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Nachos and ACP Win War – LT and WV Surrender!

After two weeks of battling with these armies (mostly with LT), we have finally achieved our goal and won the war!  Within two days, both LT and WV surrendered to the Nacho Army.  Both armies saw they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Nachos, and they couldn’t continue the war without them hurting or destroying their own army.  Plus, that wasn’t our goal–not to destroy them, but to win!  That is exactly what we have done, we have won!  We are victorious!

Although the war has ended in a victory for us, it still is disappointing the war was only able to last around two weeks or more.  It seems wars don’t last a long as they used to.  Maybe armies are just more mature and logical now when comes to surrendering a war.  However, in the end, all you want to do is win the war, and we have done it.

Congratulations to all of you!  It was a very well deserved victory for we fought very well and very hard throughout the whole entire war! I hope you all had fun and know that wars are what makes these armies fun.  Plus, it always makes it more fun when you win =D.

From this war, we can now add newly claimed territory we have conquered or have been given by the Light Troops.

  • Jack Frost – conquered by the Nachos.  Jack Frost will be given to the ACP for it was rightfully theirs and owned by them in the beginning.
  • Parka – given to us by the LT in ending the war.
  • Polar Bear – given to us by the LT in ending the war, but given to ACP as a thanks for helping us.

We will not stop here with our war hungry mentality.  For this what armies are meant for: war.  Right now, Nachos, we are prepared, trained, and ready for war.  We’ll make sure to prove and display all we have, so be expecting more wars very soon.  As of now for this weekend, we will focus completely on CPAC’s one day tournament as of now.  We want to win it just like we did with this war!  Great job Nachos!

Seize the Day.


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

17 Responses

  1. Great job Nachos! =D

  2. WE ROCK.

  3. No offence but beating two armies one of them in the low top ten and one not in the top ten and havinh the number one army helpIng is no grabd achievemet, but congragoulations for winning.

  4. great job guys. we all did great =D

  5. Nice job

  6. well done every one … sorry i couldnt make any of the battles this week (i will be able to make the cpac thing though :D)

  7. About Polar Bear…. LT never owned it, it has been in the possession of the IV since 2008 when we started. It is our capital and if LT invaded, they gave us no notice.

  8. Awesome job nachos. 😀

  9. What a great way to end ‘Cinco de Mayo!’

  10. sorry i have not been able to go to the events homework got in the way:(

  11. Hey Puck, I don’t know about you, but how did LT get Parka. RPF and IW shared Parka, and LT never invaded it from either of them…..(ono) Noob armies and how they claim servers other armies own.


  13. This is great. I hope we get even more servers in the future.

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