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I’m at a loss.

What is it you may ask? Allow me to explain. With this war, I continually defend nachos, day in, day out, and when things settle down, new arguments are brought out.

NOTE [If you understand the war, or don’t like/haven’t watched star wars, skip the first big paragraph]

You see, we called war on ACP initially, because ACP were recruiting on Fjord despite the fact Pie told them not to. This declaration of war was soon looked over, and a new war was conceived. 50 alleged ACP of being corrupt, and held this idea- if we were to get anywhere in cp warfare, we needed to stop ACP from gaining marginal control of a good portion of cp armies (allow me to make a star wars refrence- the republic was ok, until a discovery was made that suddenly, the republic was fading, and this war was turning the galaxy into an empire- republic failed, the whole galaxy was turned into a “galactic empire” and well we all know how that crippled the galaxy under the emperors control- ACP is the emperor in this metaphor, and the nachos are the republic- easily scrutinized, not heard, and we are trying to keep democracy and individuality, rather then allowing ACP to gain control over all of cp armies) Not to say that ACP are evil and the bad guys, but just a way to hopefully make this war easier to understand.

So, we went to war, ACP simply scoffed and showed their massive power, and soon created an alliance over shadowing ours ten fold. Seeing as we had no options, or in other words, screwed up, we called surrender. We didn’t obtain anything from this war but humility and scrutiny. Now, we plan no continuity of attack, and ACP not only plans to continue attacking us, but wishes payment of servers and/or xats. Now, before I continue to ramble on, allow me to show you the arguments going on and allow the soldiers to see some of ACP’s opinions, and my retorts.

Emperers comments on the war~

Comment #1: The reason for war is not glory, self-conquest. No, ACP has enough personal prestige to last a life-time. The reason for war is revenge.

Revenge for invasion, insult, war, in it’s most crude form. You marched into ACP for less a reason than ACP has in fact. ACP is putting the Nachos into their place for trying to destroy ACP ever like, 2 months. While the Nachos marched in, for the 10th time under the reason of ACP not giving you their capital and the server of world’s desire.

If anything you should be asking yourselves why you haven’t surrendered(with actual assets ceded to ACP) yet. Look around, you have NOTHING going for you. CW is hated throughout CP, there is a giant league against you, and your betting your survival on a prayer that Icey will risk his sovereignty for an extra 5% chance of yours.

Give the Last Infantry land, wealth, and other such things and they will leave you alone. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’ll realize that in time.

50’s response~ The Nachos declared war on ACP because they were starting to have the majority of the power in armies again. As a Major Army Leader I would never want ACP to have the majority of the power again. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t want any army to possess that much power. I don’t believe ACP taking over CP Armies is 100% intentional though ACP’s leaders are corrupted by the power.

Zayer’s response~ “give the last infantry land, wealth, and other such things and they will leave you alone”
#1 blackmail?
#2 wealth? what?
#3 revenge. really. is it me, or did we call war to change the corrupt leadership of acp, and when we gave up and surrendered, you now attack us, almost as if you plan to destroy us?(and here you cry that we were “planning to destroy you” )
not only was that alot of fancy bullshit for “we’re bigger so we’re gonna make sure smaller armies dont f*ck with us” but you make points which either are morally wrong, logically wrong, or some combination of both. please, refrain from making comments as such, when we can see right through it 🙂

Emperer Comment #2 (in retort to my response) ~

No, you phrase it in such a way to say that it is wrong to attack for revenge. It would be like if a bully tried to beat you every other day and, although you almost always won you decided, “Hmmm, maybe it’s a good idea to get this bully to stop attacking me.” But the bully will not listen to reason, so violence must be used. This is the “revenge” on that bully.

Also, what is morally wrong would differ for each of us. For instance, ACP, and everyone that’s ever been in ACP, and everyone that’s ever (truly) allied with ACP, is fine with the ACP leadership. Waging war against a non-exsistant corruption(or atleast gladly accepted) is “morally wrong”, isn’t it?

