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Table of Contents


  • Chapter One: The District System

  • Chapter Two: Nacho Territory

  • Chapter Three: Nacho Empire Status

  • Chapter Three: Currently Lost Land

  • Chapter Four: Current Treaties

  • Chapter Five: Flag & Anthem

  • Chapter Six: Nacho Leaders

  • Chapter Seven: Extra Amendments 



The District System

District I – Most Valuable: These provinces are the heart of the Nacho Empire. These must be protected at all costs – if taken, retaliation is inevitable! These servers should be patrolled every day!

District II – Quite Valuable: These servers are the sole property of the Nacho Empire. A good defense is required – if taken, retaliation will most likely occur. These servers should be patrolled every other day at least!

District III – Valuable: These are servers that are shared with other nations. If we were to schedule a cleansing event, these servers would belong to the Nacho Empire alone. These servers should be patrolled once every three days.

District IV – Somewhat Valuable: These are servers that we have conquered from our enemies during a time of war. After the war, it will be decided which territories shall enter as official provinces of the Nacho Empire. These should be patrolled once a week.


Nacho Territory



Information: Nacho Imperial Capital

Status: Defended


Information: Nachonnian Training Base

Status: Defended


Information: Nachonnian Historic Capital

Status: Defended


Information: Home of Nachonnian Emperors Conno11 and Ryan

Status: Defended

– – –


Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended

– – –

-Cold Front-

Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended

– – –


Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended

– – –


Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended

– – –


Information: Former Nacho SS Capital

Status: Defended

– – –


Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended

– – –

-Ice Cube-

Information: Nacho Training Base

Status: Defended


[Districts Will Soon be Added]




Current Pacts & Treaties



All treaties must be agreed by 2 or more leader to be valid.

Nacho Flag & Anthem


Flag Name: The Grand Nachonnia

Designer: Fluffy

Song Name: Nacho Imperial Anthem

Song Artists: ???

Song Genre: New Age

Song Name: Proud to be a Nacho

Song Artists: Lee Greenwood ft. Parry Gripp and Person1233

Song Genre: Nacho Spiritual

Song Name: Pedro II War Theme

Song Artists: ???

Song Genre: ???


Nacho Leaders

A more in depth version of this list can be found on the Nacho History page Here

  1. Jamesbond1
  2. Jm2000
  3. Tom Wolf
  4. Zippy500
  5. Shadow2446
  6. Akabob22
  7. Linkin55
  8. Nyg13
  9. Person1233
  10. Ltshaqcena10
  11. Puckley
  12. Zzztops
  13. Shedinja777
  14. Cooper30
  15. [2]AkaBob22
  16. Jayson23
  17. 77hockey
  18. VideoGamer57
  19. King Kinz10
  20. Ads354
  21. Tomb147
  22. Billy Mays
  23. Pie1530
  24. [3]Akabob22
  25. Tanman626
  26. [2]Ads354
  27. [2]Tanman626
  28. [3]Ads354
  29. [2]Puckley
  30. Wwefreak123 [Joker]
  31. Edd64[E Double D]
  32. Dvorak [Hades] [Marcin] [Slobbysnake] [Foo Fighter]  
  33. Pie1530
  34. Fido1625
  35. Oberst543
  36. Talex831
  37. Danny
  38. [2]Billy Mays
  39. [4]Ads354
  40. [2]Chrisi Blule
  41. Hurricanex1
  42. [2]King Kingz 10
  43. [2]Oberst543
  44. Dashing Snow  
  45. Beeky128778
  46. [3]Puckley
  47. Zak[Zach610]
  48. [5]Ads354
  49. Edd64
  50. Mikester [Mrgpv] 
  51. Wolfie1215
  52. [2]Shivertoe2
  53. [2]Danny 
  54. [2]Wolfie1215
  55. Emily [Tamary]
  56. 6789cool
  57. Laoise [Irishspeaker]
  58. Weazelkid
  59. Vonchiefer
  60. Camperjohn64
  61. [2]Shivertoe2
  62. [2]Chrisi Blule
  63. Darkman
  64. [2]Laoise [Irishspeaker]
  65. [3]Edd64
  66. Guitar48300
  67. Green Dai
  68. [2]Talex831
  69. [2]Camperjohn64
  70. [4]Edd64
  71. [4]Puckley
  72. [2]Beeky128778
  73. [2]Dashing Snow
  74. Kevin [B Batman 3]
  75. Agent233
  76. Cowboydan101
  77. Stone523
  78. Fluffy 9404
  79. [2]Kevin [B Batman 3]
  80. [3]Camperjohn64
  81. [3]Kevin [B Batman 3]
  82. Legofan Cy 
  83. Snickers4763 
  84. Conno11 (Current Leader)
  85. Ryan (Current Leader)
  86. Hazie (Current Leader)


