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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Hall of Fame

-Nacho Hall Of Fame-

Orange indicates Club Penguin Army Legend.





Jamesbond1 was the first leader of the Nacho Army, but he was originally known as the first “Nacho King.” He began organizing the army in 2006 and ran his rankings on Club Penguin with Tom Wolf being one of his top Captains. His stint as the Nacho King was short lived, but he established the Nachos as one of the first known armies across Club Penguin.

-Tom Wolf-

Tom Wolf was most likely the creator of the modern Nacho Army.  He served under Jamesbond1 as a Captain, and he went on to become the second leader of the Nachos as well as one of the most well-known Nacho Leaders of all-time.  Tom Wolf further helped to develop and organize the Nachos by creating the first Nacho website as their communication headquarters outside of Club Penguin.  He later led the Nachos through WW2 and part of WW3 while establishing a great group of generals under his command. Thanks to Tom’s leadership, the Nachos were able to gain stability under a strong leader, which truly marked the beginning of the great Nacho legacy as one of the strongest and best armies in all of Club Penguin. Tom eventually retired in August of 2007 and will forever be remembered as one of the all-time Nacho greats.

To find out more about Tom Wolf, visit his Blogspot, the first Nacho website.





Jm2000 was one of the first Nachos, and she became one of Tom Wolf’s sergeants when Tom Wolf was a Captain in 2006.  Once Tom took command of the Nacho Army sometime in 2006, she became Tom Wolf’s faithful Co-Leader.  Jm was a key part of the Nachos and helped influence the early culture of what the Nachos are today.


Ardorin was an old co-leader and one of the classic Nachos of the 2007 era. When Zippy500 took command of the Nachos, Ardorin was promoted to second-in-command to help assist Zippy in leading the army. Once WW3 broke out, he became one of the select few to help lead the Nachos through the tough battles and skirmishes. As a General, he ran by a strict playbook, but he was always known as a great person to be around. Ardorin left a lasting impact on the Nachos through his leadership skills and ability to recruit some of the great Nacho soldiers of the era, and for that, he will always be remembered.


Wetsaw emerged as one of the best Nacho soldiers during the 2007 era.  Through his loyalty and commitment to the Nachos, he became one of the greatest Nacho Generals ever.  He was loved by many and was considered the best friend to several people including Tom Wolf.  His parting from the Nachos was one of the saddest events ever as he truly left an impact on the Nachos that no one would ever forget.

-Maxwell 605-

Maxwell 605 was one of the elite generals of the 2007 era. Known for his battlefield skills and dedication, he emerged among the best in the Nachos. He was one of the few Nacho veterans to find and stay with the Nachos during their migration from their base on Blizzard to Mammoth. He continued his excellent service under Zippy’s command, and he became one of the best soldiers of his generation through his loyalty and unique style.


Smeeble was one of the longest lasting Nachos in Club Penguin, and she was, by far, one of the coolest Nachos you could have ever met. She became a Captain under Tom Wolf’s command and helped recruit Shadow2446 to the Nacho Army. She always followed orders and led many great victories in the Mammoth Dojo.  She serves as the paragon of what a Nacho soldier should be through her dedication, kindness, and willingness to always have fun no matter the circumstance.


Zippy500 is one of the most well-known Nachos ever, leading from 2007 into 2008.  He became the third leader of the Nachos following the retirement of Tom Wolf in 2007.  Under his command, the Nacho Army expanded its presence and role in the army community. The Nachos continued its emergence as one of the best armies in Club Penguin and began its conquest to develop the Nacho Empire. Zippy led the Nachos through war after war, guiding them through World War III and most notably the many Nacho and ACP wars of the era. Above all, he was one of the most dedicated Nachos ever, and he will always remain a bright spot in Club Penguin army history.


