on the bottom and top, two little nacho dudes stickin’ out from behind it the right one saying DJ Dan on him (or the left I forgot and I ain’t stopping this to go look), Under the black box lies 7 tabs: Them saying: Comments, Playlist, page 3, page 4, comments and comments (might be a bit different) when I enter the HQ of the chat it puts me on the first tab which is *drum roll* COMMENTS. If I click any other tab it says: OAOAOAOAOAOA or just OA. If I press the last one which is comments I get something saying: Xat is being updated please check back later. Now I may just be a stupid idiot (lol) or this is a problem…

    • Once that chat starts working for you it will make sense. I have some ideas as to what you can try to make it work. 1) Go to xat.com and click refresh a bunch of times and see if a chat box pops up. 2) Go to https://xatech.com (https not http). See if that works. Also check if you have adobe flash updated.

  58. What’s your Club Penguin Username: I KIVIN LEAD O UNI VERS
    What rank were you: i LED TROPZ
    Why were you inactive: i no inactivz
    What Time Zone/Region are you in: i don no
    Do you promise to stay loyal and inform us when you will go inactive: i don understan

  59. Im not on the ranks, can u plz join me to the ranks. I attended a battle yesterday and I really want to be a member.

  60. Mmkay so I scrolled around a little in the groups! (theres some pretty weird pictures..) But I found something saying Xat testing chat! I was able to comment (I didn’t though) and say how the chat looks! I figured out that these tabs have something to do with it! (btw I tried your thingmojigs they didn’t work…)

  61. Hi
    I am supposed to be 1st lieutenant From the march promotions 2016…
    Please fix it!
    Have a nice day,

  62. What rank is the red pawn?

  63. Im supposed to be a Sargeant according to the march promotions

  64. I send my acconut for you … please consider it … and make me a member in Nacho army !!!!! I think it will be a nice group for me !!!!

  65. I was recently promoted to with several others a few days before march 1st (check the past posts)
    I was promo from 1st lieutenant to captain
    Basically the ranks page needs updating for me and the other recently promoted people

  66. https://nachoarmy.net/2016/03/28/promotions-march-2015comment-if-i-missed-you/ heres the link i was talking about in the post i posted a few seconds ago

  67. Sorry I wasn’t here for march madness birthday stuff 😀

  68. Let me re-open Nacho Academy plz I actually have legit ideas that would get people motivated and probably use. (It’ll be used for extra training and learning the way of the NACHO)

  69. I cant find me anywhere u was there yesterday tell me if u find my name (Danny8540)

  70. Glad I joined the Nachos Army. Every penguin is friendly.

  71. To whoever l reads this, need adding to the ranks again im captain

  72. Stone, soon on May 1st being with the Nachos will be hard on me. I can no longer look at the site so I will have to depend on my friendslist (I’ve been testing this method on March Madness, PBs, and invasions/defenses) Without chat it is a little hard but I have timezones written in my head, UK time will now be hard on me and I will have to do American battles (which are at 8:00) So… Thank you so much for helping me despite not having chat and I will try my hardest!

    Tell Salt he’s awesome.

  73. pls tell me for the next battle what is the time for the timezone IST?

  74. Hey Stone just checking in! Of course I love just commenting here to show I’m still alive! Lol

  75. Oh! By the way! Horsey says thank you for putting her as a Lance! And game night was extremely fun! I hope to see you around!

  76. It has been over a week and a half still have not been added to the ranks

  77. I commented on the active count but I am not on the ranks. I was Sergeant. Please could you add me back?

  78. Could you please make my name blue like it should be and add the 6 on the end? It is Blueysib6.

  79. My parents took my of so I might be inactive for a little but please don’t delete me from ranks.

  80. Took my pc*

  81. Where am I I was a Coloneal plz put me back on!

  82. ok! Where do I comment again?

  83. got it thnx!

