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The Nacho Army Declares War on ACP

Hola Nachos,

Well over the past couple of weeks the ACP has really been pushing our buttons. I’m not about to give you a 2,000 word speech about why we are declaring war. We are declaring war because we are sick of ACP pushing around armies and thinking they can do what they want. Last month the ACP posted a post saying

Who wants to fight? I’m sick of silly war declarations, giant alliances being formed in ten minutes, wars that end in three days. They’re terrible. Are YOU the leader of an army? Are you interested in fighting the Army of Club Penguin in a war that could be awesome? Then again, are you afraid of fighting us? Please, don’t be!

Well ACP, you found war!

Wwebestfan saying that ACP will invade Summit and give it to DCP. Also Flipper, ACP's leader, claiming that ACP will declare war after this war vs LT & the Alliance.

Invasions will be posted shortly.

~ Hurricanex1

5 Responses

  1. ITS


  3. Yay! 😀

  4. Me and Joker will bring the OoT to pwn. lolololol

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