Shadow2446 is arguably the greatest Nacho ever, and one of the greatest legends in Club Penguin Army history.  Joining the army in 2007, he quickly rose through the ranks and established himself as one of the most prominent and skilled Nacho soldiers. General Shadow2446 helped lead the Nachos to numerous victories on their birth server Blizzard, and he was one of the few generals to remain under Zippy500 during the transitional period following Tom Wolf’s retirement.  Heading into late 2007 and into the new year of 2008, Shadow was one of the key reasons for the Nachos’ success.  His brilliant ideas and plans formed the Nachos into what they are today. Through Plan W.A.R.P., he recruited many of the new Nacho troops including a large majority of the people found on this Hall of Fame page today.  He even created a new ranking system for the Nachos that helped organize and manage the incoming recruits better. As the activity of Zippy and Co-Leader AkaBob22 dwindled, it was Shadow who stepped up to lead the Nachos to their grand success.  Under Shadow’s command, the Nachos acquired the largest empire with a total of 46 servers after a successful invasion of Canada.  Leading the Nachos through notable wars and victories against armies such as the ACP and the SSACP, Shadow established himself as one of the greatest tacticians ever in armies.  He revolutionized defensive warfare with complex formations that made it more difficult for enemies to attack.  Additionally, he implemented many of the common tactics used today, such as the line and emote tactic.  Shadow continued on and became the fourth leader of the Nachos while establishing the basis for the great Golden Age to come in 2009. Without Shadow, the Nachos and Club Penguin Armies as a whole would be much different.  He is by far the true definition of what a Nacho and warfare pioneer is.




-Rey Rey 21-

Rey Rey 21 was one of the top generals of 2008 for the Nachos. He was highly trusted by the leadership, and he never disappointed in his performance on the battlefield. Thanks to his skills and dedication he helped the Nachos maintain its consistency as a world power in the army community. As a friend to many, Rey was highly regarded by each of his peers, and he was key part in establishing the traditional fun atmosphere of the Nachos.


Abced101 played an important and unique role in the early years of the Nachos. He quickly emerged as an excellent troop and was noted among the leaders and his fellow soldiers for his loyalty to the Nacho cause.  For that reason, he was selected to fulfill the clandestine role as reconnaissance troop, one of the first ever in the Nachos and perhaps in the entire community as well. He worked closely with Shadow2446 and executed a number of missions to retrieve important information for the Nachos. Thanks to his work, he helped give the Nachos several advantages to continue to be the strongest force in Club Penguin.


Terrking24 was one of the classic soldiers of the early years of the Nachos. He encompassed the attributes of dedication and humor that became associated with the typical Nacho troop. Terr quickly emerged among the best of the Nachos and became one of top generals on the battlefield. His activity in Nachos and around the army community led him to becoming of the more prominent figures of the Nachos throughout 2008 and 2009. In addition, Terr also developed one of the first army news sites (rebelnachos.wordpress.com) in the army community that often served as a great source of entertainment for many of the Nachos and other army soldiers of the day. Terr was loved by many and considered a great friend to several Nachos, and he’ll certainly be remembered for all of his great work and memories.


Nyg13 was another important figure in the early history of the Nachos. He was intensely dedicated to the Nachos and was well-respected by everyone whether inside or outside of the army. As one of the top leading generals of his time, he soon became inaugurated as the seventh leader of the Nacho Army as a part of the first triumvirate in the Nachos and the entire army community. While his time as a leader was short, he left a lasting legacy on the Nachos thanks to his great ideas and strong commitment to the army no matter the circumstance.


Cycle22 was one of the top soldiers of the early years of the Nachos. His dedication to the Nachos was unlike anything else, and he was someone the leaders could continually rely on, whether it was to lead a battle or simply follow an order. He played a prominent role in the expansion of the Nacho Empire as he stormed the beaches of Canada and led a countless number of battles. Thanks to his loyalty and leadership skills, he helped contribute to establishing the Nachos as one of the best in the land.


Shivertoe2 is perhaps the most compelling figure in the history of the Nachos. From the early beginnings of his career, he embodied the traditional Nacho persona that has become associated so closely with the Nachos today. His hilarious humor always kept things fun and entertaining for the entire army, no matter the situation. For his early role and dedication to the Nachos, Shiver was enshrined as a legend for his first stint in the Nachos. However, Shiver was a Nacho through and through and his loyalty and commitment remained unwavering for the years to come. By 2012, Shiver resumed a more active role in the army and revived the Nacho Secret Spy Agency (NSSA). As the head of the NSSA, it became a feared and renowned force for its undercover work from 2012 into 2013. It served an impactful role in influencing wars across the community and played notable part in important Nacho wars, including the ACP war in 2012 and the RPF war in 2013. Shiver later assumed another prominent role as a writer for The Stale Nacho (TSN) in 2013. With Shiver’s skills as a satirical writer, TSN became popular source of entertainment with the Nachos and throughout the army community. Its hilarious and adroit content encompassed the fun atmosphere of the Nachos and even served a key role in boosting the morale of the army in the RPF war of 2013. By 2014, Shiver served as a leader of the Nachos twice through two unique reigns. While his methods were controversial, he deserves to be commended for leading the Nachos through some of its most difficult periods in its history. Above all, Shiver was a true Nacho who always stood by them, and he’ll certainly be remembered among the all-time greats for his contributions.


