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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Final messages-Retirement posts from various Nachos

Hey there! In what could be one of the final posts of Mr great poster Legofan Cy, I’m gonna post the messages that some kind Nachos submitted during the final days of CP. Continue reading to view them please!

To prevent bias, I’m gonna put the order of the messages considering date submitted, from oldest to newest.(Also I did not edit anything at all from any post)



Nachos 4 ever!

Im Bosss3 (aka Owen) I joined the nachos because of one bot. I want to thank Stone, Ryan, Lego, Cookky, Dan, Rook(*0*), I was soooooooooo close to being a leader! As this era ends *awesome era end. On last time
“Mess with the best,Dye like the rest”
I will still come to the rest of the events :)\
Thank u soooooooooo much,
Bosss3 Lets hula outta here!




It was fun being in Nachos




Bye Nachos! Thank-you for your company.



I can’t think of a post title, so this is it.

Hey Nachos. You may or may not know me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. I’ve been an on and off member for this army (mostly off) for a while, not as long as some, but still quite a lengthy amount of time.
It sucks that CP is shutting down, it was the first online game I played since I came to America, and I’m really proud that the army I chose to join went on to win what is arguably the most important battle in Club Penguin Army history. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to that event, I got roped into personal stuff. Honestly, same for all the time I was off. I didn’t want to leave the army, but it had to be done, that’s also why I came back as soon as I could in the end.
Anyways, if I continue on this rant I’ll probably just bore you to death if I haven’t done so already, so instead I’ll just do what others have done and give you some contact information. Whether I know you or not, feel free to add me in these sites. If a site is not listed, you can search for “Robecuba”, any result you get will probably be me. I have accounts for a LOT of sites, way too many to list.




I just want to say after being here for almost 8 years, I’ve learned that….

Jews were the good guys

and HItler did something wrong



Our journey has now come to a end.

Post content: I have seen nachos everywhere. I never really knew how to join till not long ago. I’m pretty sad that i could not of made many memories but all i can say is our legacy will be remembered.


95 Spider

The End of Spider Venom

This is my FINAL post as a Nacho.

I,9 5 spider have been In Nachos since the summer of July,28th, 2014. My very 1st Event was CPAC’s 2014 edition of Legends Cup. The bracket predictions were hilarious, since our 1st battle vs Dark Warriors. Ever since that first Battle I’ve seen every era from Irish Speaker to Cookky. Now Fast Forward to election season of ’16. On the eve of Election night. Nacho chat instantly became Election Chat.That was a funny moment. 6 months have passed, and Now I’m publishing my retirement Post. Here’s my Landmark Nachos:

Zekrom – you are a True Pokemon Master. You are a lot like Ash Ketchum and were friendly to every troop.Good Job Nacho Master!

B Batman III – War under your leadership changed my view of being a Nacho! You were the one who taught me the Art of recruiting.

I won’t forget every other Nacho, but here’s the list:

Ryan/ Qarv
I’m sorry If your name wasn’t featured on the list but like Lego said “we are a family” a Nacho Family.

Made account with real name, don’t really want to say it


Made account with real name, don’t really want to say it


I was super young when I found Club Penguin armies. I decided to give it a try. I joined up with the Nachos and before long was recruited into another army called the Water Raiders. Me, CamperJohn64, and a few other people led it and it was basically childhood. It ended after we were hacked several times and many people just fell out. Now, several years later, I decided to look on CPAC since Club Penguin was closing. I saw that the Nachos, my first army, was having a final event. I got here too late, and wasn’t able to participate. Club Penguin Armies were some of the best experiences I had and it’s a shame to see it go.



A Long Lost Nacho’s Musing

Hey everyone,
I know I’ve not been active on the Nachos but I wanted to say goodbye because I’ve had some incredibly wonderful times on here.

When I first joined I had no idea what to expect, no idea of the friendships and awesomeness that comes with being a Nacho. The first clue I got was when I was welcomed with open arms and had an entire event dedicated to my new-coming. I joined the Nachos because of some personal problems I had and needed an escape, so to feel like someone cared meant a lot to me.

I also met Lego when he was just a wee member and became great friends with him until of course I decided to have a really long break. Along the way I have met many other amazing nachos such as Emily, Dan, Fluffy, Oggy, Stone, Dev, etc… No, really, there’s too many of you to just list out. If you want to stay in contact with me, my Snapchat, Skype and Instagram is xlime4.

Thank you for everything, Nachos, and take care,



Celtic Daft

So CP was a wild ride for me. I don’t have long eventful career’s like others but mine was very fun thanks to the great people I met along the way.

My Friends include;

I am sorry if I forgot you there. I know this isn’t like all the other retirement posts but this is just my quick way of saying thanks.

If anyone wants to keep in touch then
Instagram: jamesmckenzie.67



 Thank you for everything

Dear Nachos:

When i first joined the nachos back in the summer of 2007 i never thought about the long term impacts of my decision to join. I quickly rose through the ranks and became a key decision maker in the early days of the nachos. Coming back today for the final day of the nachos was both sad and eye opening. Seeing the nachos still alive and strong 10 years after I joined brought back so much nostalgia. It made me feel like i was 10 years old again coming onto chat everyday with some of the coolest people in the world. I loved every second I spent with this army and I will always consider myself a nacho. I just want to take a minute to thank Shadow2446, Zippy500, Smeeble, Rey Rey 21, Nyg13, Cycle22, Shivertoe2, Akabob22, Linkin55, Person1233, Puckley and JoJoFishy for the amazing memories and for helping the nachos feel like a second home.

