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‘Scuse Me?

First of all, important posts-




Anyways, onto todays post.

First of all, I’m getting VERY tired of one word, and you hear it alot, and your tired of hear it same as I. Disrespect.

We had an unscheduled recruiting session, about 15-20 people, turn out good. A few people were reluctant to go on. If you are on chat, you are ON CP WHEN WE SAY, NO QUESTIONS. If you aren’t on cp, then sign out of chat. It’s a standard rule, please follow it, or we’ll simply ban/guest and or kick you.

Now, after recruiting in the town, owners started leaving. I checked cp, we had about 15 on, so i figured we would soon get 20 with rogues. I was told to give a command. By the time that command came, only 3 people including me were on cp, everyone else had logged off. I asked what happened, no one said “LOST CONNECTION!!!” or ” igtg” simply silence. It irks me that you simply got bored and logged off, and to that, all I have to say is im fedup with this.

Anyways, to those who did leave early, i know who you are, you know who I am, please don’t do it again or punishing actions will be taken. 🙂

Linkin Edit: Zayer, you have NO power over firing anyone. It’s a Leader vote, not your decision.

Zayer: Calm down. First of all, your 3ic aswell, and none of the leaders said anything, and second of all, the way he was acting the same would have been done at any rate. Am I saying it’s my job/power to fire someone? No. Yet, I think most owners would have done the same thing. So sorry for apparently pissing you off :mrgreen:

*Sidenote to Owners. Manik has been fired for threatening to attack and sue the nacho army, swearing multiple times at me and the nacho army as a whole, and constantly breaking the rules. Please do not add him back to the ranks or anything, thank you*

Anyways guys, have a good day, and I expect better out of this army. Not to put you down, put this isnt right.

Have a better day :mrgreen:


Ads: I think the Nachos have received too many warnings and who ever doesn’t go on CP should be demoted for fired. The people don’t even go on CP, we aren’t losing anything from firing them. I am very sick and tired of the laziness because the leaders work their asses off just to make this army 1% better, and if you don’t care, then leave.

11 Responses

  1. Hmm. I agree. To all the people who joined this army: dude, that’s the purpose of this army. Get used to it (rolleyes)

  2. first and one more thing i knew manik was a prick from the start and how the f*ck do you sue an army?
    Zayer: Exactly 😛

  3. I had to leave at liek 4:30 yesterday for the recruiting session because I had to go to do some basketball camp.o_o
    Thank God for firing Manik6, he claimed that he was gonna join team gold, but theyll ban his ass like right after he joins. Hes had like 1,000,000,000 chances and someone needed to bitch-slap him

  4. Sueing the army xD. That reminds me of the noob who said he was gonna sue me for callling him an a**. xD

  5. Hi, I don’t mean to interfere you or anything, but what I am saying is towards your own improvement.
    DON’T TAKE THIS SO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Gosh, it is not a real army where if things go wrong a country gets overtaken, it is just a plain game. Yes, a GAME.
    Listen, all you are doing is wasting your time and making yourself very angry because if a person would like to click the ‘X’ without saying anything, THEY WILL. And they won’t care about the posts that come later, most of them probably just read the header and think to themselves “ANOTHER nag post” and they won’t read it.
    Mate, take it easy.

  6. Sorry Zayer, my mom’s a computer addict, no matterz what I do, she is able to get on.As such, im probaly gonna retire if she keeps this up.

  7. So…lemme say this in my own words *clears throat* You see this 6 yr old game? We are going to suddenly make it more important than out lives. We are going to go chant words and put up emotes. You have to do this or we will not let you come back…

    Thats in my own words.

    • If you dont like it then quit coming on chat and being disrepectful to us.. You joined this army..Its not a hangout for the millionth time!

  8. It sucks for the people who can’t make the events for actual reasons, like time zone problems and ect. and I think another thing you should really discuss is the fact that there are sometimes random n00bs on chat who aren’t even on cp and doing their own thing.

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