While AkaBob22 may be one of the most infamous leaders in the history of the Nachos, he still stands among the Nacho greats for his early dedication and contributions to the Nacho Army. Joining in late 2007, Aka instantly rose through the ranks from a sergeant to Zippy’s co-leader after surprisingly winning a speech contest. With Club Penguin Armies having been recently banished from the Miniclip forums, Aka became the next co-leader of the Nachos at a critical point in its history. Directing orders between the website and Club Penguin, he helped lead the Nachos through war after war to expand its presence as a major force. Thanks to his help, Aka managed not only to keep the Nachos stable but also to strengthen them as a growing world power in the community. If he had not joined and become the next co-leader, Zippy and the rest of Nachos would have most likely failed, and the Nachos would probably not be here today. By a few months into 2008, Aka had become a notable figure of the Nachos across the army community and a top rival to ACP Leader Oagalthorp. As an outspoken voice and strong opponent to Oagal and the ACP, Aka helped guide the Nachos through the wars on the battlefield and across posts against the ACP, thus becoming  one of the key people in creating the famous rivalry between the Nachos and ACP. Aka would go on to become the 5th leader in Nacho history and would lead the Nachos during the beginning stages of the Golden Age of 2009. Aka would return again as a leader later in 2009 in a more controversial second reign, then again in 2010 for third time as a leader. After a five year hiatus, Aka returned one more time to the Nachos to assist the army at a low point in its history and to play a prominent role in an alliance to combat multilogging in the army community. Again and again, Aka has stood by the Nachos, even in their darkest times, and for that reason,  he stands out among the greats for his vast contributions to the army.


Under Construction

Linkin was around from basically the very start of Zippy’s reign. He was one of my first friends in the Nachos and me and him were pretty tight. We had some disagreements down the road, but he was good for the Nacho Empire. I supported him becoming leader a while back. I hope he still hangs around b/c I like hanging out with Linkin as does everybody else.





Under Construction

Ahhh Person. In my opinion a great Nacho leader. Person was a dedicated guy, who joined in January 2008. But, he started off as a Mammoth noob in September 07. For 3 months, he lead thousands of battles on Mammoth as a noob. After 9 months of being a dedicated soldier in the real Nachos, he lead with precision, always knew what do to, and lead us to victory. I am honored to have served under this great person and leader. He knows MANY things about the computer which some of us will never know, and this is relevant because it saved and helped many of us in the Nacho Army. Unfortunately, this came at a price. Person1233’s retirement. But, little did we know person would help us later in the future. Future Nachos who read this, if you ever see person on the chat, treat him with respect, for he is the true definition of Legend.


Under Construction


Under Construction

Videogamer was recruited by me on Mammoth a long time ago. He had a talent for recruiting and leading quickly and was recruited almost instantly. He was definately an old school player and always went with what he thought was best. Although he went a bit off the deep end while he was retired, we will still remember him for his dedication to the Nachos earlier on.


Under Construction

Tomb joined the Nachos in January 2009. At first I looked at Tomb as a mean and strict guy until I found out he was going to be a great boon to the army when he became leader with Gamer and I. From then on I knew what Tomb was about and had a lot of respect for his character. He was a hard-working leader who was great at graphic designing and most importantly had the balls to stand up for what he believed in. He also lead the first and only successful Nacho spy agency named the Nacho Secret Spy Agency (NSSA). Soon after Tomb would retire from the Nachos.




-King Kinz 10-

Under Construction

King Kinz was one of the main leaders after AkaBob22 and Jayson23 stepped down. King brought the Nachos from getting 10, to getting 25+ at every event in a matter of a month! King also was a tactics master and trained his soldiers to have picture perfect tactics at all times! King was known for raging war with the ACP and winning many battles versus them. King currently has retired from the Nachos and will become an astronaut, along with a doctor. Good luck King!


