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No Winter Fiesta this Year?

Hola Nachos!  Yes, it’s me Puckley!  No, I’m not coming back to the Nachos, but I’m just helping out with a few things around the site, like making a few new pages.  If you haven’t seen the new pages, check them out!  They are pretty cool.  I will talk more about a new page later on in this post.  Right now, I have bigger topic to talk about.

For 3 years in a row, Club Penguin has held the Winter Fiesta.  Will there be a fourth?  I think not, sadly.  Club Penguin has already come out with their January Catalog… with no sombrero or poncho.  Club Penguin always has the sombrero or poncho in this catalog.  Also, the Winter Fiesta last year wasn’t a big hit in Club Penguin.  It was for us though, like always.  Then that brings the question of maybe they are going to replace it with a different this year?  With the 2010 Winter Olympics occuring this year.  I believe Club Penguin will have a party, like they had with the Summer Olympics.  The Summer Olympics party was a huge hit, so I would think the same with a Winter Olympics party.  Maybe there is still hope for the Winter Fiesta though.  Last year, it occured late in January.  You just never know… especially with Club Penguin.

Now… if the Winter Fiesta doesn’t happen this year.  I bet many will say, “Well, the Nachos are going to fall.”  Wrong.  Those people are right about we usually do get bigger and gain most of our recruits during that time, but this year we are going to get all those recruits without the Winter Fiesta (assuming the Winter Fiesta doesn’t occur).  Our plan, if the party doesn’t happen, is just to recruit on Club Penguin, websites (ads.), chats, and most importantly wars.  You gain the most recruits during wars.  =)

Other Stuff:

  • There will be a new page soon.  This page will be “About” the history of the Nachos of Club Penguin.  Everything is done on the page, except for the entire history of the Nachos, which is very very long.  I’m about halfway done, so be patient.  Hopefully it’ll be done soon.
  • Maybe we can have the first annual Cheese vs. Salsa battle soon.  Make sure to check out that page!
  • We are still Neutral with the ACP.  https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/neutralism/
  • The results are unknown about the division practice battle.  Comment if you know what happened.
  • On the chat page, you will now find the most recent post and the next scheduled event!

As an advisor for the time being… I have a few tips to the leaders:

  • Fix up the site.  Make it look pretty.  Mostly the widgets on the side.  They are all messy and outdated.
  • Recruit more.  Follow the plan in place of the Winter Fiesta… also meaning get in a war.
  • When scheduling events, schedule 2 events.  One for the Westeners, and two for the Nachos over seas.
  • Get the medal system going again.

A few tips to the soldiers:

  • Make sure to comment on EVERY post.  It will increase your chance of getting a promotion. 
  • ALWAYS listen when the highest gives a command.  You must follow it.
  • Try to come on chat every day or every other day.
  • Don’t annoy the leaders.

-Never Give Up


15 Responses

  1. First! lolz

  2. wat? no winter feista? darn 😦

  3. secont lolz but anyway i wanted to say thanks to all the nachos helping cp! and maybe we should have a war soon!

  4. 2nd and wow… no winter fiesta… im so angry!! but then theres always hope…

  5. yay puck you are helping us around the site (clap) thank you

  6. Good post puck 😀

  7. Its good to see you again Puck..

  8. Nice post Puck!! I like the “Cheese Vs. Salsa” idea.

  9. I want the winter fiesta o and good job puck

  10. k puck 😀

  11. Sorry, I now have an afterschool activity about, oh idk, EVERY SINGLE DAY EXEPT FRIDAY OF THE WEEK D:

  12. Great post, I think the Winter Fiesta will be in February, but nobody actually knows for certain yet except cp

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