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Allow me to explain myself.

Hello. If you haven’t heard, Boomer and the Anti-Hacking Bill apparently had me “suspended for a week” for doxing Waterkid100. What I don’t get is that I get punished even if I got doxed by him and he exposed over 10 IP addresses & email addresses on his site. That’s not fair what so ever. I did it to get payback at him, and only him. I never used the Nachos Site, as well. Because clearly you don’t know that I’m a 3ic, and that 3ic’s are AUTHORS. I do think this was unfair, and I don’t deserve a punishment in the Nachos. I only dox when I feel the absolute need to. Also, you really expect me to stand there and let myself get doxed? I direct you to my PSA, in which I said: “You see, you can’t have physical contact at all. Not even in f***ing self-defense! If you lay a HAND ON SOMEONE, YOU GET IN TROUBLE. Schools don’t f***ing understand what you do. If a bully hits you, you hit back. You fight back. Schools want you to walk away. Not the case. You fight back if someone touches you. Because you CAN’T walk away. You CAN’T do nothing.” This is what you are being by punishing me, and expecting Nachos to punish me. Bull. The AHB doesn’t control armies. It never should have the liability to.

8 Responses

  1. As humans, we definitely need to do the right thing. But there’s multiple ways to do that right thing, some are better choices than others. By doxing him back, youre no better than him. Seems unfair, and it sucks. But there’s always infinite ways to do something, and there’s always a choice. Always. I’m sorry about your punishment though.

  2. Schools are really stupid! You can’t even HUG your friends! They REALLY don’t understand what one student hugging their friend is. They think it might be “trying to make someone fall and get hurt”. It’s really stupid.

  3. “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”
    But I’d rather drag the bad people down with me if I was ever bullied, rather than let them off with a sissy punishment that doesn’t teach them anything.
    Zak: I’d thumb this up if I could.

  4. That’s why I didn’t support the bill in the first place. Too many flaws.

  5. From what I’ve seen, he didn’t release the details so it’s not that much of a problem. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. First of all, Boomer doesn’t own CP armies, which he acts like he does, I don’t like hacking and doxing, but you did it for an appropiate reason. You can’t really ”Ban/Suspend” someone from CP armies.

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