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ACP get out of our Ice Palace! D:

Hola Nachos!

Today, we successfully defended Ice Palace from the ACP.

Nachos and Light Troops have successfully defended Ice Palace! Even though ACP was scattered, confused, and small, they still claimed a win. (lolwut) We all know Nachos and Light Troops were the true winners today. Comment if you made it!

15 Responses

  1. WOOT

  2. I made it!

  3. I was there.

  4. I was there and NICE FUCKING JOB GUYS!!!!!!! WOOT IS RIGHT, DASH!

    Status:so fucking happy/so fucking proud

  5. i was there.

  6. hi natchos thanks for COMING TO WHINE ON OUR SITE BECUSE YOU LOST learn to take a loss if u want to whine about something do it on your chat not on the comments of acp you make me sick

    • Dash Edit: You make me sick. And lolwut? We creamed ACP today.

    • You sir make me sick. First off Grammar and spelling. You are a Traditional ACP Noob. You are further disgracing your name as “ACP”

  7. btw AR WAS NOT HERE

  8. I made it we were awesome

  9. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I was in a Church Picnic. Nice pictures!

  10. i made it we were great

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