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I was on Nacho chat today and when Gordy posted a link that SWAT wants to declare war on us. Yes, SWAT, the army we faced today. I checked out the site and found this.

Notice I highlighted war. Now, Nachos it’s your part to take action in the army.We have to show SWAT what we are really made of. So get ready, Nachos. Also, we didn’t kill Elites or NFF they just became inactive and died out. We just invaded servers to take back what was ours. Now after the invasion of Hockey there was discussion whether Nachos or SWAT won, So they went to the easy way and decided to CPAC to decide. Now why wouldn’t they decide themselves? It’s because they know they lost the defense. They had spies coming to our chats, and the constant Joke bombs each minute. Now they’re declaring war on us for just invading a server. Now they want to invade all of our servers. Now we have to be looking over our servers because who knows when SWAT could be invading. This war is officially started SWAT.



6 Responses

  1. Please mine my french but i think the war is BULLSHIT.

  2. I agree with Von. But hey, let’s fuck ’em up the ass anyway, eh?

  3. lets do this shit

  4. nukes

  5. Let’s do this thing.

  6. nuke them. (SWAT IS GOING DOWN!!)

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