Under Construction

Ads354, this guy is truly hard to describe in words how great this guy is. If you have never got to meet Ads, you have got to meet him soon. Ads is one of the coolest guys I have ever met during my time here. Ads354 was funny, intelligent  hard-working and much much more. He deserved every single thing he has in Nachos up to today. Since March 16, 2009 Ads has given it his all he had to Nachos. He was a funny guy, but he was serious when it was time to be  serious. He got Nachos up to 60+ on Club Penguin, which hasn’t been achieved since Person1233 has retired!  He also won us the FIRST ever legends cup against ACP, IW, and NW! Ads is truly a great leader. Good luck on your future Ads!


Pie was a dedicated and loyal Nacho.  He joined in January 2009, right at the beginning of the Nachos golden age.  In August of 2010, he attained the rank of leader, and helped lead the Nachos to victories over the Army of Club Penguin, the Night Warriors, and the Ice Warriors to win the first ever Legends Cup.  He briefly became leader again in 2011.  Known as one of the great tacticians in Nacho history, he spent a lot of time as various other owner ranks and in adviser roles.  His longstanding dedication to the Nachos (and personal rivalry with ACP) will not be forgotten.





Under Construction

Tan joined the Nachos in February of 2009 during the Golden Age of Nachos.  He was one of the most dedicated Nachos ever, always there for Nachos through the good and the bad.  Tan always had a good spirit and managed to obtain great leadership skills from the best. During his leadership Nachos successfully broke 75+ on Club Penguin and took ACP’s home capital Breeze away from them TWICE, and taking the great Mammoth from ACP! He is also known for leading WWV against the ACP and bringing them near death. He briefly returned in 2012 along with 2013 to help lead the Nachos as well throughout multiple golden ages. I am honored to have been leader with Tan through our leadership, for I couldn’t have done it without his dedication, hard-work, and leadership qualities. You’ll forever be remembered as one of the great Tan!


Under Construction

-50 Cent 254-

Under Construction




-Dashing Snow-

Under Construction

Dashing Snow is without a doubt one of the greatest Nachos to ever serve. People gave Dash a rough time, during his leadership, but he never turned his back on the Nachos. Dash’s most successful leadership was his second leadership . Even though Nachos were in an unstable condition he did not give up, he ignored everyone who doubted him.  Nachos engaged in a huge war against the ACP. At the beginning of the war Nachos had it pretty tough. The tides soon turned for the Nachos, the Nachos began dominating the ACP at nearly every battle.  On July 29th, 2012 with the help of Dash, and other great Nachos  they got ACP to surrender the war. Dash you will always be remembered for this great victory.   Dash I’m pretty sure a lot of us would like to thank you for being not only a great leader, but a great friend. I’ll always love you AssyRashyPoo. Thank you for everything you have done.

-Chrisi Blule-

Under Construction

Chrisi Blule has been a veteran soldier of the Nachos since 2008. He has always been one of the more dedicated Nachos to exist. He worked his way up from a measly grunt, to a full-fledged Nacho leader. A lovely person inside and out, and a fantastic leader, Chrisi was a good example to follow for any troop. He helped the Nachos UK Division to get off the ground and cement itself as one of the more fearsome UK Divisions in the Club Penguin Army Community. Without him, the Nachos may not have reached the heights that they reached when he led. Thank you Chrisi for being an amazing leader and even a better companion to make love to and befriend. If you haven’t met Chrisi… well I highly advise it, because he’s just one of those people that you’ll never forget.





Under Construction

Puckley was not only one of the greatest leaders and legends of the Nacho Army, but he was also one of the greatest leaders in Club Penguin Army history. He joined the Nachos in early 2008, and he quickly became one of the elite Nachos through his strong devotion and commitment to the Nachos.  He rose through the Nacho rankings, and he became Co-Leader under Person1233, AkaBob22, and Linkin55 during the Great Nacho Golden Age of 2009.  He worked side by side with Person1233 as one of the many key people a part of the Golden Age movement, and he did “so much behind the scenes” according to Person.  He retired not too long after Person without obtaining leader, but he returned in 2011 and became leader along with other Nacho great TanMan626, and later another Nacho Legend, Joker.  Together, they led the Nachos to achieve a large amount of success at an even greater level of dominance and to heights that the Nachos had not experienced in a long time. Despite retiring at the end of the summer in 2011, he returned again officially in summer of 2012 where he led the Nachos to perhaps one of their greatest summers since 2009.  He notably defeated the mighty ACP empire during that summer which began  the Great Fall of the Army of Club Penguin.  He continued to lead the Nachos at a high and dominate level into 2013 where they consistently remained on the top of the army rankings. It was perhaps in 2013 that Puckley became most well known in the Army Community as he led  the Nachos to multiple victories in wars over the ACP, SWAT, HSA, DW, and RPF where the defeat of each army led to its destruction or major downfall.  He led the Nachos to extraordinary sizes including 80+ during this time and at a rate that was closely similar to the 2009 Golden Age, and this period of time eventually became to be known as the Second Golden Age. Lastly, he helped revolutionize the Army Community with his effective recruiting methods that soon became a model for all other armies to follow.  Puckley was also a notable member at Club Penguin Army Central where he helped created the website along with Woton in 2009.


