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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Why do you want a Promo?

Hello Billy Mays here! I want all of you to comment on the post saying why you should have a promotion in the Nacho Army! What have you done with month to get your promotion. I know a lot of you should being getting promotions so this will be a good promotion day for the Nachos, remember to keep active and come on chat comment on posts, and :!:COME TO EVENTS!!!:!:

Fill out this form

CP name:

Chat name:

Why you should have a promotion:

Promise to stay active:

60 Responses

  1. winterburn13
    Awesome Dude
    I am active every day of every month
    i promise to stay active shall i get mai promo

    and i am teh first

  2. Leeny500


    I think I should have a promotion because, I am very active and I still haven’t recieved my promo from the Legend Cup. You guys promised everybody who was there promotions and I was there, you can check the pics. I am also still a private, even though I have been attending lots of events. I’ve been in the nachos since april and i think it’s time I get a promo.

    I promise to stay active

  3. CP name:Pwener1

    Chat name:þωภ

    Why you should have a promotion: I deserve a promo because I have tried to be as active as I could. Every day after school, I check the site. I then do homework, and come back on if I can. I also deserve to be promoted because not many SCAs are active anymore. We are also running low on SCAs. Some people need to step up, and I will gladly take the challenge.

    Promise to stay active: I promise to stay as active as I can.

  4. Fill out this form

    CP name:
    Chat name:
    Why you should have a promotion:
    Im on all the time and I go to most of the battles.
    Promise to stay active:
    yep. All the events are added onto my phone and itouch

  5. CP name:penblue9292

    Chat name:nachosarmyofcp

    Why you should have a promotion: i been active and been in alot of battles and i always go on nachos chat to follow the orders

    Promise to stay active: i will always be active and always look at the nacho page to see battles and save the times when battles starts

  6. 1.Blooicee23
    2.Bloozers (A.K.A Mr.Whatnotmansir)
    3.well ive been coming to every event i can and ive been active for a LONG time whenever theres a post for an event ill be there as long as im not at school or something anyways i think i deserve mod rank
    4. i indeed-a-didily do

  7. Talex831

    I belive i should have a promo is that I live in Poland it’s hard to make events since I live there I stay up late so I can make events I usally am on when most people are sleeping (amaricans) Im active 70% of the time

  8. CP name:Firemanhg

    Chat name:Austin

    Why you should have a promotion:Ive been pretty active. I Have attended the past events.
    And i go to nacho’s chat for orders when in events.

    Promise to stay active:Yes

  9. CP name: daniel574

    Chat name: cheese

    Why you should have a promotion: I joined nachos in the beginning of summer and I havent gotten a promo. I check the site everyday and go to as many events as i can. i also went to the legends cup.

    Promise to stay active: i promise

  10. CP name:

    Chat name:
    Satch or gator894
    Why you should have a promotion:
    im really active and i attend a lot of events
    Promise to stay active:
    yes i will

  11. 77hockey
    Because i am 77hockey
    i guess

  12. Nacho Name: Nosoe

    Cp Name: Nosoe

    I think i should get a promo because out of all the wars we have had, (recruiting and training too) I have been to about 91% of them. I am always on chat and I have never (in this every month except my first. lol) have tried to lead a war with out permission from an owner or whoever is running the session. These are reasons I think I should get a promo.

  13. I deserve a promotion because I have been extrememly active. Because of school, I have not been coming on every day, but I assure you the chances I get I will check this site and attend battles. Before school started I was attending every battle, including the tournament(EVEN THOUGH I WAS ON VACATION), Nachos VS. DCP, and even the ACP VS. Nachos battle for Blizzard. I even have an account on youtube where I post videos of Nacho battle, and recruitments…But sadly I have only been promoted once. I know not to ask for a promo…So I didn’t, but now that the oppurtunity has risen, I decided to speak up and let you consider about promoting me.

