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Fjord Frenzy

Wolfie Edit: Luckily I start school on the 8th 😛

Folay’s edit-School starts today I wont be on much because of it. ~Folay

Pie edit: I’ve made a map (Post this on your sites armies)

Cobra: Pfft This should be fun make shure you make it or you shall miss the only fun event that happened on cp since 2006.

Update: Tacos start and get the mine



ANY OTHER ROOM (White)=any army, or for armies that’s can’t fit.

Aloha! The title says that there will be a Fjord Frenzy, anybody remember that? I’m pretty sure this will be the 2nd one because the Fjord Frenzy last year was canceled. Every army is invited on Fjord to have a battle just for the hell of it. I hope the armies have fun and I wish you good luck. The one in 08 was a success, make this year much better than that.

ishot-640 by unknowncpcl.

ishot-648 by unknowncpcl.

Fjord Frenzy

Where: Fjord

Rooms: Anywhere you want to battle

When: Sunday, September 5


11:00 A.M PST

12:00 P.M MST

1:00 P.M CST

2:00 P.M EST

7:00 P.M UK

Armies, please post this on your site if you will be participating. Also, comment if you can make it!

~Lost In Thought~Ads354

54 Responses

  1. I can’t make it.

  2. There is a chance I will make it.

  3. Ill be there

    Private Joker

  4. I might go… this looks fun.

  5. dang i cant make it, im going camping that day

  6. * i mean Joke 1 0 1

  7. *sorry private Joker 1 0 1

    ack stoopid spelling

  8. I will definitely be there 😀

  9. I may be able to go, since it’s the night before labor day. But I’m not sure.

  10. Also, I think I’ll be going as captain of my small army the blue cp navy. Just to get some publicity.

  11. Maybe


  13. I remember the 08′ frenzy back when I was in the ACP… It’s a damn load of fun

  14. i can make it

  15. I might make it, probably not, as I have baseball at 1.

  16. I’ll be there 😀

  17. I should be there 😀

  18. I- don’t know, although I think I will be there 😀

  19. Uhm….. i thought it was today…
    \i might not make it next week. MIGHT i have soccer

  20. Ill be there as acp or mabey as tacos cuz im tacos 2ic and ill try to get them there

  21. It’s my birthday party on that day, so I MAY not be able to come, but I probably will come. NACHOS RULE! TAKE OUT THE ACP TRASH!!

  22. i may be able to make if im not sucked into the fall fair too much

  23. Probley can’t go. Sorry guys :C. I better level up. Or pay me points for all the hard work I do for you!

  24. I can make it.

  25. Hai,

    I am Flipper, GT leader. GT are currently an army making very steady progress, in other words, we are DEFINITELY not what we used to be. UMA and DCP both declared war on GT, and WW and RFW have joined our sides to potentially spark an alliance. The sides looked pretty fair, until NW joined UMA and DCP’s side, but only for the 2 invasions of our capital and co-capital. We are here to recruit the assistance of Nachos, to make the Orange Alliance ever stronger. Please get back to me,


  26. hi im new to the army and… I CAN MAKE IT!

  27. my army want to be in fjord frenzy

  28. I’ll make it

  29. ice knights will be there!

  30. I can make it!

  31. i can come woot woot

  32. SICK!

  33. yo sorry im in school and i cant make it
    love ya nachos we the best but i just cant go school is goin on.

  34. I can make it!

  35. i can probally make it

  36. Sounds great I’ll be there

  37. This looks cool.Ill be attending!

  38. I will probably be there . looks so awesome.

  39. hey i got a big question to ask u its serious

    ok what happened to billy mays is he DCP now because i was checking my freinds andhe was in DCP UNIFORM

  40. I try to be there sorry if I don’t make it, but i should because it looks so much fun

    *PVT. J Boy 5

  41. i can make it

  42. Ill be coming.

  43. I might make it i hope i could make it i dont really wanna miss it lol

  44. I like to stalk little boys :3

  45. Ill try to come, btw i didnt know UMA was still around, i thought they died months ago

  46. Hello Private Rockdude100 Here! And ill be there at fjord at the battle! ;D

  47. CPD might be there. if so, we will start at the pool.

  48. Come to my party!

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