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-> Defense of Abominable[USA] <-

When: Friday, 27th January, 2012


Server: Abominable


8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

USA Time Zone Map

Red = Pacific/Penguin Time

Blue = Mountain Time

Green = Central Time

Yellow = Eastern Time


56 Responses

  1. […] INVASION OF SNOW FORT: THIS WEDNESDAY!  PROMOTION EVENT!  Comment if you can come by clicking >>HERE<< […]

  2. I can’t come!!!!!!!

  3. I’ll try to come but thats almost midnight for me ._.

  4. i will come

  5. Can probably make it.

  6. i can come

  7. I will

  8. I maybe can come

  9. yup

  10. I think I can come.

  11. nvm sorry i can’t go

  12. I might be a little late.

  13. I can come but only for 30 mins of it I might be there for the whole thing tho but I doubt it plz promote me any way tho if I only make 30 mins 🙂 plz

  14. I’m trying to get a good start in the nachos after the sad news that WW will be merging and it’s going to be a month or so until WW is back on it’s feet we are blessed to have an Allie so close to us

  15. i can comeeeee 😀

  16. i think that is night time for me so maybe not

  17. nada

  18. nvm i think i can come today for the whole thing 🙂

  19. Possibly

  20. I can go.

  21. I will make sure me and puterboy234 make it to the innvasion

  22. I WILL be coming! I SO hope we win! NACHOS ARE UNSTOPPABLE! 🙂

  23. Will miss fjord and snow fort, most likely will be there for white house.

  24. I can make it Thursday and maybe Saturday but I’m not shore about tommorow yet at the least I can make 30 mins of it And Maybe the whole thing not shore yet tho 🙂

  25. I can make all of them except maybe not Saturday.

  26. I’ll be late for Wednesday, I can make Thursday, but I might not be able to go Saturday.

  27. Aw, they are too late for me 😦

    P.s Sorry I am not on chat I am really ill.

  28. cant come to any sorry dumb gmt time zone

  29. ->Invasion of White HouseInvasion of Snow FortDefense of Fjord<-
    Sorry can't come ots 10:00 for me
    (I might be able to go only 99.9% sure)

  30. I don’t know whih I can come to Ill see

  31. to all ww:

    if you hear people on xat talking about how ww is never coming back dont believe it, ww is coming back luc told me so in the ww chat it might take a month or so but we will be back

  32. I think I can make it. But scheduling during the week during school times is a bad choice. :3

  33. I’m coming for Snow Fort, and maybe the other two as well.

  34. maybe i make them all

  35. 1. Yes
    2. I’ll be late
    3. No

  36. I’ll make it

  37. Chat isn’t working for me.

  38. 1.CAME
    2.Can come
    3.i cant -_-

  39. I came! 🙂

  40. i might be able to make the defense of fjord but definetely can make the invasion of white house

  41. Can’t make it I’ll be in school

  42. I might it to defense of fjord, but I will make it to the invasion of white house!

  43. The Saturday, January 28th,
    Sunday, 29th January (Defence of Snow Fort)
    Sunday, 29th January (Defence of Bobsled)
    Sunday, 29th January (Defence Of Crunch)
    Thats all the events im coming to!

  44. I cant make the first but the second I CAN!!!!!!!

  45. I’m a first class private but I should have a promo!!!!!!!!!and unband me from chat

  46. I will make it to both!

  47. I may or may not make the Abominable event.

  48. I’m pretty shore i can make it

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