    Side note: I’ve noticed that members of a multitude of armies have been dropping from lack of people on the chat and or website. Well, every army except ACP, which we all know is comprised of 2 – 5th graders, (No offense to ACP)


  14. Whoops, forgot to fill out form xD

    CP name: Largle

    Chat name: ToketsuLargle (random smileys and accents that I can’t even begin to describe)

    Why I should have a promotion? ^ Read above

    I, Largle, Promise to stay active and true to this site

  15. CP Name: Guadalupe 20

    Chat Name: ♠_G.20_♠

    Although I’ve only been in the Nachos for 2 days since my 1 year break every day I check the website and comment. I’ve been on chat as much as possible and have attended unschedule events. Aside from that I am a veteran Nacho and have experience with CP snowball wars.

  16. im on chat alot, i come to events, ect. I did miss a few events, but not enough to be called inactive.

  17. CP name:Ricku

    Chat name:Ricku

    Why you should have a promotion:i am almost always on chat when i can be i attend almost all of the evnts and i worked hard this month try to fight off rouges

    Promise to stay active: i will always try to do my best to be active

  18. CP name: Godzilla Ham

    Chat Name: Godzilla Ham

    Why I should have a promo: I joined on New Year’s day 2010, so I am fairly experienced in tactics and how armies work. I was at the Legend’s Cup execpt for the last 5 minutes, and a post said whoever was there would get a promo, and I was there, but a week later when promos came out, I was not promoted. I comment on 9 out of every 10 posts, and generally do not get into big arguements that cause problems

    I promise to stay as active as possible.

  19. Mr funny13
    Mr funny1300
    i should have a promotion because i take down ACP like that they crumble when they see me i took out 20 of them by myself and it felt great. They Trembled in fear and begged not to hurt them and so as a nice penguin i didnt. then i was ambushed by lots of ACP. so i had a little help from WCP the best army yet (slogon) they helped me take out ACP and they were finished love the nachos but i am A LEADER TYPE not a take order type i like to be leader not order guy. im leader worthy of a promo Love the NACHSO BUT I NEED MRE RESCPECT AROUND HERE AND IM NOT GETTIN IT THX

    I promise to stay active with the NACHOS

  20. CP name:
    Chat name:
    Leader of frozen vikings
    Why you should have a promotion:
    Ive been active attended 29 battles in my nacho carrer
    Promise to stay active:
    im always at your service

  21. Cp Name: Spiff313

    Chat Name: OmgitzSpiff

    Why you should have a promo:
    I’ve been active, and have been on chat so far atleast once a day.Plus, I go to battles and I like nachos. xD

    Promise to stay active:


  22. I will stay active.

  23. CP name:Redwingnum14

    Chat name: Matt (Redwingnum14)

    Why you should have a promotion:I think I should get a promotion because I have been very active lately, even with school. I have been in this arm for quite a while and pretty much liked by everyone. Not only that, but I am always on chat and a positive influence on other people.
    Promise to stay active: Yes, I promise to stay as active as I possibly can.

  24. CP name: P85193237
    Chat name: Penguin85193237 The bishop
    Why should i get a promotion:
    im always on chat and i always try to get on CP
    will you stay active:
    Hell yes

  25. 1 lootking 2 lootking 3 1 recruiting and a battle with nw 4 im currently lowiest mod and wanna be major general

  26. I can’t get a promotion, I’m highest Mod rank and there is no Owner spots, and I just wrote that because I’m seriously bored.

  27. CP name:Fido1625

    Chat name:Fido1625

    Why you should have a promotion: i think i derserve on becuase im always the only one on cp patroling and im really active im always on chat and come to all the battles and events if its a good time for uk

    Promise to stay active:i promise to stay active unti i retire

  28. CP name: Nathancool1

    Chat name: ★Nathancool1★Nacho Brig. General★Cookies Leader★CPA Central Reporter

    Why you should have a promotion: I should deserve a promotion because I check the site daily. I go on chat daily. I comment on every post I can. I am very active. I am experienced. I attend every event I can but I live in the UK so it is hard to attend some.

    Promise to stay active:
    I promise I will stay active.

  29. im very active and enjoy being in the Nacho Army.

