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My Last Post- My Story (50 Cent 254)

Hello, I’m Grant (also known as 50 Cent 254).

My intentions in writing this post are not to threaten anyone, or start a rebellion.  I merely want you all to think.  I want each and every Nacho soldier to read this post word for word.  This is an important post to me.  It is likely the last post I will ever make on the Nacho blog.  This is my story.

I am Grant.  I started playing Club Penguin on May 1st, 2007 after my brother introduced me to the game.  I joined under the account name of 50 Cent 254.  At the time I was only 11 years of age.  I enjoyed the virtual world, and was very excited when I purchased my membership.  After purchasing my membership I enjoyed playing games in order to earn coins, designing my igloo, talking to other penguins, and hosting igloo parties.  In the summer of 2007 I discovered numerous Club Penguin fan sites while searching for Club Penguin cheats through google.

I viewed the fan sites regularly admiring their creators for their popularity and fame throughout Club Penguin.  Some of you may remember Paintboy100, Chewit Dude, Dendo Guy, Vital Viper, etc.  I continued to enjoy Club Penguin even after the summer had ended.  I was excited for the mysterious fall fair, the upcoming annual halloween party, new catalogs, and meeting rockhopper.  In late 2007 my brother’s friends attempted to achieve popularity on Club Penguin by making fan sites of their own (one of them was relatively successful).

In January 2008 I decided to go from being a fan of Club Penguin blogs to becoming a blogger myself.  My site gained some attention but nothing that made me famous in the game.  By July 2008 I started to enjoy Club Penguin to a lesser extent.  The parties weren’t as fun as they used to be.  To make it worse my computer started to become glitchy so I began having trouble posting on my fan site.  By late 2008 the problem with my computer was solved.  However, by then I had nearly lost all of my interest in Club Penguin.  I was only posting once a week.  Some of the other bloggers were speculating that I was ready to give it up.  They were right.

In February 2009 I decided to quit blogging.  I wasn’t going to give up Club Penguin completely though.  I wanted to stay in touch with the game to some extent so I decided to start up a Club Penguin army.  I remembered taking part in a few Club Penguin armies as a rogue/noob with a blogger friend of mine in the summer of 2008, and I kind of enjoyed it (I even started up a noob army alliance against Order 67) :DMy army was called CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army).   Despite my in-experience we achieved some power in the 4 months that we were strong with the loyal members we had.

Some of the noteworthy CPRA members included 77 Hockey, Ashpie (Ace), Donnuh, Generation, etc. In May 2009 I became frustrated with CPRA after a failed merger, and poor battle attendance.  I decided to become more committed to the “Nacho Army of Club Penguin” which I joined 3 months prior (despite being focused on CPRA).  In June 2009 I quit CPRA for good after our so called “advisor” trashed the site.  Over the summer I was an active Nacho member who would attend most of the events, and often ask my superiors for things I could do to help the army.

The Nachos were the perfect army for me.  The Nachos had great leaders in Person1233, Puckley, and Aka.  The Nachos also had a titanic troop force that was enthusiastic and obedient.  Our chat room was awesome with the perverted character of our troops :D .  During the Nacho golden age we really put on a show.  From our conflicts with ACP to our conflicts with The Monster Force we fought in some classic battles.  That was certainly the peak of the Nacho Army.


I became frustrated with the owner ranks because of their lack of effort.  Gamer’s promise to promote me to Co-Leader never did happen.  Tomb was also irritated.  (Don’t get me wrong there were some fun battles during Gamer’s leadership).  In March 2010 I attempted to rebel against Gamer & Ads which failed.  I was allowed back in the army a few times after negotiating with Ads but that didn’t last long.  In May 2010 I accepted a contract with the Night Warriors.  I trained Night Warriors troops, and participated in battles with them.  However, that was a waste of my time.