Extra Amendments

For any treaty to be passed, it requires a 2/3 or 66% leader approval for it to be validated and able to represent the Nacho Army as a body.


For any treaty to be passed in a four leader situation, it requires 3/4 leaders for it to be validated and able to represent the Nacho Army as a body.


For any treaty to be passed in a two leader situation, it requires BOTH leaders approval for it to be validated and able to represent the Nacho Army as a body.


For any treaty passed in a one leader situation, it requires a the leader and over half the ownership’s approval for it to be validated and able to represent the Nacho Army as a body.



54 Responses

  1. Really excited that my first battle is going to be a big one

  2. hello i am mincraft184 and i

    • what

  3. i am mincraft and i like to know if you do it here

    • Reply @ Join Page Please🙂


  5. I checked the UMA website, and i also recently read the cp army news. UMA is wanting to declare world war II (repeat) UMA against all.
    Im trying to figure out if this is a joke or not. If it isn’t, i would be happy to let the leader(s) know if they want to battle against them. (I would also be happy if i could be a low-ranked agent)

  6. lol nachos

  7. NaChOs

  8. […] Empire […]

  9. wheres the raffle?

  10. um how do u now if u are in the army from lily689

    • once you are in the army you can either go to our chat xat.com/nachoshq and talk for fun, or play club penguin and go to our battles. you can find the times on the main page on nachoarmy.net.😀

    • Hi Lily689,
      You can know if you are in the army by checking for your name on the “Ranks” page. It looks like you are there, congratulations!

  11. What is the difference between all of these groups?

  12. 1. post this on 5 different pages on this website
    2. LOG ON TO CP


    • Please don’t post fake stuff like this here. It doesn’t belong here.

      • This fake stuff sucks

    • Hey narwal I don’t think that’s going to work I tried it just now and it didn’t work.

      Signed by
      New member of nachos Mittens2014.

  13. y dont District 2 and District 3 show?

  14. what do you do in narcho empire

  15. every one speaks spanish

    • No-One here speaks a lot of Spanish other than me! Aquí nadie habla otro español que yo!

      • hola nacho, como estas? me llamo Pinkly66229

  16. Boo

  17. I’d like to join NACHO ARMY

  18. i dont

  19. My penguin was born in Blizzard….

  20. id like to join nacho army

  21. Sad we lost Blizzard, but we still have a TON of ACP’s servers, so all is well(ish)

    • We have 8 ACP territories and 9 Nacho servers with at least 17 servers in total as the other two districts don’t show

  22. hi

    • Hey! Welcome to the Nachos😀 . Come to our chat http://xat.com/nachoshq and talk with all the Nachos!🙂

  23. hey just wanted to say we (republic) are gonna take you down at tomorrow’s battle!!!!

  24. take fjord off

    • Actually we think we won and you think you won so really there was no winner so Fjord stays (even though we crushed you :P)

    • Why would we take a server off that belongs to us?

  25. needs more allies

    • needs more zek destroyers

  26. http://dcpchronicles.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/down-with-dcp-sm-tournament/#more-63 Please comment your response to being invited prizes,etc. are listed.

  27. When you battle starts?

  28. First Comment in 2016!😉

  29. Today I stopped to conquer Blizzard purple penguins

  30. I would love to come to the battles but I cant because I have school HELP ME!!!!!

  31. Good article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you folks have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers?

    • In my pants.

  32. RED ALERT, NIGHT WARRIORS HAS CAPTURED Fijord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. -Fjord–
    Information: Nacho Co-Capital/Former Capital Server
    Status: Occupied by Night Warriors
    (please fix by changing to this

  34. this page needs updating with the new flag

  35. Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your website by chance, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  36. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  37. pfft poo I hate poo btw I’m pooping with a laptop on my lap lol

  38. is it going to take a few days to be a rank

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