    Hopefully ill have a promo

  30. CP name:

    Chat name:
    Lord Starrk, SpartaWaffle(132something)
    Why you should have a promotion:
    I’ve made every event since I’ve joined.
    Promise to stay active:
    Nachos kick ass, so of course I’ll stay active.

  31. […] Remember to go here https://nachoarmy.net/2010/09/30/why-do-you-want-a-promo/ and comment explaining why you think you deserve a promotion.  Saturday’s the last day you […]

  32. Crazyhightec
    Because I deserve a promo.

  33. CP name:Nicole30267

    Chat name:Nicole30267

    Why you should have a promotion:cuz i have been very active and loyal to nachos and tried to be on almost all of the events and i think i just missed one

    Promise to stay active:you dont have to worry about me being active im really active

  34. CP name: Snowy67834

    Chat name: Snowy67834

    Why you should have a promotion: Well, I dont deserve one RIGHT NOW because I took a leave from the Nachos for a bit (reason on a different comment), but this will work for next time; im pretty much ALWAYS on chat (but not no-lifer “always” lulz) and i come to almost all the events scheduled!

    Promise to stay active: of course you derp 😛

  35. CP name: Guitar48300

    Chat Name: Guitar48300

    Why I should have a promo: I havent got my promotion from legends cup either, I made it to the last 15 minutes of War on Terror, 2 unplanned events, and last I can remember is the event on Oct 1st

  36. CP name:Bam117
    Chat name: Bam117
    Why you should have a promotion: Cause im epic i dont make stupid remarks and i am trustfull
    Promise to stay active: Yea! 😀

  37. CP name: gazzymay

    Chat name: gazzymay

    the reason i want a promo is becuase i want to make nachos kick double a** and i promise to be active

  38. i should get a promo because 1:i should have gotten a promo and 2:I SHOULD ALREADY BE A MOD!

  39. CP name: Ragl1

    Chat name: Ragl1

    Why you should have a promotion: I think i should get a promo cuz im trying to go to the events when i can and when im not punished.I also check the site every two days (if i can) and when i go to an event i stay until the end.

    Promise to stay active: I promise to stay active

    why we do that thing of “promise to get active” if we know people can lie (wary)

  40. CP name: Clappy 09

    Chat name: Clappy_09

    Why you should have a promotion: Iam still active :p

    Promise to stay active

  41. CP name: J Boy 5
    Chat name:J_Boy_5~Nacho Private
    Why you should have a promotion: Im active and enjoy being a Nacho 🙂

    Im sure that ill do my best in serving the Nachos

  42. chilly billi

    chilly billi

    i should have a promotion because I’ve been a nacho for 6 months without a promotion

    ill always be active!:)

  43. Kenxedyl


    I have been on this army for 1 year now and im not a mod yet and im always active for wars and chat

    i will be on all the time

  44. can I join nachoarmy?

  45. CP name: Senesible2
    Chat name:Cows_Like_Nachos
    Why you should have a promotion: Im on fjord battlin acp rogues and patrol sometimes. Been at 2 battles
    Promise to stay active: duh (yes)

  46. Because I am really active and loyal, I make about 90% of events I plan to stay loyal and active in my career in Nachos nothing more to it

  47. CP name: Alex Cone

    Chat name: Alex Cone

    Why you should have a promotion: I came to both of the wars with night warriors.

    Promise to stay active: yes

  48. CP name:Kronos215

    Chat name:Kronos215

    Why you should have a promotion:I should have one because I always try to make the events and on some days I recruit extra.

    Promise to stay active: I promise to stay active.

    p.s. I am supposed to be General but im not on ranks.

  49. Cp Name: Bobbyzachk7
    Chat name: @X~x`Bobbyzachkx~X`@HonoraryNacho_l__CPA

    Why should I have a promotion: I am extremely active and I believe I can help this army. I am high mod in DCP and TG and a reporter for TG.

    Promise to stay active: Do not worry Nachos! I will get us back on top!

    Please add me as author heres my email: duncan2atl4u.com

  50. Sorry my email is duncan@atl4u.com

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