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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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  • To read about the Practice Battle with GT click HERE
  • To read about our SECOND training results click HERE
  • To make sure you stay in the army click HERE

To improve our numbers for our up coming events Oberst and I have decided we should have a week of recruiting starting tomorrow.

(BIG) Recruiting 3#

When: Friday, August 19th

4:00 EST

3:oo CST

2:00 MST

1:00 PST

12:00 AKST

9:00 GMT (sorry)

Where: Aurora , Town (if full Fjord)

Comment witch ones you can make!


43 Responses

  1. Cant come to any unless im sick and stay home from school

  2. […] Read about our 1st new recruiting with new leaders by clicking HERE […]

  3. I can come to all but I won’t be on chat it’s frozen xD I’ll be on cp I’ll try to get on chat soon

  4. I can only make Monday’s sorry, I’m coming back to school on Wednesday and I live in PST and I can’t make it at 1 /:

  5. I’ll make them all.

  6. I know I can definitely not make the Monday one, but I can make Fridays, and hopefully wednesdays

  7. I’ll make all as usual.

  8. I can make 1 and 2 🙂

  9. I think I can make all of them.

  10. Maybe Monday and Friday.

  11. I should come to all.

  12. hi im active flufsters you allies are you having the battle with acp if you are im your allie and here to help you and get more people


  14. I can make all of them! Can not wait for the one tonight!

  15. I can make all but Monday sorry

  16. I can make them

  17. 1 PM PST is a bit late but I might make it.

  18. I can make today (Monday), Wednesday, but not Friday. I’m going to be on vacation by then.

  19. Woah, thank God I came on today :D. I’ll come on today then 🙂

    *which 😉

  20. 9:00PM?
    Seriously? “¬_¬

  21. I think i can make the one today at 4pm

  22. Dear Tempest boy where do u meet for the recruiting

  23. Sametame
    I can definetely make all of them I made the one today and r making the rest of them to

  24. I’ll be at both I’ll still be helping out till school starts for me :3

  25. Im able to come to both of them.

  26. i can try

  27. Coming To All Of Them!

  28. I can attend the second recruiting

  29. im going to the first one

  30. I should male eah one if my mom let’s me on my computer.

  31. i will try to come

  32. I can make the 17th and maybe the 19th!:D

  33. im on auroura and i cant find yall please come

  34. i think ill attend the third

  35. I will be there.

  36. I can make it!

  37. Could make it

  38. i can make it

  39. I’ll do my best to make it! Who knows what my parents want me to do -.-

  40. Well guys. It looks like I’m retiring. This is not when I wanted to retire. I wish i could stay longer. But the two main reasons I have decided to is because I do not get much respect after being demoted to member. And know body listens to me anymore. The only nacho over mod that listens to me is Eddy, Kronos, Fido, and Jboy….. who is never on anymore. I mean really Jboy why not. Whatever that’s not the point.
    I would Like to make a summary of my Nacho career. I want you to see what I loved and what went wrong in my career. Please read this. You might be in it anyway ADS….
    Summary: KRONOS and I are on Cp and we see ACP kronos tells me about Cp armies. I started to like them a few weeks later. (Kronos was Ember12 at that time. He did not use kronos as much) So I saw ACP fighting Nachos. They looked really good and they had a cool uniform *wary*. I went to the site and I joined. I had my first battle vs ACP in May. The first two people I met were ZAYER and GARES. This seems really weird now. They first time Zayer ever talked to me he was getting mad at me. Now Zayer and I hate each other. I also was hated by ALESSA at that time too. I was having a lot of fun here. I got promos and in about 3 months FIDO joined. Fido and I started to be great friends. Then about in my 6 month I got promoted to mod. Everyone hates that idea BILLY and ADS had of promoting me. But then Ads retired. Later they thought about my mod promo and I seemed a lot better than they thought. I was soon promoted to Grand general by TANMAN. I also met EDDY and JBOY5 at that time. Who are very good friends now! Then when Ads came back he almost ruined my career. He demoted so many people. Kronos got demoted. So did Fido, Jboy, and Eddy. JOKER started getting anoying then. I never got promoted again to Grand General. Very many times I got demoted then promoted then demoted then promoted. Also kronos did too. Us to could not get out of the ranks of Brigadier General and Major General. We really hates that time. It was like that for a long time. Jboy told Kronos about a game called Transformice. Then Kronos told me. I did it so much. Then i became inactive and got demoted out of mod for good I guess. Then i joined ST which Kronos is one of the leaders of. He made my 4ic in that army. Nothing on you guys but I am not retiring from there. I have a responsibility there… not here though. When we started evaluations I asked if i could have one. PERN let me. But then know one showed up. I did not get another. Person would not listen to me anymore. Now I am nothing to this army. Then Kronos retired. So the only people who ever stayed with me the whole time and never let me down were Fido, Eddy, Jboy, Kronos, and Tanman kinda… That’s was my life with you guys.
    People to Thank:
    Kronos- I know you….. so cya at places.
    Fido- One of my best friends EVER here. I will miss you a lot.
    Jboy- ANOTHER one of my best friend here! I will miss you a lot.
    Eddy- ANOTHER one of by best friends here. I will miss you a lot.
    Tanman- ANOTHER…jk. Tan you were an awesome leader and a good friend.
    Billy Mays- My other favorite leader!
    Ads- I hate you Mr. Demotion.
    Talex and Matt- You guys were equally good friends. I will miss you guys.
    Alessa- Yeah you were okay…..
    Carly- Yeah you were okay….And I still think you are 6 years old.
    Marie/Mary/Maire HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT- Yeah you were okay….
    Gares- Friend and just friend you are a girl…( I didn’t know that untill the 2011 year)
    Joker- Good leader.
    Puckley- Good Leader
    Person/Pern- Great leade…. but mean.
    Rainbow- I good friend
    Hades- You get on y nerves but oh well I’m retiring. Don’t celebrate please.
    Gamer Nachos- A good leader
    NACHOS- Best army ever thank you.
    Well nachos I will be on chat sometimes. I think will give my rank to Hades…..lol. PLEASE. Give it to him. He deserves it.
    I guess I’m just another not-needed boy in an army. *cry*
    Goodbye Nachos. I will miss you

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