Servers under Nachonnian control

Over these past few months or so, we’ve gained some new territory and really haven’t lost any territory. After our war with ACP, we solidified control over some servers, and after our war with RPF, we picked up 2 new servers. Today, we picked up one from DW and will hopefully pick up a few more servers.

~Current servers~

  • ★★★★★★Blizzard- 
    • Nacho Capital/Birth Server.
  • ★★★★Fjord- 
    • Former Nacho Capital, Heavily Defended Server
  • ★★★White House – 
    • Former Nacho Capital, Recently control was re-established.
    • Heavily defended
  • Parka- 
    • Recently captured RPF server
  • Sleet- 
    • Recently captured RPF server, Historic Nacho server
  • Oyster
  • Yeti
  • Baja Cero(Spanish)
  • Mountain
  • Alaska
  • White Out (Recruiting)
  • Flurry(Recruiting)
  • Snow Angel (Recruiting)
  • Cabin


Disputed land

  • Avalanche
  • Snow Fort
  • Snow Globe
  • Brumby
  • Polar
  • Boots




****Nacho leader****


2 Responses

  1. yes!!!btw no one on chat ever!!!

    • Yeah it’s due to the time zone differences. If I remember correctly you’re from the Philippines? When you see events that are 8 pm EST, they will be at 9 am for you the next morning. 🙂

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