In the Summer of 2010 I conspired plans with my friend Tanman626 amongst others hoping to get back into the army.  I was determined to not just become a Nacho again but to revive the Nachos of Club Penguin.  Finally in September I was allowed to re-join the army.  I quickly rose through the rankings becoming one of the three leaders in just 6 weeks!  I was determined to get what I was fighting for.  I had a dream for the Nachos.  Not just to help the army reach another golden age but I invisioned an era in Nacho history even greater than the golden age of 2009.  Unfortunately that did not happen.

The Nachos had three leaders at the time.  TanMan626, Billy Mays, and 50 Cent 254 (me). We were a poor leadership collaboration.  At the time we had all invisioned a different dream for the Nacho army, and assumed that we were going to backstab each other.  A month after my leadership started I was overthrown by Billy & Joker.  Me and Tanner immediately began plotting to overthrow Billy.  It only took a few weeks until we succeeded.  Ever since September the Nacho Army had substantial growth in size but had failed to be consistent, avoid pointless drama, and a cooperative leader force. 

Around Christmas time the Nachos were slacking off.  I was again frustrated because the Nachos I had dreamed of was becoming less and less likely.  I talked to Ads about it so we agreed to use the holiday break as a time for catching up.  In January I conspired a plan with some of our allies, and notable Nacho members that I don’t feel like talking about to this day.  The Nachos, Night Warriors, and our other allies were strong so we figured this plan might work.  After a few weeks as a result of a lack of communication, and ambition the plan was no longer a reality.

In February I was the Co-Leader of the Nacho army.  At the time even I was slacking off.  I threatened Tan a couple of times because I did not favor his leadership techniques.  He became annoyed at me as our friendship was being diminished.  It got to the point where he hired a hacker who attempted to shut down my computer.  After that fiery dispute ended Tanner refused to give me back my Co-Leader position.  What happened next?  I gave up.

Yes.  Even I gave up.  After 16 months of trying to get the Nachos back on track I gave up.  I knew that I would never see the Nacho dream.  I was also too old for Club Penguin anyway.  Today I still go on Nacho chat out of habit.  It’s not like I pay attention to chat much anymore.  I’m always either on Youtube, Facebook, or reading an article while the nacho chat tab is open.  I was thinking about making a comeback playing the role of advisor back in August but that never happened.

You may be asking yourself.  Why did I just read that? I wanted to share my story for a reason.  I want all the troops from the soldier who joined yesterday to Thex who joined more than three years ago to “think”.  Think about why you are in the Nachos, and why you keep coming back.  Think about the dreams you wish to accomplish by the time you retire from the army.  Think about the battles you wish to participate in as a Nacho soldier.  Think about the friends you have made as a Nacho.  Think about the ultimate potential for the Nachos of Club Penguin.

The truth is I was a dreamer.  I dreamed of a strong force that had 400 active members.  I dreamed of an army that was so large it needed to be split into two.  I dreamed of hardcore classic battles that we’ve never seen before.  I dreamed of the Nachos fighting in a game that allowed free speech.  I dreamed of a Club Penguin Army radio show.  I dreamed of a dedicated united force that could not be stopped.  That is what kept me going.  My imagination that had the potential to become reality is what kept me going for so long.

We are all creative so we as humans like to dream.  The bottom line is that all I wanted as a Nacho was to have fun again, and see the troops having fun during battles.  Sure there were a few fun times in 2010 and 2011 but it wasn’t consistent.  If we did have a fun period of time it would last for a few hours then be over.  If we the Nachos ever want to have another golden age we must unite as an army, cooperate, and be committed.  We need to be careful with the leaders we choose.  It takes a good leader in order to get things done.  The three most important qualities in a good leader are: Someone who knows the game,  Someone who is respected greatly, and Someone who is disciplined.

As I was explaining to Tanner a few days ago we don’t come across someone with those qualities that often.  The only Nacho who satisfies all of those qualities is Person1233.  (Note: Shadow is close to fulfilling them all but there were a lot of  troops who opposed what he did).  And hey what should you expect?  The general audience of Club Penguin Armies is ages 8-15.  You rarely come across a child or teenager who is capable of running a business.  Person1233 is someone who knows the game well.  He knows how to strategize.  Person was respected, and loved for his humor and character.  When he retired dozens of members became sad.   Person was a disciplined leader who worked hard.

