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Medal System Now in Effect

Make sure to read this.

Hola Nachos!

As a part of our rebuilding mode, we have decided to bring back the medal system. If you read my last post, the system is different so you may want to continue reading. The system basically becomes how we’ll determine who gets a promotion by how many events you have attended and how many medals you have.

Medal System:

You must earn a certain number of medals and attend a certain number of events in order to be eligible to receive a promotion in the Nachos.

Ways to earn medals:

  • Important Battles: 5 medals
  • Battle/Event of 40+ Nachos: 5 medals
  • Battle/Event of 30+ Nachos: 4 medals
  • Battle/Event of 25+ Nachos: 3 medals
  • Battle/Event of 20+ Nachos: 2 medals
  • Battle/Event of 15+ Nachos: 1 medal
  • Comment on Battle/Event Information Posts: 2 medals
  • Recruit a person AND have them comment on join page: 2 medals
  • Contest Winner: 3 medals

Note: Leaders may add even more medals onto an event if we do really well.

This system puts you and your fellow soldiers completely in charge of how well we do as a whole which also means how many medals you’ll receive. The more people and the better we do at events, the more medals you’ll receive. The more people at events will only make it easier for you to receive your medals and get your promotion.

  • US MEMBER RANKS: You will need to attend at least 7 events and earn 50 medals in order to be eligible for a promotion.
  • US MOD RANKS: You will need to attend at least 10 events and earn 70 medals in order to be eligible for a promotion.
  • GMT/AUS MEMBER RANKS: You will need to attend at least 4 events and earn 30 medals in order to be eligible for a promotion.
  • GMT/AUS MOD RANKS: You will need to attend at least 6 events and earn at least 50 medals in order to be eligible for a promotion.

IMPORTANT: Most of your medal totals are taken care of by attending your required number of events to be eligible for a promotion. If you recall from looking how to earn medals, one of the ways was just commenting on battle/event information posts. You get two medals for just commenting on those posts stating whether you can attend or not! Pretty easy, right? It should be. Just remember to do that because it is easy and essential for you to reach your medal total that you need.

EASY RECRUITING: If you do a little math, you’ll probably notice you will still need a few more medals possibly to reach your total (saying you get 3 or less medals at each event). In order to get those extra and much needed medals, you must recruit someone into the Nachos. Recruit any way you’d like whether it be on Club Penguin, CP xat chats, CP cheat sites, Twitter, or Youtube. For each person you recruit AND have them comment on the join page, you will receive two easy medals by just recruiting one person!

TAKE NOTE: Make sure once you recruit your person that you get THEM to comment on the join page or else you will not receive your medals. Once you do that, you can contact one of the Nacho leaders and tell them or you may fill out the form in a comment on this page, >>HERE<<. By filling that out, you will for sure get your medals.

If you are confused exactly how you receive your medals by recruiting, you can refer to this link: https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/recruiting-medal-rewards/

Lastly, we’ll try to have weekly contests about different things where the winner will receive 3 medals. 2nd place would receive 2 medals, and 3rd place 1 medal.


  • You must earn a certain number of medals and attend a certain number of events in order to be eligible to receive a promotion in the Nachos.
  • The better the army does, the easier! Everything relies on you and your fellow soldiers!
  • For each person you recruit into the Nachos, you receive  2 medals! Remember, have THEM comment on the join page! If confused on this, refer to >>HERE<<
  • Medals will reset after each promotion day or at the end of the month. They do not carry over.

This system was designed to basically assure that everyone would be and stay active. If you are active in the Nachos, this will be simply and no problem at all. Hopefully, this starts getting everyone to attend events as this is your key and only yours to a promotion.

Then to answer probably one of your many questions: if no one reaches the certain total amounts for the month, we will cut the number off at a reasonable number sort of like a curve on grades. Hopefully, this wouldn’t be needed as we’ll do very well at our events.

That’s about it. Hopefully, you understood the system clearly and how it works. If not, please comment here or ask someone on chat. I or someone else will gladly explain anything that you may be confused on.

You can keep track of your medals by viewing this page: https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/medals/

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


5 Responses

  1. Awesome! But I have two questions:
    1. Do you need to remember how many medals you have or it will be written somewhere?
    2.How you and the leader knows who live in the aus/gmt or US?

    Viva los nachos! 😀

    • 1. The medals will be written on our medal page which can found on the page titled “Medals” or this link nachoarmy.net/medals.
      2. We know for the most part who is from which country, but we’ll also let those who aren’t from the US to let us know if we are unaware.

  2. Love the idea Puck. Perfect way to make the Nachos more active.

  3. Good! 30 Medals here I come!

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