Time Zones

Don’t know what your timezone is? Need help finding the right time to attend events?

This page will give you enough information to know what time zone you are and how to calculate the times!


Below, you can see maps of different places/countries/continents of the world. When the leaders post event times, you have to go and see what time it is for your time zone. For example, if you live in the United States, you are in one of these four time zones: EST(Eastern), CST(Central), MST(Mountain) or PST(Pacific). We will put the times for all those time zones; but what if you are in a time zone that is not listed? Well, the maps below will help you! If you live in Europe, scroll down to find the European map. When you find it, find your country and see what time zone it is. On the bottom of the map, you can see a memorandum that says +1, +2 etc. All those numbers are based on the English time zone, GMT. For example, if your country is Germany, then you’re in the CET time zone(Central European). So, if there is no CET time in the post, you will have to do GMT +1. There will be always a GMT time. That’s how to find your time. All the maps below are based on GMT, so now you know how to find out what time the is event for you 😀 . Just find your country and make the + or – from the GMT time, and you will know what time the event starts 🙂 .Make sure to come to our next event!!!

Time Zones:

United States(US Division)

Pacific (PST) | Mountain (MST)| Central (CST) | Eastern (EST)


South America(US Division)

Canada(US Division)



Europe(UK Division)


Africa(UK & AUSIA Division)


Australia & Asia(AUSIA Division)

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  4. which time zone is india

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