And yes while it may be fancy for making sure that smaller armies don’t try to invade ACP ever couple weeks, you over simplify it and rephrase it to the point of negativity against ACP. Do you have any idea how often you attack ACP? It’s about time you got punished for it rather than just walking away EVERY time.

As for the terms that I suggest to you, it is not blackmail, it is apeasement. Wealth represents a payment in xats to suplement a ceding of servers.

In conclusion, the Nachos have, for a long, long time “rivaled” ACP. Of course, ACP rarly “rivals” the Nachos back. Destruction however is not prefurable for the Nachos. It is much more prefurable that you are crippled. It would put the Nachos in no position to attack ACP again, but the Nachos do add SOME things to CP Army Culture. They should be left alive, just not in the position to attack anyone.

Nevertheless, the biggest irony is that the ACP Invasion will hit the same time as the Storm hits the Island. It is doubtful you will bare it however, it’s a Class 5 Hurricane hellbent on counter-assult.

Zayer’s response~ Zayer: I see where you’re coming from. Allow me to respond to a few of your points. #1, you claim us to be the bully, when in reality, i don’t see someone half your size being a bully- or the fact that you win “almost every time” doesn’t prove them to be a bully, it may show they’re just a mean person. That is different however, because we are not a mean army. This is CP warfare, and being the number 2/3 army, we would rather call war on bigger armies for challenges and more fun (THE POINT OF CP WARFARE) rather then smaller armies who we beat and win everytime. #2 of course everyone allied with ACP is fine with the leadership, if they weren’t, WHY WOULD THEY BE ALLIES WITH YOU?! “waging war against a non-existent corruption (or a gladly accepted one) is morally wrong, isn’t it? ” i believe that just because everyone goes along with it, doesn’t mean it’s right (peer pressure? it’s called having an opinion, not just agreeing because they’re better then you, so they must be right) #3 As for the simplifying, I agree, we attack you alot, and I agree that you have a right to tell us to back off. Yet, let me ask you. If not you we attack, then what happens? We call war on smaller armies? or even better yet, we make an alliance and completely wipe out other armies? Who else do you propose we call war on- seeing as we rank #2/3 in the top ten, it only fits to call war on #1. Where are we- #4, you propose us to pay xats in supplement of servers. The way I see it, pretty much only owners have xats, and you’re proposing we pay your leaders- despite the fact it is YOUR ARMY who does the invading, fights the battles, and deserves a reward (e.g. servers) while I don’t mind the fact you were looking for other means of payment, paying xats infers only leaders get a reward, which is- you guessed it, morally wrong. So, in conclusion and retort to your conclusion, you say now that you wish to cripple us. We have done nothing wrong, but called war- and warfare is what CP WARFARE IS ALL ABOUT. Your reasons of punishment are we were doing WHAT ALL ARMIES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO- CALL WAR AND HAVE FUN. For you to tell us to back off is one thing, for you to all-around punish or “cripple” us for doing what we’ve always done is just- in-comprehensible to me. While I understand your points and may even agree to one or two, your overall idea of attacking us is out of line. =Zayer=

Sorry this is such a long post, but if anything, skip the intro and move right to the part about the comments- it’s what matters.

So, to sum this WHOLE thing up, we attacked ACP, we realized we messed up, we backed out, ACP figured they were done with our crap and wanted to prove a point, and now plan to attack us relentlessly until they suffice us to be “punished”. A big point I would like ALL ARMIES TO REALIZE: ACP will not accept our surrender, FOR THE MERE FACT WE HAVE CALLED WAR ON THEM ALOT, AND THEY WANT US TO STOP. They plan to PUNISH US FOR DOING WHAT CP ARMIES ARE INTENDED TO DO. CALL WAR, AND HAVING FUN.

