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❗ Click here for info on the tourney battle against Ice Warriors and Ninjas ❗

Hola, my fellow Nachos former Nacho leader Joker Here :D! I’m sorry I will not be able to make the finals of the tourney I will be at Wisconsin, but I’d like if someone sent me a text with the results of the battle, but I don’t think that will be necessary, I already KNOW Nachos will win this. Even though Ice Warriors (IW), and Ninjas will be tough competitors I know Nachos will go on top and beat both armies, and take the trophy back to Casa Nacho. Many people doubt Nachos can win this with IW’s huge rise out of nowhere reaching 75+ at their last event, Ice Warriors don’t bite off more than you can chew you were fighting Light Troops last time. You’re going to be battling Nachos this time, and you’re going to need a whole lot more than size to take us down ;). Nachos have overcome the impossible many times. When people doubted us we proved them wrong.  “No way in heck are Nachos going to successfully invade Breeze from ACP” “LOL, Nachos win the tourney? Don’t make me laugh” Heh, we made them eat those words, and prove them wrong! We have overcome the impossible and that’s exactly what we are going to do this coming Saturday! Nachos I know, you know, every retired Nacho, every retired Nacho leader, every Nacho HoF member knows we can overcome anything, that is what you must do this coming Saturday, we are all Proud to be Nachos. Even if IW’s are huge they get 75+ 80+ and we’re a little behind them in size WHO CARES?! Don’t you remember our last tourney battle with them, they were so huge but we still whooped their Ice butt ;).

We’re all Nachos and proud. It’s just like a habit to be proud to be a proud Nacho. I have been in Nachos since June 25th, 2009 (MJ’s death o.o) and on  January 7th I’ll still be a proud Nacho once we win this tourney and take home the trophy. On January 2nd  that was a day to truly be proud to be a Nacho, SOOOO many people doubted we can do this, with our last huge fall, look at us we jumped out of nowhere and beat ACP. You guys have no idea how proud I was of you guys that day, the huge smile on my face when we we’re owning ACP, and then Blue came to announce that Nachos have won the battle I started laughing of  joy, seeing everyone on chat it seemed everyone was happy, besides the butthurt ACP. Make that happen again on Saturday. Moments like this when we do the impossible make us all proud to be a Nacho. So Nachos do me a favor while I’m gone? Make every nacho be proud to be a Nacho. Make this year the rise of Nachos 2012. This will be the year Nachos will dominate any army that comes in our way. Ice Warriors watch out YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Person’s video



7 Responses

  1. Nice post 😀

  2. Really, sorry I can’t make the tourney battle :(. Tan can you text me the results?

  3. We all know that this post is directed towards IW, not Ninjas. Ninjas don’t really have a chance (rolleyes)

  4. I can text you results Joker ❤

  5. Damn joker, you learned paragraphs!

  6. It’s not like any of us want to lose it xD
    Belief in victory will bring victory to us.

  7. Fail Clip and you will lose the tourney so give up lolz

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