An Update On All Our Wars

Well, lately we have been focusing mainly on TG as our main target but things are about to change. Yes, we are still at war with TG and will still invade them but we have a few more enemies. An alliance called the “Orange Alliance” has decided to declare war on one our best allies the UMA. Now they aren’t just having a good ole’ fun war.. They are trying to DESTROY UMA. I’m not going to sit back and watch a very old historic army and one of our best allies be treated like crap by GT.  So as of Sunday,January 23 the Nacho army declares war on The Golden Troops Of Clubpenguin(and Allies that help them). We are now at war with multiple armies Nachos which means you will need to be patrolling Nacho servers and making as many battles as you can. We will be raiding/invading GT,and TG servers. So my objective since GT ego has shot through the roof is to give them a little “Nacho Lesson ;)” . Lets come out there and unleash hell on THEM. So be on chat and patrolling Nacho servers all day every day :D.. Keep checking the site for battles and defences.

A message to GT…

We have many big wars coming Nachos don’t disappoint me.

~Stay Cheezy


22 Responses

  1. ono. Let’s do stuff.

  2. Let’s pwn TG

  3. Let’s pwn them!

  4. Nice! War is on.

  5. Crap, I wanted the Bananas to tske this one D=

  6. and for anyone who thinks helping UMA against GT is pointless look at GT’s reasons!

    1.Because were communist!
    2.Cas/Max is imperialist captalist pig and hates the people’s party lol
    3.GT thinks they have everyones support but all they got was TG everyone else declined or joined our side 😛

    so yah this is the same kind of shit ACP did to Akabob trying to make someone else do what they want -_-

  7. lets pwn gt.
    we cant let one of our best allies destroyed by crazy idiotic gt.
    so lets beat ’em up!

  8. war is on 😀

  9. Lol Bat,

    No one in UMA likes this communist nonsense
    Actually, we also have Ice vikings aswell.
    Yeah Im a Capitalist – Vive la democracy

    I’ll have UMA out of the war in 3 weeks, keep looking on the UMA site for more details.

    No doubt ACP will come into this.

    • Lol Cas

      No one in UMA likes your imperialism Cas

      we have Nachos NW the OA isnt that united or strong

      Yeah if your such a democracy how come ganger, rainy, tap, you!, and other people havent been voted into office for GT well UMA elects its premier and yes the premiership is strong depending on who takes it a lazy person isnt gonna make premiership important but if Wg or Daft took over it would be.

      DCP: is getting its ass handed to them bye NW and is declaring war on everybody.
      TG: is basiclly a dead empire being dividied bewteeen UMA and Nachos they dont even have a say in what we claim.
      GT: its a dead army that has craptastic leaders and no organization not even Ganger can make you do tatics XD

      • I agree with bat. No offence cas but I really don’t care for imperialism. It just doesn’t make since. And having my grandfather grow up in soviet/ communist Russia. I am used to the communist way and I’m not gonna let some imperialist come and tell Me what the fuck is the right way. I’m just not gonna fucking have it. Look I don’t care if your gonna fucking troll me but I’m just tired of rolling with anything that just happens to be fucking posted, it’s just not gonna fucking fly anymore. – Winterburn13 UMA 3ic tired of bull shit/ sent from my iPod touch at 0147 hours.

  10. Oh and did I mention we also have DCP and TG?

  11. Alrightee. Let’s do this.

  12. UMA will be Saved =D

  13. Now you believe UMA’s lies… Hehe. Prepare to lose.
    With respect,

  14. I’d like to make it noted that WW has not yet agree’d at all to go to war with anyone in this war, even though we’re in the OA. We’re neutral for now.

  15. no comment.

  16. The DCP fags are inavdeing fjord

  17. i like the picture hell will unleashed on oa

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