While I agree we call war alot and we could step off a bit, read my comment above to see my point as to why it’s wrong.


p.s. Don’t forget P.B. with TEAM GOLD TODAY, THURSDAY!!!! INFO HERE

11 Responses

  1. :mrgreen: pancakes be maed outs of pancaek mix

  2. Hmmmm. I’ve always seen it as the other way with the nachos as the Empire.

  3. poor emperer. such a blind noob. Anyway, we surrendered, so ACP has no right to continue fighting just because we wanted to destroy them.

  4. Well Zayer it was never about fun when you called the invasion of ACP, No it was about making sure ACP didn’t “get to powerful for their own good” and trying to “eliminate corruption in CP Armies”. Turning around and saying it was always about fun is not a proper response.

    I do however agree with you on the terms that the corruption(if exsistant) should be eliminated, whatever ACP’s Personal Opinion. It will not, however, be solved by war. In fact war will just make it worse, as the leadership grows more powerful to meet the crisis at hand. We should convince the ACP Leadership that there is a problem, and they will most likely solve it.

    Well Zayar as for finding ways to spend the time you could work on your government, recruit/train, and make alliances. Although yes, you will need war, and as for right now you might try to march on TG or NW with subsequent allies made by your alliance working to back you up.

    Yes, I do agree that the way ACP would USE the xats is morally wrong. Giving them xats is not necessarily however. I mean if they gave it in package with a Troop of the Month Award then it would not really be wrong. Unlike the hording they would probably undertake.

    As for the response to my conclusion it is more that, while armies are made for war, saying that you were only doing your natural born duty when your reasons for war are really, very different is not much of an excuse(I don’t usually agree with the reason of armies being for war either, especially when actual things are at stake.)

    Although I would like to bring up that if ACP was attack because “that’s what armies are meant for” would you consider that a valid reason? If so we can promptly edit the posts and make it that. But no, you would call it immoral, same as we, now, call it immoral. And no, the crippling now is not out of hand. I’ve actually been trying to get ACP to finally make the move for months. But ACP is to beurocratic it’s next to impossible to plan anything unless your in that big owner circle. Luckily (for ACP I’d presume) through Mc, I think the movement has expanded into what it is now.

    Anyway, the idea preferably is that we run in, cripple and humiliate you so that you can not attack us again, then leave. Basically. Probably give like 2 servers to close allies too.

    Zayer: It technically was about fun, considering if we didn’t want to have fun, we wouldn’t be in cp warfare. Did we call this specific war for the specific reason of fun? No, but battles are fun, and they keep troops active ect. so yea it always is partially for fun. Thank you for agreeing with me, and for your 3rd passage, you say we could work on our government- so, what would we do? … that couldn’t take too much time. Recruiting and training gets boring after a while, especially when you have no one to use it on 😉 The rest i really don’t have anything to say about because I most likely agree, but to the last point, I was simply trying to make a point, that you are now planning to cripple us, for the mere fact we called war on you, and we didn’t win. Anyways, I think that’s enough arguing, I don’t hate ACP, I never really considered them corrupt, our army itself did, I simply was defending my armies beliefs/ideas, but i think with this comment, we pretty much agree for the most part. Fun debating with you :mrgreen:

  5. I was gonna make the same Star Wars reference, except the following
    Nachos= Jedi
    ACP= Sith

    • That seems pretty opinion oriented given the Sith ALWAYS strike first. They just end up getting destroyed every time.

      Of course the Jedi never decisivly act and thus the Empire is formed under the Sith and it takes a few lucky shots to even put a dent in it, to spite the Empire still, truly being a superior in power by the end of the Saga.

      • Nachos= Sith
        ACP= Jedi
        while I agree with emperers statement about the star wars refrence (For the most part) i think identifying nachos/acp as sith/jedi doesn’t really work, because we could go back and forth about points in the movie that portray the armies, i was only trying to make a general statement… plus sith and jedi are religions technically, and i dont think we are religious communities :mrgreen:

  6. I agree Nachos= Jedi ACP=Sith

    What happens Sith die the end.

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