~Nachos Forever





I will remember you. 😦

My nacho comrades, our empire has stood long and well. I remember long back (about 2014-2015) when I was a fellow Nachonnian as you. The times were tense, but made for good memories. Club Penguin, The Nachonnian Empire, and everything else will be gone after this post, but they will all live on. In our hearts! We have been standing as proud leaders for over 10 years, maybe even more! It hurts to see everything fall so suddenly! So just before we disperse in our distant paths, my last wish is to remember me and the Nachos and Club Penguin for as long as the sun rises in the morning, and the sun sets at night. Because when the times got tough, we were there for each other. To comfort each other. So just as you comforted me, remember this. When the times get tough, The Nachonnians will always be with you. No matter where we are! Goodbye, Amigos.

– Pickletree90 (now called Pckltrz4life on CPI)



It all comes to an end…

Well, 11 or so years have come to this point. A point in time where the saying ‘all good things must come to an end’ becomes painfully true. Now, this post is not a retirement post in the sense that my journey as a Nacho is coming to an end, but more in the sense that it’s just beginning.

I joined the CPA community either in ’14, ’15 or ’16, so I’m fairly recent to this community. It was scary. It was confusing. I had entered chat as a noob which, all of us can admit, we once all were. With the help of amazing people like Edd64, I learned how to be a Nacho. In a few weeks, I was a regular troop with high hopes. In a few months, I became a moderator on chat and officially xat registered. This newfound power given to me by the higher powers was a blessing. I was dumbfounded, proud and ambitious. Then I went on a long hiatus which is another story I won’t bore you with here.

During my (very) long hiatus, I still checked site occasionally to see what the army was up to. It was nice to see old and fresh faces fighting in the comments, like usual. To be totally honest, I did miss the community, as autistic as it sounds. I missed the good friends I met in this community and the fun that we had. I missed the arguments. I missed everything. Therefore, I checked in from time to time, where I found out that CP was closing.

Once I learned that Club Penguin was shutting down, I knew I had to make my long-awaited return (not really) to the Nachos. I entered chat with a name that was about a year old and waited. I waited to breathe in the hectic atmosphere that is xat.com/NachosHQ. Instantly I saw old faces and a lot of new ones, too. I’ve made some awesome friends during my second run in the Nachos; I’d like to list some amazing people (penguins?) below before I explain my introduction.

Top mentions:

EVERYONE ON MY FRIENDS LIST + XATSPACE >http://prntscr.com/epn9x5 >http://prntscr.com/epna69

(Xatspace is ‘regularly’ updated)


Other awesome people:


Now to explain my introductory paragraph. Although some people may disagree, I believe that the CPA community, as autistic and cancerous as it may seem at times, has been an awesome and somewhat honourable community to be a part of. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we are like a family and I know some great friends have been made due to CPA. Even if you were a troop for a day or a leader for a year, you made your impact on this community no matter how small or big it was. This is what I mean by my journey as a Nacho just beginning. I believe that when you are part of a CPA, whether it be ACP, Nachos, RPF or any other army, it somehow stays with you even when you leave/retire. The feeling of being in a community as wide-ranging as CPA can’t be ignored. It stays in your hearts.

As aforementioned, this post is not a regular retirement post (as I was never that important in CPA anyways to be a retiree). This post is to share how much CPA has impacted and changed our lives, for better or for worse. I just had the urge to share my rather boring story on CPA and it probably bored you but oh well. I hope this post interested you somewhat, if not, blame Lego for allowing this to happen.

So, there you have it, my ‘retirement’ post; perhaps the most boring one in history, but it’s here to stay. RIP CP and CPA!

PS: There may be some inconsistencies in this post, but ignore them, I was writing this in a rush.

PPS: Yes, I do speak like this in real life.

~❧ღⱾⱥⱴⱥ➌❹❻ღ☙ AKA Sava


Brass Ass Dash


I just wanted to tell everyone-
that I really love fried chicken.
The crispy brown flakes taste so good in my mouth.

If you ever get any KFC, please contact me asap and give me all of it. And by all of it, I mean every damn crumb.


Brass Ass Dash




Guys all I have to say is thank you. I joined you back in 2015 ever since then I have never left I remember my first ever event It was a training battle against the ice vikings. You all made me feel welcome that’s why I want to say a big thank you. When I hear CP was shutting down I was heart broken. Knowing that the armies would die to. But there’s one thing that will not die, Our Legacy. I hope we can find some form to live again maybe through CPR or maybe because of the flop of islands they re release it. So long fellow amigos and live a good life.



The Nachos of Club Penguin

To all the 2012-2013 members:

Man o man. I had some great memories with the Nachos. I will never remember that part of my life, we had great leaders, we beat everybody, we were dominating and the best thing, we were happy. To those who remember me and have been my friend I want to say, thank you for the times we had. To all the newer Nachos, thank you for keeping the army alive. Thank you.


Thank you all for submitting a goodbye message! My retirement post is coming out soon so stay around!

Legofan Cy~Nachos God

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