Adios Oagal

Well, I thought the day would never come, but we all (meaning The Rebels, IW, UMA, Nachos, and Shadow2446, especially) managed to defeat Oagalthorp. When I saw that he actually was going to leave forever, I nearly shouted in excitement, but then I had a deep feeling of emptyness. Who am I going to call my enemy, anymore? Oagal was really the only force in CP that I hated with all of my being. Sure, it is kind of silly to hate someone over a game, but Oagal just really gave it meaning. It was Cat vs Dog, Eucadian vs Chernovan, and Democrat vs Republican against Oagal. He was my Axis, and we were the Allies. Anyway, now that I think of it, Oagal taught me more then Shadow, Flaya, or Zippy ever could. He tested me. He laughed at me when I made a mistake. He freaking almost made me retire!

Well, after all this fighting against Oagalthorp, all the cursing, all the snowballs thrown, all the spying, all the hatred, and all the agony of 2-3 years against my sworn enemy, I only have 2 words to say to him:

Thank you.

Thank you for sending the waves and waves of ACP soldiers toward me, the Nachos, and pretty much the rest of the armies. Thank you for berating at me when I said one word out of place. Thank you for analyzing me so well that you knew almost every weakness in me. Most importantly, thank you for being the enemy.

If you ever decide to come back to CP or whatever, even though my soldiers will hate me for it, I’ll gladly give you the rank of General in the Nachos if you join.

One again, thank you for everything.


27 Responses

  1. 😉 I can be your new enemy Akabob! 😆

  2. LOL

  3. Good Lord, all he taught me was how to hate.
    Although without him, who do I to hate on? Who am I to verbally pwn? Who will I stump ( it means argue over something until you finally win the argument). Who will ban me BECAUSE I stumpped him (heh heh heh).

    Lol, all above is crap, tonight I’m gonna celebrate and feast upon my stash of candy.


  4. wait the nachos were there was this even posted on the website cuz i wouldve loved to have been there

  5. That was a great post Akabob. Anyone who can only be judged by polar opposites in opinion (you either loved him or hated him), it goes to show how much of an effect he had on people. He may not have achieved what he did by methods that everyone agreed with, but no one can deny what he achieved. When he was most active, ACP was nearly unbeatable. Since then, ACP has remained strong until perhaps just recently, and you have to admit, he built one hell of an army. And he changed the way we will look at armies forever.

  6. thank you?

    • Hello

  7. Haha i rember this happeng to quazar the original nacho leader haa i guess traditions get passed down to leaders and secondarys. everyone discovers this adventually

  8. oagal a general wow i really dont care if hes general thats a high rank to start at thats all



    Aka-Never said you did.

  11. I totally agree with you, Akabob. After how much we hated him, You TOTALLY fit the description as leader!

  12. Eh, Oagol didn’t have anything againt me, so I actually don’t give a dam is he comes back.

  13. All Oagal did was boss us around and tell us which servers we have which is very bossy

  14. u said boss alot

  15. The allies said this to the red baron in world war I. At the funeral the allies laid a wreath that said “To a galliant and worthy foe!” Good bye Oagal, we hated you but we’ll miss you.

  16. Allo nachos. as you may know, the bb is having a big war against the mc. please help us fight them. it will be tommorow, i am not sure what time, though. check the bb site for more info

  17. what the french toaster

  18. Good job Aka, you’re one of the few who accept my new retirement gracefully.

    And Tidle, to stump someone you have to actually win the argument, which is more than can be said for you.

    P.S. Last post:

  19. Aka, you have won The Apache22’s best leader award, congrats. That was a very good speech and you really said what you meant, I used to be in ACP and have since quit to form my own army(the United Penguin Coalition, email me at if you want an alliance or help with anything) under the new alias of Braveheart, When I was in ACP the nachos were outright scum to me, but now i see diffrently and am very proud that you chose to speak up about this.

  20. w00t. I got meantioned in Oagal’s will. Lol.

    Lol, thanks alot Apache.

  21. Hmm… well we all have to say thanks to some of our enemies at a time.

  22. P.S. Aka, the heart in your photo is disfunctional. 😕

  23. Ok guys were doing an NOCP team for the penguin games. I dont know what CP is doing for the Ice Rink on the party so we will be doing a bit of everything. But anyway during the CP games we will have a NOCP Olympics. So Abe if you and your army want in you can join. Just comment here to say if theres a specific event you want here is a list of events:

    Opening Ceremonys(All Come)


    Track (around the iceberg)

    100m (Cove to Forest)

    500m (Cove to Lighthouse)

    Find Four Tournement

    Mancala Tournement

    Hockey Tournement

    Swimming (Pool)

    Swimming 4 relay

    Dojo Relay

    100m Relay

    500m Relay

    Island Run
    Hey Nachos, you should do this with us, itll be fun!

  24. Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

  25. Oagal is my arch nemesis too.

  26. Oagal, don’t make me snap my fingers in a Z formation.

    I’d really like to meet you one day to see what all the fuss is about.

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