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Halloween Uniform!

Hola Nachos!

Since Club Penguin released the Halloween Party today, we are going to take advantage of it by getting involved with the theme of the party. The best way to do that is by modifying our uniform! For this party, the free item that everyone can receive is the ghost sheet body item. Since it just came out and everyone can get it, I expect that everyone should have it now. It will be cool because we’ll all actually be uniform!

I do expect everyone to have the ghost item, but I’m aware that everyone doesn’t have the sombrero. If you do happen to have the sombrero, please do use it like this image below. If you don’t have the sombrero, just wear the ghost sheet and please feel free to customize your penguin in any other way you’d like with the ghost item.

Like I said, I left my penguin above pretty blank, but feel free to add other items to go along with the ghost item.

Now some of you may have the ghost sheet from a previous party, but if you don’t you are probably wondering how you get the item. It takes a bit of work to get to the place to get the item, but it is pretty easy, especially when you follow this guide below:

Thanks to Pochoma123 and Club Penguin Times for all this information below.

This year’s scavenger hunt is necessary for us to open the big chest at the beginning of the Haunted Mansion! So to start off, here are all of the key locations:

1st Key: Entrance to the Haunted Mansion

2nd Key: Graveyard

3rd Key: Dining Hall

4th Key: Library

5th Key: Study

Once you find all of the keys, you can go to the treasure chest at the beginning of the mansion and unlock it!

When you see what is what inside, you will receive a pair of Ghost Goggles! Here is how to use them:

Once you have your ghost-seeing abilities, up from the treasure chest through either of the two doors and you will see a new hidden door is available!

When you walk through the door, Geriwald VIII will give you a free background!

Inside of the Ghost Lab, there are a few things you can do! First, make sure you check out the Monster Catalog:

In this, penguins can find an awesome ghost hunter uniform! Members can also buy new costumes!

There you have it! The party ends on November 1st, so we will be using this uniform until then. It will not be our permanent uniform. Hopefully, everyone can have this item by tonight for our event! If you have any questions, please comment below. I’d be glad to answer.

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


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  1. Looks like Tacos

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