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PB on Saturday! Read about it here!

Sorry, I couldn’t think of another post title, but lets be honest it got your attention Amirite? Good, good but lets get to the point. Now, there will be a lot of things I will be talking about in this post, thus I will break it down in table of Contents

Table of Contents

 I. Attitude

II. Unscheduled events

III. Mods/Member

      IV. UK Troops

    V. Fun

         VI. Training The Troops



    Ok, first thing I have to talk about is attitude, every time Nachos lose a battle against ACP, and  a majority of the troops go on their chat, and begin to flame, spam their chat, cuss, make jokes about them, and that will not be tolerated, OH I KID NACHOS, I kid you’re supposed to do that :mrgreen:. Just don’t take it too far.  Although that is a fun way to take out some anger, I believe the best way to take care of it is by scheduling a re-match, have a re-match and come out 110% better! Don’t let your morale go down just cause you lost one battle, some troops morale really went down, one certain troop left immediately due to panicking once he saw ACP’s size. Really? How would you leaving help the Nachos? You guys need to keep your morale up. Everyone knows it ACP might have size, but we have tactics ;). You guys need to keep your morale up at all times.

II. Unscheduled events

                 YOU GUYS NEED UNSCHEDULED EVENTS! Really guys let’s be honest when’s the last time you even had a friggin’ unscheduled event? You guys need unscheduled events to thrive, to succeed. If you guys never have unscheduled events you’ll never get more troops, without any troops how will you guys succeed? Who will take over the Nacho army when this generation is over? Nobody there will be nobody left. Yeah, yeah I know you get troops from scheduled events too, but not as much most of you don’t like leading unscheduled events due to troops not listening,and following orders on Club Penguin. Of course they’re not going to follow orders you have them bored to death! You have them recruiting for like 45 minutes and then you decide to do some boring tactic. Now, can you blame them for not paying attention? You guys need to do fun tactics, have fun catch noobs attention by having FUN, then order troops to recruit for about a min or so. So the noobs can look us up, and join us. If you don’t sooner or later Nachos will no longer have any troops.

     III. Mods/Members

            Mods you need to start doing your job. No more fooling around, you need to start getting troops on Club Penguin, and leading. Honestly most of our mods can’t even lead, it’s sad but that not the mod’s fault I’ll explain later. On the other hand you guys also need to control the chat not add more chaos to the chat. Mods are always arguing with someone. They abuse noobs, or lower ranks. So our noobs leave and we get smaller, some might not quit warfare they might just join ACP. That makes me lol we want to surpass ACP, yet mods scare away noobs for no particular reason. Yeah, I get noobs can be pretty annoying, but that doesn’t mean like 5 friggin’ mods have to get on the noob cuss at him, and then just ban him. Lol, what does that do for you? Does it give you a feeling of accomplishment? If it does you need to get a life. ._. Members you don’t have as much responsibility as mods but you’re just as important, we need you to recruit you just follow orders. Most importantly don’t let those abusers get to your head. Whatever they say just ignore it if they you “Gtfo, nobody needs you” don’t listen to that BS, that’s just a bunch of BS. We need everyone we can get right now, and mostly at the state we are at right now. If they abuse you, ignore that too. Hell I was always abused when I was a noob. Lol, ask Thex he abused me all the time, hell you can even ask Akabob22, or Jayson. Thex always told me I wasn’t needed I should leave. Aka, and Jay well they told me a lot of things.. o.o. That’s not the point though despite what they told me I kept goin’, and became Nacho Leader 5 times. So don’t listen to anyone you just keep going, have faith in the Nachos, stay loyal to the nachos. BE PROUD TO BE A NACHO.

   IV. UK Troops  

You guys need to start recruiting UK troops. It’s crucial that we have UK troops. Armies already know that we have so little UK troops. They can use that against us. Heck, ACP already has used it against us. They have a good amount of UK troops. We have so little it isn’t even funny. If we don’t fix this problem fast more armies will begin to use it against us. Hey, and it isn’t bad they’re against us right? They found a weakness it’s just obvious to use it against them. We’ve used weaknesses against enemies before. Here’s what I propose every weekend Saturday & Sunday  mornings American troops should help UK troops recruit. Once UK starting getting numbers, and can manage themselves we can stop having the morning recruitings and let the UK troops manage themselves and keep growing.

V. Fun

You guys need to make more fun events. So troops can actually be enthusiastic about coming to events, and finding it as a “drag” or as a “chore”. The more people that came the bigger you are, the bigger you are, the more attention you get, the more attention you get the more people join, the more people join you just keep getting bigger, and bigger (TWSS) (;. You have to make the site more interesting as well, it’s about time someone besides Tan posts. Other than that the site is so dull. You need to get the site more entertaining funny videos, pictures, quotes anything that make the site more entertaining. Just don’t post any inappropriate content. The site views right now are honestly pathetic. I like what Chrisi is doing with those question he added on his last post. Good work Chris! I also have some fun events scheduled up for you guys!!

VI. Training The Troops

 YOU GUYS NEED TO TRAIN THE TROOPS NOW!!! Really look at the situation we’re in right now. It was a pain in the butt to even get 2 owners spots filled in! Why? Because none of the mods are experienced enough! Look at us, having trouble since we don’t have a single mod that was exp. enough to take an owner rank. Now, ACP have a hard time finding someone to fill up an owner rank! I’m not saying ACP is better, you guys just need to step up your game. See you guys just kept giving these unexperienced troops promos, after promos, and so on. Now, it’s finally come and bit you in the ass, none of the troops are experienced enough. Here’s a list of people I believe you either need to train or demote back to member:







Well, I’ve come to the end up my post, oh but just one more thing, I’ll sort of be back, but I’m not going to re-join or anything. I don’t want to take up a rank, I’ll just help schedule fun events, lead events, battles, etc,. And I won’t leave till you guys are in perfect shape, but I’m not going to be as active as I used to be! LET’S GO NACHOS!! VIVA LOS NACHOS! Noob moment (:

19 Responses

  1. Rawr, Well said 😀

  2. You think I need to be demoted back to member? I have been to all events in the last two months!!! Is the only reason that you want me demoted is because of my day when person was here and I failed at the battle. Like seriously, one battle and you think I am a n00b running around with two cigarettes up my nose? 😐

    • As I said either need to be trained or be demoted. I was mentioning that you needed training, and no not because of Person’s owner evaluations. It’s because I’ve known you since you joined, and you never really got the training you need.

  3. I can lead :O And I’m good at getting people on CP. I’m a great mod 😀

  4. i’m new i’m what you guys call ” Eddy’s” cousin. btw zak the epic your just cocky whne you say that

  5. o ya my moms doing good, on a diet.

  6. Well said, I totally agree

  7. I agree mostly with your post except for how you think Patrick should be membered. I think hes doing a lot better job than some of the other mod ranks

  8. Well Done well dome


  10. i agree with joker


  12. Shut the hell up, who ever is complaining, Lets face it nachos isnt the same as when i was a member in persons’s years. Not this the size of the army but the attitude is different now……

    Start going on cp listensing to owners. and btw all the mods blow. JUST MY TWO CENTS

    • King, you don’t need to tell me what to do. Much less give up hope in Nachos. I will not allow Nachos to die, you might have gave up, but I have not. Now if you’d like to give me supportive criticism I’d love that. Since I loved you when you were leader. (No homo)

  13. I’m pretty sure I have all the training I ever need already <.< Its just sometimes leading gets really boring easily

  14. One big problem in this post….NO FUNNY PICS!!!!!!!! D:<

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