Message To PR

Dear PR,

We are tired of you raiding our events. The nachos simply just want an event by themselves this week. Is that too hard to ask? We don’t want you raiding our chat. We don’t want you to do any of that crap that you do. We just want you to leave us alone. If not, well, I smell a war coming.


           The Nachos


Well, as you can see, PR is certainly pissing me off. The nachos haven’t had any events by themselves this week because of the war with SWAT and PR raiding our events.

What do you think about PR? How should we handle them? Comment your opinions for 2 medals. Comment if you made it for 5 medals.

31 Responses

  1. I made it 😀 5 medals for me 🙄

  2. I made it. Purple Republic needs work

  3. I made it.

  4. I think ignoring PR would kill them off.

  5. I was there!
    and i think we should give it another week or two, if they keep it up, then it’s war!

  6. t

  7. I made it! I believe that PR will not stop these raids unless this matter is taken seriously…. WAR ON PR!!!!

  8. It’s funny because I bet a majority of you kids don’t even know what I am the law is from.

  9. WAR


  10. please dont swear 😦
    also did you hear what ACP was saying about German people? :O
    they said they will always be the enemy and it offended me so much because my relatives are german 😦

    Dash Edit: Sorry about the swear. I’ll try not to do that. 😦

    • I saw that at that forts war like 5 minutes ago
      All of them were saying it, it wasn’t just one of them, which im disgusted at.
      They are seriously making themselves look awful compared to PR, I really think that they need to be taught a lesson.

    • Saw this too, was supporting them, then they all spammed it, instantly left forts and said on the chat and asked why they did it, they then banned me in the xat.
      Seriously, these guys rule under an iron fist.

  11. I was there.We should try and fight them for a few weeks and if they keep on raiding us we should go in war

  12. You guys make me fart

    Dash Edit: Good, because we are sexy like that.

  13. We will not stop until Purple is recognized as the Master Race that it is

    Dash Edit: Purple is the color of failure.

    • I see that you are, child

  14. War it is the Nachos.
    >Implying we care

    ps: SIEG HEIL

    • This is WordPress not 4chan, please stop using your silly “>”s

  15. made it

  16. 5 medals for me

  17. i made it
    we should build an alliance of Watex Warriors, nachos, IW, ACp, ninjas, DCP, BMA, golds, and MW plus any other armies that want to help and then hav the alliance declare war on PR

    • I like that idea. :]

      Dash Edit: Hai Sliderpoo. 😀


    Dash Edit: Nah, but I think you are.

  19. Detailed plans on how to beat PR on their own game

  20. I was there, also i need to be made mod on chat please

  21. i made it and i think we should make them pay with a war!

  22. i made it and we should make them pay by “REVENGE”

  23. made it

  24. Pink Alliance anybody?

  25. i made it. im just glad to be in this great army for 4 years. viva los nachos forever!

  26. You are triple gay

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