  84. Activity will increase by the weekend.

  85. Dear Nacho Army of Club Penguin,
    For about a year, I have been wanting to resign. I have not had the time to write this in the past, but here it is now:
    Recently, I have not the time for NACP. I am too busy with my education, and I have matured over the years. I no longer have time and I am tired of getting demoted because I do not have time or I am not noticed at battles. So I, EthanCoen7, officially resign and retire form the Nacho Army of Club Penguin.
    Your former soldier,

    • Woah, very sad to hear that. I remember when you were one of the most active soldiers. I really hope you will rejoin again, brother. You were a great Nacho. See you pal, I will miss you! ❤
      P.S.: NACP doesn't exist, haha. Call us Nachos or Nacho Army!

      • oh sorry. I will not join anytime soon, but i will chat. thanks for replying.
        I might change my mind! I was angry when I posted that comment.

    • Lol, it’s NCP like the United States of America (USA) United States America, don’t include of Of in your abbreviations of countries or armies.

      • You just “corrected” something wrongly. Neither NACP nor NCP exists. Nacho Army or Nachos do.

  86. Post Script
    If he still works with you guys, tell BBatman I said hello

  87. chatita3 umm want a fire jitsu tournament

  88. hi, just a quick request. can you change my name color from blue to red? I’m in the US, but sometimes I go to UK events to be more active. (wait, how is that more active if it doesn’t even count? :l)

  89. Don’t think you heard me. I said in Chat the other day I want to change to both UK and AUSIA because in the mornings for me it is instantly AUSIA times. Thanks.


    • You cannot be as two divisions on Ranks; you will be added as the best matching division for your time zone.

  90. Will I get my rank up soon? I came halfway through today’s practice battle, came for the whole funny phrase day yesterday and I was a little bit early for the event the day before funny phrase day. (I can’t remember what it was and no one’s gonna make me stop writing this to check.) If this doesn’t get me a promotion, I don’t know what will……… other than coming to more events.

  91. I forgot to say………… yp3=yellowpen3

    • At the end of each month, we hand out promotions. If you’re really active, we’ll promote you.

  92. Hi i requested to join 2 weeks ago but i havent got any reply so please read this
    1. What is your Club Penguin username?
    2. Will you try to attend our next battle on Club Penguin? (be at xat.com/NachosHQ for battle)
    3. What country or region do you live in? (US, UK, Australian, etc.)
    4. Will you visit our website and chat daily for the latest news and orders from the Nacho Army?
    5. How did you find out about the Nacho Army?
    Someone saying to search it
    6. Have you ever been into another Army? If so, what Army and what rank?
    7. Do you promise to remain active and never betray us?
    8. Do you promise to read our beginners guide?
    Already have

  93. My name isn’t there my username is- Spot141pet

  94. My Username isn’t up yet and its been 24 hours can you please put it up its Spot141pet.

  95. im in ausia pls change

  96. Im going to rejoin

  97. i love the nachos LOGO xD

  98. wtf.. i made a post saying id be away for the week So YOU DEMOTED ME… AND UR NOW CALLING ME AMERICAN Im back from my holiday litterally TOMMOROW

  99. OH SHIBBIE, MOD?! OMG TYSM XD I SPENT ALMOST HALF OF MY SUMMER SERVING THE NACHO ARMY <333 TYSM 😀 So happy to be in this army ^-^ (sorry I overreacted)

  100. Hi, I was told that I was going to be promoted to privet 1st class the other day and it hasn’t happened. Also, do you give out free memberships and if so, how can you get one?

  101. im not in ranks,im staff sergent,my username is firechef,on club penguin an the nacho army,pls promote me.

  102. Like if you think the new ranks are worse than the previous!

  103. If u can add me back as nacho flag bearer as im here

  104. You misspelled my name! It is Huggycrazypants!

    • Fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience! Make sure to attend our next events 😀 .

    • It is impossible for you to have a 15 character name on CP, the maximum that is allowed is 12 characters. I will remove the 3 extra letters until you specify what your REAL username is.

