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Promotions for November!

Hola Nachos,

Finally, some you’ve all been waiting for promos! some of you might be happy you got promoted, keep up the good work. Some of you might be sad, since you got demoted. maybe try being more active by going on chat more often and attending events, and maybe you’ll be promoted next month! Now, that we have given you what you want, we expect you to give us a little bit back, by giving it all you got against Light Troops!

Here’s are the promos 😉

Bold = Promoted

Italicized = Demoted


To receive a rank in the Nacho Army, you must comment on the Join Page.

For Windows users: To find your rank, hold “Ctrl and F” at the same time and type in your CP username.

For Mac Users: To find your rank, hold down Apple/Command and F at the same time and type in your CP username.

If you cannot find your rank, PC an owner on chat and we will put you on the ranks shortly.


 General: Ads354, Danny, Chrisi Blule, TanMan626

 Lieutenant General: Molly[Missfrog4], Hurricanex1

Major General: Sharpy 100

Brigadier General: Warrior99, Patrick2143, Billy Mays

Colonel: Winterburn13, Zak

Lt. Colonel:Khimo, Wolfie 1215, Fireballds, Dash

Major: Mann21440, Tomato 8883, Guitar 48300

Captain: Spiff, Alex Cone, Talex 831, Hades,Baseball1043

First Lieutenant: Lootking, Tats20, Jacknat02, Woj (Fark<3), Thex478, Darksonic618, Cubone12345, Vick44

Second Lieutenant:  Haystacks Dd, Mosh345, Stompgirl1(Dororo), Hoppytoe88, Kronos, Arch200045, Phalanx, Zoo889, Crazy Bule

Sergeant Major: Daniel574, Everton Cool, Muesxaico, Qwerty15354, Percy jacks2, Hbk300, Dj Dan Diaz1, Camperjohn64

First Sergeant: Pettag1, Maxwell500,Toonlink123, Vonchiefer, Jcm21, Ace2184, 7skittles, Beta233, Harry Joe, Green Dai

Master Sergeant: Mo Mo1357, Kowalski711, Georgex5, Donnuh, Master Kyl, Monster47345, OmNomNom12, Minifotty

Staff Sergeant: Floppy50611, Nicksman, Codycat282, Flyers43, Redduck35

Sergeant: Moneyboy8888, Play Day1, Hardy Boyzxv, Noneya3

Corporal:  Blooper2425, Fanta pengu, Puggie4216, Ollie3618, Cahillguy, Diger605

Lance Corporal: Joker97484, Caelancox, Cul8rsl, Firehot6, Zachester301, Bdog97458, MissMegadeth, Mr Eddy2, 127David, Funbob16

Private 1st Class:  Weazelkid, Idealrussian, John409, Sidie9, billiam75512, Nfuego2, Mr crankguy, Seapuggie123, Bill41053, Brewdude, Mgil4qts, Bdog97458, Slimy102, Dagen9

Private: Isaiah12345, 14taytay, Buzzybuzz1,Pimball, Elisina12, Pie5052, Tcbp, Shayne619, Sirlizard22, Hugobot12, bigtoby1,  Piercemyveil, Bucktoothy11, Neogeo2, Qazo900, Mhfrankie1, Noa Monster, DR Marx


 Advisor:  Person1233, TanMan626, Oberst



If you have been missed this promotion day, comment on this post with the comment looking like this!



Events I have made:

Congratulations to those who got promoted! You have earned it! Better luck next time for those who did not! 😉

18 Responses

  1. 🙂

  2. =D I’m so happy I got promoted, now I’m not as low of a member!!!!!!!!

  3. I should be promoted, Im a Spiff.

  4. NAME: THEX478

  5. Thanks so much for promoting me WOW baseballs a mod! here is the name thing.

    Name: Harry Joe
    Rank: First Sergeant
    Events I have made: So far I think I made them all 🙂

    • You didn’t have to make the comment if you got promoted. But thanks anyway!

    • onestamente,i resident evil vehcci li ho provati tutti sul gamecube, e posso dire ke l unica cosa che odiavo di questi giochi erano quei ***** di enigmi, per me soppravivere agli zombi vuol dire essere in citta o in una villa infestata da zombi e sparare per soppravivere ,non trovare una chiave con uno stemma e capire quale porta apre, comunque sono daccordo sul fatto che invece di fare uno sparatutto sui binari potevano essere dei remake dal n 0 al CODE VERONICA ,se poi riescono a darci un RESIDENT EVIL 5 per wii meglio ancora anke a costo di cambiare qualcosa sia a livello grafica e giocabilita

  6. Name: Blooper2425

    Rank: Corpal now, But I would like a promotion, sir.

    Events I have made: I think I’ve made a good bunch of them! 😉

    Please promote me, I’ve worked really hard.

  7. I think i was skipped over again when it comes to promos. I’ve been at nearly every event, and I’m on chat daily. Last promo day I was a mod rank and then a few days ago I was listed on the ranks as a member. I talked to Danny and he didnt know, but said id most likely get a promo back to mod anyway .Even if I don’t get promo’d, could I just have my rank of captain back? Thanks 😛


  9. Name: Hbk300
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    Events: So far i made a lot of them this month

  10. Sweet, I got promo’d.

  11. Name: Jacknat02

    Rank: Highest Member

    Events I have made: LT invasion of servers. Training sessions early in the month, any major battle throughout the month. o.e

  12. i have not made any but i want nachos to win so i should be demoted but i mean realy it doesnt matter `cause once a nacho alwase a nacho

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