It really is sad for me to see an army that has had some fantastic times be down for so long.  We haven’t been able to match the fun we used to have for more than 2 years.  It also amazes me how dedicated our core members are.  Many of our members have currently been here for as long as 2-4 years.  Sure our core members go on a temporary break once in a while but they just keep coming back.  Many of us join and don’t return, or join and stay for a few months but then retire.  Those who join and do something spectacular for us are true Nachos.  Those who join and keep coming back are true Nachos.

Also, help the new members have the best time of their lives.  Childhood can be one of the best parts of life because of ignorance.  New recruits may act weird sometimes but they are merely having fun.  Allow them to have fun, and make it exciting for them.  Ignorance is the reason why the first few months in Club Penguin Armies are often the best.

Another thing I enjoy about internet armies (Club Penguin) is that they are relatively secretive and unorganized.  Club Penguin Armies can be fun but have a small fanbase.  Their fanbase is usually only around 500-800, and they are not ruined by media attention.  Not just that but things can be changed in the game, and nobody is ever going to see it all.  Things aren’t always predictable since Club Penguin Armies aren’t like video games.  In video games you don’t have much of a say in what goes on in the game.  You have to play within the boundaries of the game, and by the rules of the game.  In Club Penguin your army can do pretty much whatever it wants which is what I love.

The year is now 2012.  The Nachos have existed in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  I don’t plan on returning though I may play an advisor-like role temporarily.  I will be turning 16 in February so I am far too old for Club Penguin.  However, I still enjoy a good old battle.  In 2012 I want to see the Nachos have fun like they did in 2008, and 2009.  Before the Nachos perish I just want to see them have fun again.  I want to see new troops and old troops Nacho dreams come true. I’m hoping we know what we need to do in order to accomplish that.

Ads354 I wish you the best of luck.  Chrisi Blule I wish you the best of luck.  Hurricanex1 I wish you the best of luck.  And more importantly I wish every Nacho troop the best of luck in 2012!  I shared my story.  I hope yours will be better. ~Grant

12 Responses

  1. This was a very inspirational post 50.

  2. Thanks Dash.
    I’ve made many posts but put a lot of effort into this one. I wanted to make my last post my best.

    To everyone reading this have a Happy New Year from 50 Cent 254!

  3. Like Dash said, a truly inspirational post. I love posts like these. Posts that give you goosebumps when you see someones true essence and what they tsand for.
    50, no matter what anyone says, you were a true Nacho.

  4. I loved that post, it truly is one of the most inspirational posts that I’ve read.
    Thank you 50 😀

  5. very touching and inspirational post , 50Cent!

    I remember when i was just a troop in CPRA , you were the one who motivated me to continue in the CPRA , and that’s why I was able to become leader of CPRA..

    I will miss u ..

  6. Great post, 50. Just like everyone else has said, a very moving and inspirational post.

  7. Very touching. It would be cool if the nachos actually got 400 troops in a battle… I’ll miss you 50 😦

  8. Great post 50, and you couldn’t have said it better.
    I personally would love to see the Nacho’s have a final golden age in 2012, but this cannot be accomplished when troops are constantly arguing and bitching. We also can’t promote the troops who aren’t even active, and we can’t demote the ones who are active. Rewards and punishments have to be given out to retain equality and fairness.

    Also Nachos, we still have a chance, we CAN be that number one army. We CAN beat ACP. But, you need to always be optimistic, and never give up. Just because they’re bigger than us, doesn’t mean they can win. Nachos are notorious for our tactics, and we can completely dominate ACP in that aspect. SIZE isn’t the only thing that matters. TACTICS win the battle.


  9. I was very wrong about you 50, I apologize. Nice post.

  10. Thanks for this very inspirational post Grant 😉

  11. nice post man

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