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I have a lot to say, but a small post to say it.

Update: ACP are now deleting our comments, good job ACP.

Edit: I suggest reading another post, a bit like this, only better, >here<

Edit2: ACP admits defeat on Fjord.

The leaders (owners) of ACP are the most hypocritical people within the whole of CP wafare.

A bold statement, and likely one that is considered by many to be true. While I have no doubt they have good reason to be so hypocritical, in that they love their army, it disgusts me that they brandish others, for what they are.

The ACP say we never admit defeat, this is false. They call us childish, this is false. [But true in some ways, as most of us are children] We have already admitted defeat within this war, a fair few times, however, when we quite clearly defeat the ACP they claim victory, or in the case of Fjord, they declare it a tie, please, tell me how an invasion/defence could ever be a tie? I would love to hear of an invasion in real life that resulted in a tie. ( Although, in a real war, there are no winners, only losers.) However this is CP warfare, but whatever, there may be a tie in a war, but not a battle. We won the battle of Fjord. 

ACP cropped us out of the pictures on their site, that is simply admitting defeat in itself. Now ACP, I believe you think you’re winning this war, when you are not, and I can not wait to hear of your plans to “crush” the Nachos, even though I think that is impossible, but do carry on, it shall be interesting. Maybe we can make a plan to “crush” you to, and we’ll see which occurs first, wouldn’t that be fun?

Anyway, I imagine the sentences in this post don’t link together well, and I don’t care if they don’t, I have no desire to make a piece of art, only a post to portray my scattered thoughts, in an attempt to link them together. If you consider this a master piece, I shall adore you. But consider you a fool. Good day, I believe I’ve went mad.

~Chrisi Blule

7 Responses

  1. Great Post Chrisi.

  2. I read the whole thing. And I agree. How the f**k can there be a tie in an invasion? Thats just ridiculous. We clearly defended Fjord proporly. I guess ACP will just keep talking s**t. :/

  3. ACP totally sucks.

  4. ACP can suck my balls.We keep winning and we will have this war.Nice job guys!

  5. Status:happy/proud

  6. he didnt even say that you guys hacked to make it look like that..

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