nacho discord


since xat has died for the club penguin army community, most of the remaining active stragglers have managed to move to discord. this app offers similar chatting conveniences that xat previously did, and it just so happens much of the former nacho chat population is located within one singular discord.

this is the link to it:

it’s run by sarge525. my apologies if this link doesn’t work as i am rather unfamiliar with how discord functions. if there’s a better way to embed the discord into the site like you were formerly able to do with xat, i will by all means do so.


just in case it wasnt clear

all iterations of the nachos past the 30th of march, 2017 are pretenders and are not endorsed in any way by the officials residing here

all names and people seen trying to recreate a dead army on a dead game and a dying private server will have their names and history stricken from the site, per decree of the legends and former leaders of the nacho army


Dear whoever made the Nachos of CPR:




(but seriously be original. The Nachos are DONE. Don’t make a crappy reincarnation of us. If you want to start an army on CPR, MAKE. YOUR. OWN. THEME. Thanks.)

About Site activity

Hola Nacho Army. I know some of you have already stopped checking on the site daily, but I recommend that you stay in contact with us, as some Nachos’ retirement posts, including me, are still to come. My post would be out last weekend, but due to my exams this Friday, my parents took my laptop and tablet until then. So, stay tuned for a huge retirement post from me, Cookky and maybe more!

See you around!

PS to Bluey: plz stay active on chat ❤

 Legofan Cy

opinion on opinions, by aka, master of opinions

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Rest in Power

As the site administrator, it’s my obligation to ensure the maintenance of the Nacho Army’s resting place. However, as I have not been active in the army in some time, I think it would be more appropriate for me to follow the plans of those who are active. I will respect this plan and implement it to the best of my abilities.

To the memory of the great Nacho Army of Club Penguin,


The Retirement of Fluffy9404


For those who don’t know me, my name’s Fluffy 9404. I wasn’t planning on making this post anytime soon, but as you all know, Club Penguin is shutting down. I decided my retirement post would be best used as a way to tell my story. I’ll try to be brief.

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Final messages-Retirement posts from various Nachos

Hey there! In what could be one of the final posts of Mr great poster Legofan Cy, I’m gonna post the messages that some kind Nachos submitted during the final days of CP. Continue reading to view them please!

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Retirement Post Submissions

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We Don’t March To The Beat Of The Drums, We Hear Maracas..

Authors, feel free to add your piece to this post as well.

As I sit here, minutes after the closure of a place I called home for many years, I am not quite sure how to feel. 

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