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MAC #1: The first MAC(Mothly Active Count)

Remember to attend the battle on Saturday for memberships, promotions and many more gifts! 😀

Hola Nachos! I’ve been thinking about the activity of our mods and in general of the army lately, so I decided to start a new line, called MAC(not the MAC for computers 😛 ). All you have to do, is comment on this active count and tell us how active are you. Very simple right? Here’s the form:

What’s your club Penguin Username?

What Rank are you?

In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?

That’s all! You may comment from today until October 7th. Viva los Nachos!

14 Responses


    What’s your club Penguin Username?
    General Rek (My xat name is ZeccyBoss)
    What Rank are you?
    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?
    I usually attend 1 or 2 battles a week as I can’t attend weekday battles. I guess I would probably be 4 but at the weekend i’m almost always on the chat and attending battles. (Btw in the holidays I am free during the week)

  2. lol my birthday is on october the 7th 😀

  3. What’s your club Penguin Username? Tootal

    What Rank are you? 2ic

    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you? meh 7-9

  4. club penguin username-katniss33335
    rank-lance corperel
    active-i am in chat almost the whole day…..maybee-9-10 range
    but i have a complain that i wouldv request it to shedule battles a little in my time zone that is IST so that i am able to attend
    cause most of the battles are in in very early hours of morning which i am not able to attend because of school.

  5. 1. cutie2854
    2. supreem ovuhlawd genrul of teh armi
    3. 1000000 :mrgreen:

  6. 1 USER) 95 spider
    2 RANK) Colonel
    31-10) 9

  7. What’s your club Penguin Username?

    What Rank are you?
    Brig. General

    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?
    I’d say 7

  8. Stone523

  9. Cenaur17
    Lieutenant General
    9 active level

  10. What’s your club Penguin Username? Cutey537
    What Rank are you? General
    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?10

  11. CP Username: Casillas2159
    Rank: Captain
    In scale of 1-10 how active are you?: 6

  12. I realise that I am too late to post on this but wanted to explain that I am really sorry for not being active recently, have had a lot on my plate but am hoping to become more active in the coming weeks. I understand if you want to take me off the ranks for now but I will be rejoining if possible 🙂 -Misty10 (Private first class)

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