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Some Pennies For My Thoughts

I am back on chat again!


Sorry for a cheesy title like that, but I just wanted to grab your guys’ attention, which is what a title is technically for. :mrgreen: Now, today I would like to share some of my thoughts with Nachos; maybe you guys can relate to some, maybe not, I just want to get this post across to you Nachos. Also, I would like to talk about a few updates, if you don’t mind reading. So, this post begins…Now.

Owners: Now, I don’t want to rage or anything into this post, but I say we simply need more active owners/maybe MORE owners, if you will. During every events, we just have like Molly and someone else on. I understand we have 2 UK owners, but that only leaves us with like 5 American owners, and I think Hurr isn’t allowed on chat for some strange reason. Danny is in Pacific Standard Time, so he gets on at a later time, and Ads is usually playing basketball or something. So my bottom line for this: promote like 1 or 2 people to 3rd In Command: I recommend Dashing Snow and/or some other experienced former Nacho owner/current Nacho mod.

Mods: The ones in the army that are supposed to be training for leader, but not all seem to be doing just that. The people I see consistently getting people on and leading are: Zak and Dashing Snow. I feel these two could make excellent 3ic’s, if they attempt to work together, they could make us greater than we are now. Take them into consideration, owners. And try to focus on the other mods, they’re just as important to the army as everyone else.

Members: The base of this lovely army. Lately, I’ve been seeing a few new faces, and I’m pleased with that. For the members that are reading this, I’m sure I speak for the mods and owners when I say that you guys are doing a FANTASTIC job, we’re all very pleased with the efforts of getting on ClubPenguin. :mrgreen: One person that I feel deserves a lot of recognition is 7skittles.

Battle Sizes/etc: This is covering all the aspects of battles: chat size, ClubPenguin size, tactics, so on. I feel that although our chat sizes during times of no war do drop, they rise during events, even if they still aren’t the greatest. But to all those that make the effort to get on everyday, like when we had 2 weeks of battles against Light Troops, Nachos appreciate it. 😀 That’s all I have to say about this, other than we seem to be having more YouLeads. While this is fine, owners, make sure you WATCH what is happening, things can get chaotic at these events in terms of who’s leading.

My ‘Class’ idea: To those that think I forgot about this, I haven’t 😛 I’ve been waiting for the war to end, and as it seems it has, I hope to get this running around next week, if that’s okay with the owners. I’ll be looking around chat for some leaders, so if you get a Private Chat from me, don’t be surprised, cause I see a lot of what happens. So look forward to this *hopefully* soon.

Any who, that ends this post I guess, so here’s an awesome picture I found on Imgur for you guys to enjoy :mrgreen:: “I Need Dis For My Fort”


8 Responses

  1. Thank! You! That’s means a lot to me!! You guys may not think so, but it really does! Thanks again!!


  2. I can’t be on chat for a while. For like one more week. But I will be back!

  3. I plan to be much more active soon. So much as gone on irl that I could barely do anything.

  4. Y’see, I would be on more, but the fact that I have this fever makes it hard, and the fact that my dad is working on the computer to make it better. I may retire soon.. idk. =/

  5. Skittles for leader.

  6. hes right

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