Under Construction

-Dj Dan-

Under Construction


Under Construction





Beeky was a




-Kevin/B Batman 3-

Kevin was a relatively new face to the Nachos, joining in early 2015 and becoming leader later in the year. Supporting the Nachos as a mod during the tough times preceded by the end of 2014, he proved his loyalty as a Nacho. Kevin had prior leading experience from armies such as the RPF, UMA and FGR, which served as great experience to lead an army with the reputation of the Nachos. He proved to be an exemplary leader; some may have been hesitant of his abilities to successfully lead, but over time he certainly proved himself to be worthy by his great achievements as leader. In a very short time, he helped to restore the Nachos to their past self while bringing a new era of motivation and fun and reestablishing the classic Nacho Pride. He was able to bring forth great victories over the Community in major tournament battles by winning the 2015 Champions Cup and making it to the finals of the 2015 Christmas Chaos and the 2015 Spring Smackdown. He even managed to lead the Nachos through several victorious wars against world powers such as ACP, DCP and RPF. The contributions Kevin has made should not be taken lightly and will certainly not be forgotten by the Nachos who fought alongside him.


Honorable Mentions


Under Construction


  • Happy Ree
    • One of the original Nachos, brought a cheery outlook to everything he saw, and helped develop the Nacho culture.
  • Tuxedo Mac
    • Created the first Nacho XAT Chatbox, and another loyal general under Tom Wolf and later Zippy.
  • Specialthing
    • A Nacho general under Tom Wolf during WW2 who fully encompassed the Nacho spirit.
  • Cruiseb
    • A Club Penguin celebrity + a Nacho General under Zippy500.


  • Rca123456
    • Shadow2446’s Co-General who served valiantly from 2007 until 2009.
  • Rlin (1nacho2rlin)
  • Flameboy 125
    •  A Nacho General who kept the Nachos active under Zippy500’s period of inactiveness.
  • Infestedw
    • A Nacho General under Zippy500 who served and led many great battles against ACP.
  • Mahicans
    • A Nacho Major under Zippy500 who operated a valiant group of Nachos on Blizzard.
  • Flarry Jerry


  • Ltshaqcena10
    • Loyal general during the first Golden Age. A joy to be around.
  • Jayson23
    • Infamous Nacho neo-Nazi and stalker of Aka, but attended many battles and was a good general.
  • 77hockey
  • Cooper30
  • Shedinja77


  • Billy Mays
  • M3adow Sue


  • Fido1625
  • Zayer


  • Oberst543
  • Zakster
  • Thex


  • Wilson500
  • Fiffylog
  • 6789cool (Can Of Juice)
  • Wolfie1215


  • Danny9632
  • Guitar 48300
  • Laoise/IrishSpeaker
  • Daniel/Eyes



  • Camperjohn64
  • Stone523


List of Nacho Leaders


Here lie the Nacho leaders, past and present.

Bold = Nacho Hall of Fame
Italics = CPA Legend

A more in depth version of this list can be found on the Nacho History page >Here<

