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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Welcome! [Cheese vs Salsa]

Hello new recruits!

Welcome to the Nacho Army! We are an epic army (to be in, not to face) and we hope that you will stay with us for a long, long time.

Click here to join the Nacho Army

Click here to go to Nacho Chat.

Click here to see your rank

Remember to visit the website and chat often, and you will have a chance at getting promoted! If  you ever need help with anything in the Nacho Army or something needs to be reported, email us at support@nachoarmy.net

Don’t forget about tomorrow’s Cheese vs Salsa battle!

Cheese(1-3) vs Salsa! (3-1)

Day: August 5th, Thursday

Teams: Can be found on the Ranks Page.


-5:00pm EST

-4:00pm CST

-3:00pm MST

-2:00pm PST

-10:00 PM UK

Reason: We need to start working on dividing ourselves to get more recruits!

Thank you,

~The Nacho Army Staff


Wolfie Edit: Also new recruits, brush up on nacho culture by looking up the uniform and tactics page. And if you’re REALLY new, like if you don’t know anything about club penguin warfare, check out the beginners page, which explains how to join nachos, the ranks, and who we nachos are. Have fun!

20 Responses


    I am martion231, a Brig. General of ACP. I’m sure that by this point we all realize this. There are thousands of armies, and tens of servers. There will be conflict, but that is why we must peacefully and diplomatically solve this problem. We must not hate each other like in real war, we must treat each other with respect and dignity. Another thing we have realized, is that n00bs are everywhere. There are n00bs on chat, on CP, some are even leaders! But the point is they are new to CP warfare! If we all look deep enough, we can see back to the day we first joined CP armies, and we were new. Even oagal, person, icey, everyone who is in an army, was new at one point. That is why we must set aside our differences and come together, and make warfare fun again! I reccomend that all armies begin meeting at this site in order to make a peaceful resolution for any and all conflict.

  2. Welcome new recruits!

  3. Welcome new recruits! 😀

    Erm, I see that the complaints page is gone, and I’m not sure why, but I has a complaint. It’s Tuck. I have no idea why, but she hates me for no apparent reason. I keep asking her why, on main chat and in PC. She either steers around the subject or doesn’t answer at all. Then she’s just plain rude to me. I try to be nice and polite, like saying “Hi Tuck” when she comes on chat and she just says “Don’t say hi to me.” I ask why, and she just says again, “Just don’t say hi to me -.-” I don’t know what anyone will do about this, or if anyone CAN do anything, but I just wanted to say something because it’s really bothering me. (WARY)

  4. Nachos have just got a little more interesting 😉 .

  5. Hi everyone thx for wellcoming me i wil btry too be the best nacho evea im not mexican im part spanish like shakira i love the nachos thx XOXOXOXOXO ❤

  6. Welcome all New Recuits! 😀 😀

  7. I’m really sorry I can’t make recruiting. The comp I usually get on is gone and my backup is getting fixed. (this is iPod)

    • It is your iPod isn’t it, I know because I’m using mine now and this spelling correction thing bugs me sometimes.

  8. I’m sorry I cannot make the recruiting because I am from UK.

  9. can’t come.

  10. cant come busy

  11. Hey Nachos/Anyone else. It is time for me to hang my sombrero up. I have served my time in Nachos but it’s at its experation date. Some of you may say “ZOMG U DIDNT RETIRE U’Z GOT FIRED!!!!!11!!!1!SHIFT!!!!!1!1!!” Well to those of you out there who think that I actually was offered back in the Nachos. So I COULD have rejoined. I will still be on chat.

    Heres a brief summary of my Nacho Career.
    It started when I was a regular CP penguin with a group of friends. A couple (Quince and Belly) were talking about something called the “nachos”? Curious I asked what is the “nachos”? they explained to me that they were a CP army. I went to the site. I was so n00by that it took me two months to realize there was a join page XD.My official join date was Feb 7 2009.I then went up the ranks normal until I was promo’d to mod. I skipped a few mod ranks until I was elected 3ic. After someone retired I was promo’d to 2ic. After a while Billy said he would be gone for a while and I was promo’d to Temporary leader. After a while I was fired from the Nachos for yes indeed working with 50 cent to overthrow Ads. Yes its true I admit it.

    Now to my friends (note: not in specific order)

    Wolfie-Man you were my BFF. You have a bright Nacho future dont you forget that. Dont make the mistake I did.

    Reacon-My other BFF. You are a really cool guy with awesome taste in music.

    50- I know everyone hates you in the Nachos but I think your a really cool guy. You have great ideas. I hope you get to return to Nachos someday.

    Billy-We were n00bs together. We’ve been friends for a while. Someday I hope you get back to leader

    Folay- You have a bright future ahead. Even though your bro owned your computer and you may never be back to read this thanks for everything.

    Q (Quince)- Man we go WAY back. We were friends before Nachos. You convinced me to join. Thanks man.

    Belly Belly1- I know your not reading this but you also convinced me to join Nachos. I think you for that.

    Shadow- I always looked up to you. Me and you became pretty good friends through ikariam.

    Person- I looked up to you as well like many others. Even though I think you thought I was annoying stay naked :D.

    Pie- You are gonna be a great leader man. Dont make the mistake I did.

    Joker- Man you were a great friend. TCP still? ;).

    Cobra- Me and you had lots of late nights together on chat. We became great friends.

    Katie- Well you dont like talking to me (obviously :/) You were really funny and always thought I was a n00b :D.

    Zayer- Man you were my apprentice. Dont follow my footsteps and get fired. Follow my footsteps into getting leader but not the getting fired part :D.

    Alessa- You always talked to me about stuff. Me and you were great friends.

    Vick- You are a great guy. You have a bright future in Nachos.

    Rover- You were also a late night guy on chat I always hung out with. Your really cool

    Dash- Your funny 😀

    Lootking- Your a really nice guy. I see a bright future for you in Nachos.

    Ice- You always gave me days when I needed them 😀 THANKS!

    Fort- Your really cool.

    Oagal- Your also a really cool guy.

    Aka- your a really chill guy that talks cool :D. You are going to bring us back to a golden age (again)

    Crazy- Your really cool 😀

    Ads- Your probably thinking “wtf you tried to overthrow me idiot” yeah sorry about all that :/. I understand if you hate my guts (I would). We were pretty good friends for a while. Lead the Nachos good :D.

    Tuck- Your really cool and think Im annoying too :). But I still think your a coolcat.

    Obby- Well I didnt know you to long but you seemed like a cool guy.

    Nachos- You guys have a bright future ahead I can feel it. Keep working hard and we’ll be ahead of ACP and win this tournoment!

    Thanks for the great time Nachos. Never give up. For the final time

    ~Stay Cheesy~

  12. I can come.

    -Beast/Cookie Cat

  13. maybe

  14. I won’t make it, sorry! It’s too late for me, I live in the UK. Seriously, why is nearly every thing too late for the UK?

  15. I can make it

  16. I’M SO SORRY I COULDNT make cheese vs salsa. I missed an important thing (cry2)Somethin came up at last minute

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