Defense of Ice Age & Invasion of Christmas!

First, at 3:00 EST time we logged onto the server Ice Age to meet heavy Army of Cute Pony resistance. They afflicted heavy casualties on our first wave of strike forces. As I was trudging my way up the Ice Berg, I saw a poor fellow Nacho named “Fernan1207” get his head blown off. Us surviving Nachos who made it to the Ice Berg set up a defensive line. The Army of Cute Ponies attempted to sit on us to crush our spirits, but were unsuccessful. The Army of Cute Ponies pulled out of the server at 3:19 EST giving us the victory. It seems I saw UMA mercenaries attend the event, or better known as multilogs. This however, was not proven.

Barely having the strength to continue, an army of fuzzy bunny squadron Nachos dropped into the enemy territory of Christmas (how convenient on Easter). We met no resistance, and paraded ourselves across the town, mall, and the puffle wild. Between the two events, we maxed about 12 and 16 soldiers. The Army of Cute Ponies has more invasions planned against us, dig in lads. This is gonna be a rough couple of days.

This demonstrated special Nacho strength based on the attendance of the event despite it being Easter. Well done, lads.


Ice Age:






Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho leader****

3 Responses

  1. I was there…lol 😀 that pic

  2. I went to both 3:00 and 3:30 EST events on Sunday

  3. I was at both of them. I spent most of Easter on my laptop. I missed a bit of the first one because I couldn’t get into the ice berg but they were fun.

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