  1. Jamesbond1
  2. Jm2000
  3. Tom Wolf
  4. Zippy500
  5. Shadow2446
  6. Akabob22
  7. Linkin55
  8. Nyg13
  9. Person1233
  10. Ltshaqcena10
  11. Puckley
  12. Zzztops
  13. Shedinja777
  14. Cooper30
  15. [2]AkaBob22
  16. Jayson23
  17. 77hockey
  18. VideoGamer57
  19. King Kinz10
  20. Ads354
  21. Tomb147
  22. Billy Mays
  23. Pie1530
  24. [3]Akabob22
  25. TanMan626
  26. [2]Ads354
  27. [2]TanMan626
  28. [3]Ads354
  29. [2]Puckley
  30. Wwefreak123 [Joker]
  31. Edd64[E Double D]
  32. Dvorak [Hades] [Marcin] [Slobbysnake] [Foo Fighter]  
  33. Pie1530
  34. Fido1625
  35. Oberst543
  36. Talex831
  37. Danny9632
  38. [2]Billy Mays
  39. [4]Ads354
  40. [2]Chrisi Blule
  41. Hurricanex1
  42. [2]King Kingz 10
  43. [2]Oberst543
  44. Dashing Snow  
  45. Beeky128778
  46. [3]Puckley
  47. Zak[Zach610]
  48. [5]Ads354
  49. Edd64
  50. Mikester [Mrgpv] 
  51. Wolfie1215
  52. Shivertoe2
  53. [2]Danny9632
  54. [2]Wolfie1215
  55. Emily [Tamary]
  56. 6789cool
  57. Laoise [Irishspeaker]
  58. Weazelkid
  59. Vonchiefer
  60. [2]Shivertoe2
  61. [3]Chrisi Blule
  62. Darkman5
  63. [3]Edd64
  64. Guitar48300
  65. Green Dai
  66. [2]Talex831
  67. Camperjohn64
  68. [4]Edd64
  69. [4]Puckley
  70. [2]Beeky128778
  71. [2]Dashing Snow
  72. Kevin [B Batman3]
  73. Agent233
  74. Cowboydan101
  75. Stone523
  76. Fluffy 9404
  77. [2]Kevin [B Batman3]
  78. [3]Camperjohn64
  79. [3]Kevin [B Batman3]
  80. Conno11
  81. [2]Cowboydan101
  82. Verum

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  51. i joined in march 2102 and i am already staff sergeant. I am getting closer

    • Why the fuck isn’t Flo Rida 111 on there?? Geez that kid was an amazing nacho! Quit jacking off with your “pimp hands” and put his name on there already!

  52. Ah Tan and Dash ❤

  53. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Chrisi Blule should be up there.

  54. Where is zzztops? He was a great guy and always loyal, in my opinion he should be up there.


  56. Why isn’t Flo Rida111 on there? He was a very dedicated nacho

  57. brassassdash FTW!

  58. I don’t understand how I’m not in this, to be honest. I made some solid contributions to this army guys.

  59. Guys i need to be in the Hall of Fame. I’ve been around for 4 years, and have helped this army multiple times, I mean come on if Tomb is in there I should be too…come on guys.

  60. Nice updates 😮
    All the people who are up there truly deserve their spot. I too, wish to someday be up on there (;

  61. Nobody ever called it, FIRST!


  63. Join the Fesita with the Nachos! NACHOS 4 EVA!

  64. sup, the NACHOS are forever never going to retire XD

    • Then why aren’t you active? That’s something that I kinda don’t like, they promise something and then forget about it…

  65. here are the steps for rolling down hill on Sled Race to find the Nachos Army:

    1.look for something to trip on

    2.fall of the sled

    3.roll down hill

    4.be bloody

    5.keep on rolling down

    6.be really really bloody

    7. grab your sled

    8.go on your sled

    9.look for something to trip on again XD

    10.roll down hill

    11.lose your sled and faint

    12.wake up and you’ll see the Nachos Army and die

  66. P.S. the Nachos army is really powerful

  67. It was really great learning about all these amazing people that changed the Nacho army.

  68. but after reading puckley’s section, I have a question. What were his recruiting techniques?

  69. Hey it’s been a while :’)

  70. i love how puck’s is the longest

  71. lol, nicely done but we have to wait for a new legend

  72. Add 2014.

  73. Anybody think about adding Edd64?? Just me? Ok. 😦

  74. Hmm no N05hoc? The one who lead for 2 months? 2007? Ugh

  75. Where is Legofan Cy


  77. :v

  78. The final leader was Cookky, and like him or not, he should still be on the page.

  79. Hello Nachos, this is Maxwell 605. I came back on a nostalgic trip to find out about the demise of CP. However I am shocked that this website and its old information still exists. I came back to give my condolences. It is amazing how the Nachos have existed since I have played the game (over 10 years ago). I miss it, but I know that it will forever be an amazing memory in our hearts

    • Maxwell dude I remember you! It’s bart bo 23/26/29 im going on a nostalgia trip too, Ltshaqcena if youre out there hmu!

  80. Hi guys, hope everyone is well! Sad to see club penguin and the nachos go but they’ll always be a great part of my childhood 😀 What’s everyone up to nowadays if any of you guys remember me

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