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I’m Pie1530, your new 3ic along with Billy Mays. Billy, if you would like to edit this post saying hi, you can. Anyways, I’ve been seeing a few problems latley, and I’d like to adress them-

Fighting on Chat- Latley, many Nachos (including me) have been getting into fights over stupid things. This does not help the army in any way. If you have a problem with anything, take it up in a PC. We don’t want to see our troops effected by this, do we?

Lack of Posts- Posts have been an issue latley. We need atlease one post a day, to keep our troops updated. It can be about almost anything, from CP stuff to battles to a recruiting session. A goal of mine is to have everyone that’s an owner ranks make a post on the site every week.

Unfair Banning/Guesting- I’ve been seeing alot of this too. We cannot go around just banning people for no reason. If you ban someone you must have a reason. If the person would like to speek to the Nachos, he/she may. Unlike a certin army (CRS) we have freedom of speach.

Getting on CP more- Guys, you should all be on CP everyday, recruiting or battling another army. Don’t just sit on chat all day and do nothing. That’s not the point. If we got on earlier today, we probably would’ve had Ice Breaker.

Also, I would like to congradulate the folowing people: Ads, Tomb and Billy on their promotions. You all really deserved it.


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7 Responses

  1. cool

  2. Exactly right. Nice post.
    We need more comments on posts too.

  3. Comment D:

  4. it on the naked penguins site rite now

  5. I agree with this post.
    Pie,you’re doing well even though this is your first post as 3ic. 😛

  6. :O Even Meadow was promoted.

  7. i like cereal!

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