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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Battles With ACP/ War

  • Update #1: Read about the Nacho victory on Breeze HERE
  • Update #2: Read about patrolling our Empire during war times HERE

The Nacho Army officially declares war on the ACP

Note:If you make every battle you will get a Double Promotion!





When:February 13,2011[Sunday]

Where:Fjord Server


4 EST,3 CST,2 MST,1 PST,10 PM UK

-Immediately After-


When: February 13,2011[Sunday]

Where:Snowfort Server


4:30 EST,3:30 CST,2:30 MST,1:30 PST,



Note: No this is not just for the benefit of the Nachos if you think that.. This is to benefit everyone. Nachos are just as good as any other army and other armies are just as good as Nachos. Do not take the wrong idea in this..

To Other Armies Out there- Aren’t you tired of ACP pretty much dictating CP armies? For the last 2 years I have watched ACP rise to 200+ numbers and fall to now getting around 70 yet, they still remain number 1. I think it is time for a change. If ACP doesn’t like a decision made they always but in and make you change it. If they do not like a war you can always count on them butting in and ruining it. They unfairly hog the best war server around Mammoth and freak out and threaten you if you even step foot on it. I think its time for a change. Time for new armies to rise. I am tired of seeing the same army(ACP) at number 1 on every top 10. Why can’t someone like DW,TG,NW,Nachos,WW,IV,IW,DCP,GT,UMA,RPF,RT,AR or Other Armies have a chance at it? Why can’t there being a different number 1 army every week? I think its time we take a stand and show ACP that they we will not bow at their feet any longer! Its time we take a stand and try to get OUR armies at number 1. Be able to let OUR armies use Mammoth server whenever we want.If you are thinking of siding with ACP..Why? The only army out there that I can think that would help ACP is DCP and that is because ACP actually helped them in 1 battle. But other armies out there.. What has ACP done for you? They are your allies yet, do they ever help you..with anything?? If you are scared they will invade you and take your servers no need to worry because this alliance is very capable of beating ACP. So if you are thinking of helping think about the times you have needed help yet, ACP never came to your aid.. If you help our alliance I promise that if you are ever in need that Nachos will be there. If ACP decides to randomly invade your server we will be there to defend you. We ask that any army who wants a chance at being number 1 for once and is tired of seeing ACP dictate CP armies to join our alliance. This is a new age of armies.. Its time to give armies besides ACP a chance! If you wish to join our alliance leave a comment with your army and you will be added to our alliance..

To Nachos-We have trained long and hard for this war. I think we are finally ready to take on ACP. This will be very tough.. A lot of people do not think we can pull this off but I know we can. Do not disappoint me. You will need to be patrolling Nacho server everyday all day. You will need to be on Nacho Chat everyday all day. You will need to be at all battles scheduled and be fighting ACP at all times! This is a new time! A time for armies besides ACP to succeed and take number 1 and we could be one of those armies if we really work at it! Do not disappoint me guys…

To Mchappy:

Prepare your troops ACP because we are coming for you


81 Responses

  1. I will maybe make the weekdays and will make the weekends 😀

  2. Maybe make week days. Will make weekend probly

  3. i can make all the weekdays if i can get off school. and i can make it on saturday. but the only one i will miss is sunday. im sorry about missing it but i promise to make every other war. it is my nacho duty.

    p.s. 2nd

  4. Yeah, I’m deffenitally attending the event at midnight! But seriously, how am I supposed to go when u only think of USA? Thing about the UK for once!

    • Sorry I didnt make the times Vendetta from NW did. When I schedual the next weekend battles ill try my best to make it UK friendly.

  5. i disgree with the top 10 but yea i hat ACP
    PS ive been mentioning this to tan for a while now

  6. I can’t log on to chat but I will try to make those battles.Acually I was very active on chat.Will I get a demotion for not(actually CANT)logging on to chat?
    Also,does PST mean Penguin Standard Timr?
    Zayer: Try your best to log onto xat, and if it doesn’t work then comment on the post saying you were there. Also PST means pacific standard time, but for club penguin they like calling it penguin standard time. Either way it’s PST :mrgreen:

  7. Erm… why? Aren’t we allies with them or something?

  8. Sky Troops are joining the alliance. It’s always been my dream to be recognized as a Nacho ally and its our goal to destroy the ACP.