  105. Oops, sorry, that explains why I wasn’t allowed to log on. Sorry. I just checked with my sister as she has it on her phone and she said that it is Coolcat199. If you could please change it to that, I will be very grateful. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bye!
    Coolcat199 A.K.A: Huggycrazypants

  106. Omg thanks I’m in the Nacho Army now! 🙂

  107. Please remove [Away] from next to my name. I am not away anymore.

  108. You should give me a special rank. The Big Boy

  109. So with school coming back and winter approaching I will not be outside much so I thought “Fuck it I am bored so lets check out how the Homies back at Nachos are going” Boy has times changed. Evey leader when I left has followed me. They went through the retirement door rather than the door to who knows where. So I wanna see how I will adapt to the new and hopefully improved Nachos and maybe make some new friends. So everyone’s favourite Danish Nacho (Probably the only in history) is back.

  110. Geez there r a lot of comments lmao

  111. Hi, I might not be able to go on the website much, as I have shool, and after school, i can’t go on my laptop. I like to write stories at lunch and snack, so I will try to stay as active as possible. Please don’t put me on a lower rank.

  112. wow… i just noticed the updated ranks. When I was a nacho, I was a corporal.

  113. IM BAK!!!

    pls add me back to the ranks im brigadier gen. sry for inactivity cuz school (again)….

  114. I AM JUST STARTING THE NACHOS and i dont know how to do like e9 and stuff can u help me

  115. can you plz put me back on ranks ive been gone for a year and im back i was a private first class named Deadpool(joeymnbvcxza)

  116. sry nbbout dat im back again

  117. Centaur17 is returning in Christmas. You wait. I will predict that he will rise in ranks, rapidly. You will all learn.

    I warn you, Centaur17 is coming back in Christmas.

    -From the Anonymous Fore-teller
    “I predict the future”

  118. it is good 2 be back nachos!

  119. how long does it take for your name to be in the ranks when you joined

  120. don’t you guys think the flag looks so cool

  121. i joined yesterday but i’m not on the ranks yet

  122. my name is blue on the ranks and i’m not UK i’m US

  123. I joined two weeks ago and I`m not sure why i havent gotten in??????

  124. i jopined but im not in the ranks btw way im us

  125. hi its Nacho Girl5 here and i have been waiting for weeks for you guys to put me back on the ranks but i dont see my name are you going to put me back?Or have you already done it?just wondering.

  126. wait never mind i see it, thank you for putting me on the ranks.
    -Nacho Girl5

  127. Im AUSIA not US ~ Centaur17

  128. I am AUSIA

  129. YAY! I’M A MEMBER NOW!!!!

  130. I joined a battle and I’m not yet promoted to private first class

  131. i want to be a member

  132. I’m leaving going to RPF because elm said he’d fist my ass if i didn’t 😦

  133. BTW I’m leaving just wanted to reiterate this in case one of you decides to maybe save me OH NO HE’S HERE uhhh hey elm i was just preparing the lube hahaha *HELP ME*

  134. good to be back

  135. add me

  136. add me

  137. Cant wait to do my next battle!
    Sorry I could not go to some of the battles this week I will come to tommorows battle I promise.

  138. I signed up a week ago but I’m still not on the ranks


  140. so sorry! I have school, I am in duck NC and I have been getting battle times wrong so that has been delaying my battling. sorry

    -Nate Te

  141. forgot 2 do this months ago, but i resign…

  142. My name isn’t in the ranks! Can you add me? My CP name is Sunisshine

  143. canu fucking unban me in chat wtf

  144. we have the BEST. MOTTO. EVER. we hear maracas! thats awesome!

  145. It Bosss3 not Boss3

  146. are you guys still active?

  147. Will this website stay up after the closing for memory?

  148. Can chu move me up to mod

  149. missing this site 😦

  150. hahahha…sure

  151. Hey guys, when am I getting added in? My name is 567koala.

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