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This week in review!

Hola Nachos!

This post will basically sum up everything important this week. Enjoy! 🙂

I. Rise of UK Division

II. Pirates War Ends

III. Promotions are out

IV. SWAT War Ends

V. Sweet Sixteen Summer Tournament!

VI. Dash being drunk


I. Rise of the UK Division

I am very proud of you guys. Our UK division is slowly getting larger. Yes, some people are out for summer in the US, but we are also recruiting more during UK Times! Keep it up nachos!

Below is a UK event earlier this week.

II. Pirates War Ends


Victory for nachos! We kept all of the servers that we won. Waterpig is still crying to this day.


III. Promotions are Out!

May promotions came out a few days ago so if you have not looked at them yet, go here.  Many people are on the verge of being demoted so make sure you come to events, go on chat, and comment on the site a lot to ensure that you get a promotion instead of a yucky demotion. 😦


IV. SWAT War Ends

Victory again nachos! It was a close fight with SWAT, but  after Ganger admitted defeat today the war was officially over. I noticed that when a war is over sometimes our troops get inactive again. Please stay active guys! We have lots of fun things planned this summer. 😆


V. Sweet Sixteen Summer Tournament

This summer we will be participating in CPAC’s Sweet Sixteen Summer Tournament! This will be a lot of fun, so I hope you guys stay active for it! Nachos will bring home the trophy. (Hope you don’t mind CPAC but I edited it xD)  


So Shiny. So pwetty.

VI. Dash being drunk

So, I kind of raided LT and ACP’s event today, but not for what you think. WARNING: FOR PG-13 AUDIENCES!

Oh dear…

I hope this post clears up what happened this week! Have a great rest of the day nachos. 😆

~Dash, guy with the brass ass.

26 Responses

  1. 1st *goo*

  2. Wait, how did you get past the filters?

    • Many people are asking this. I was afk for longer than ten minutes, but Club Penguin didn’t log me off for no movement. Everything was frozen. Nobody was talking and nobody was moving. So I started cussing and I never got banned. 😀

      • you were never banned because after 10 minutes you disappear offline with the losing connection notice, so the cp mods and everyone else didn’t see you for 10 mins, and when you cussed no one even noticed because no one could see you, so you went “invisible” and therefore you were never banned! 😀 but not being logged out is a glitch though, i won’t report the cussing but ill report the 10 min glitch XD


  3. lulz, I hope I don’t end up like you dash, I got a flask today.

  4. My mum came in when I was reading ACP like pen is XD

  5. lol

  6. Lol Dash
    Keep it spicy 😀

  7. lol, nice post Dash! 😀

  8. Dash i cant believe you did this lol! 🙂

  9. P.S. we need to keep it calm or the teams from that day will send in more maybe there team names mostly so lets keep it good or we will be defeated and make fun of us you know guys? 🙂

  10. So if I spank you, my hand will get bruised?

  11. Wooo, I came up with the name Waterpig, xD.

    • Quit changing your stupid mind Waterpig.

    • Waterpig, the Pirates surrendered. Technically, Sccot was a leader. You made him a leader. I don’t care that he bribed you to become that rank. He was a leader of the Pirate Army. As a leader you have the power to make those decisions. If you didn’t want him making those decisions, why did you accept his bribe?

      Additionally, the war was getting boring, and the Pirates were being dominated by the Nachos. Our European Division isn’t the biggest, but we still beating you and you’re a European-based army. Hell, you guys barely showed up to the battles. If I were you, I would rethink who I’d want to fight and fight armies more my size and from the same time zone.

      Move on, accept that you surrendered, and stop acting like you’re cool by trying to take on an army like the Nachos.

      • Waterpig can I tell you something you are just a scared little baby that you will lose all your servers and crap like that. ALSO Sccot was a leader of the Pirates (Nerds) and you made him so shut up and stop being a baby NOW

      • Call him a Mexican one more time and your army will cease to exist.

  12. No mames lol

  13. LMAOed at the perverted pictures.

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