  9. If the Nachos side continues to grow, GT will step in on ACP’s side.

  10. Heh he said long and hard -Wary-

  11. i will definitely make the week days but i dono about the weekends. (we are going to a condo )

  12. Wednesday: Maybe, but very small chance
    Thursday: Possibly…
    Friday: Probably not…
    Saturday: Depends on what time my basketball games are.
    Sunday: Most likely!

    Oh, and whenever Banana Army has an event, try not to shedule another the next day at the same time or like right after it O.O

  13. i can make it

  14. Sorry Tan, but I am gonna rule you out on the one, We aren’t doing this so all those other armies can have the chance, YOU[keyword] are doing this so NACHOS[another keyword] can get number 1, we have had our chance, like you said, not once but, plenty

  15. I will probably make all of them.

  16. Oh and you said “People don’t think we[meaning Nachos] canpull this off, NW has supported us, you can mention them, helping you

  17. Finally my dream come true.. I can only make the Weekend battles I can’t make Weekdays because its to late for me

  18. You are declaring war on ACP for something they didn’t do.


  19. I can probably come to all.

  20. i can make every battle

  21. I should be able to make all but the last one or two battles. will I still get the promo if I only miss 1 or two?

  22. I wonder how long this one will last……

  23. werent the nachos the ones who posted saying the top 10 didnt matter? also, acp declared war on nwfor having number 1 spot and were bad, but then when nachos do that to acp its ok. lolwut?

  24. Coming to all!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  25. Monday: Yes im on
    Tuesday: Once in a life time
    Wedenseday: Maybe but mostly yea..
    Thrusadays: Yes
    Friday: Yes
    Saturday: Usally yes unless a party
    Sunday: Same as Saturday

  26. were can i faind a list of the top ten armys?

  27. I’ll be there

  28. I’m the opposite. I can make the weekdays but can’t make the weekends…. unless I do my homework. Now there’s no force in the world that would make me do that except for this… 🙂

  29. War is always good for Club Penguin Warfare. Reason or no reason. Who really cares? We’re supposed to fight, not make peace. Plus, there always is fun battling our long time rivial, ACP. War is on.

  30. wtf gt number 2??? wow that guy fails with amy ranks.

  31. It is time for change!

  32. I can make it on Wednesday and Saturday. Perhaps Sunday but that’s it. See you guys there and good luck to all!

  33. hi my army BPA would love to join the alliance and we would love to take down ACP.

  34. I can’t get a ”double promotion” because I live in Uk so everyone in Usa and canada or whatever gets a promotion because It’s not at Midnight for them. So Uk has no chance of Promotions. :[

  35. i can make both of the battles on saturday but the others are to late 😀

  36. thanks for making someof them uk friendly

  37. i can come you just will see me as a sky troop 3ic at the battle

  38. im ready to rock acp today!!!

  39. Wednesday:maybe
    Thursday: maybe
    Friday: yes
    Saturday: yes


  41. name:Scramz200


    I can make all of them!

  42. Funkiki supports teh Nachos! **FUNKIKI APPROVES THIS MESSAGE (There would be (y#allpowers) rigt here but this isn’t xat so yeah.)**

  43. Tan ok so the next battles are gona be Uk freindly 😀 K

  44. Army Name: Fire Bandanas Of CP (FBOCP)
    Status: Active
    Size: Small
    we would like to help your army in the alliance

  45. ill try to make it

  46. So far I’ve been to all of em! Go Nachos

  47. name:Scramz200

    ill be there

  48. name:Scramz200
    post:So far so good…I can make them all(Serious)

  49. I’ll make all of them if not busy.

  50. I’m making all of them! 😀

  51. Dear Nachos,
    PBCP (Phoenix Banits Of Cp)
    Has seen a army trying to steal your server like they are going to steal ours and we don’t like it AT ALL! So to stop it we ask for you to help us if you would like help us out on the 19th see site for details http://cppheonixbandits.wordpress.com/phoenix-chat/ THEY STOLE MONTAIN THE BANANAS STOLE MONTAIN PLEASE HELP US TAKE ONE OF THERE SERVERS!!!!!! -Emmers

  52. 70th! lol

  53. Yay 70 comments 😀



  56. I made every battle even though my chat didn’t work on Saturday.

  57. I CAN MAKE IT! 😀

  58. i think i can make it! my church pod group thing is cancelled

  59. made them alll

  60. 1.Scramz200
    3.I’ll be to all of them

  61. Great Job so far Nachos! We are beating ACP in this war! Do not forget to come to the Defence of our capital server Fjord Today[Sunday] and the invasion of Snowf Fort server Today[Sunday]
    -Tan 😀

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