Organize Tips #1

Hola Nachos,

I will start these tips to better us in battles, recruiting, training, etc. These tips will make the Nachos look more organized and not random penguins running around the server. Ok first I want to talk about is lines. Our lines are ehh ok, they could be much better with these tips!

I have noticed that when we create lines, diagonal, horizontal, and vertical. Everyone always spaces out very far. Spacing out very far doesn’t make us look very great. Just because we spaced out furthered then our opponents doesn’t mean we will look organized. This is a picture of us spacing out.

As you can see, we spaced out far, but we don’t look organized. I’m sure everyone want to look like the bigger army by spacing out but it isn’t always the answer! Now, I will show you a line from Person1233’s era as leader and look how effective the Nachos look.

Doesn’t that look awesome? Who wouldn’t want to join something that amazing? This is a perfect example of how a line should be. Spreading out isn’t always the key.

  • In a vertical line, click the person above you name to not cause very much spacing! It will really make us look much powerful in lines.
  • Also, do not bunch! I know this tip is about spacing out, but don’t bunch/sit on top of each other. It will really make us look smaller.

This is a perfect example of not too much spacing and not bunching! Now, let’s see how the formation works while doing a tactic.

I know that isn’t the best quality of showing my point, but I’m sure you get the point that I’m reaching to. It will make us look awesome and more amazing! We will start doing this much more, so please don’t space out very far apart. Don’t be afraid to show some love too 😉 haha.

Well, comment with your thoughts about the post and any ideas for the next tips we should work on!

 | Hurricanex1 |


One Response

  1. Um this doesn’t have anything to do with this post but I was thinking about asking hurr if you can make a nachos investigation unit where I and a hand full of other soldiers picked would be basicly investigating probolems and traiters and ect. But what do you think hurr? I think it would be cool, ps. If you do it plz make me Incharge of it after all it was my idea 🙂
    .. What?

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