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We Melted the Ice

Hola Nachos! (The title was Ads’ idea)

Today was absolutely amazing! We had huge sizes throughout the battle exceeding beyond all of our expectations. Between UCCP and us, we might have reached 50 soldiers at one point. Just by ourselves as Nachos, we peaked around 45 Nachos at one point! It was definitely epic. Tactics were just as excellent as always, so great job there as well. As for the battle itself, the Ice Warriors would have stood no chance even if they had tried to fight us. They logged on with about 15 soldiers to only log off a few minutes later.

Enough talk for now. Now, just awe over these amazing pictures:

We were actually so big that Gary and tons came to witness it. Well, maybe, but Gary did actually come on Klondike during the event. Club Penguin Mascots always do seem to follow us. I don’t blame them really. :mrgreen:

Once again, great job today. It was truly epic and definitely shows you how hard work pays off. All throughout the week we were working hard so that this might happen and sure enough it did.

As promised, everyone will receive 25 medals if you came to the event today. Yes, 25 medals!



We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


26 Responses

  1. I came. 🙂

  2. I made it!

  3. i was there. 65 medals for me now 🙂

  4. I was there but my cp wasn’t typing for some reason,I wasn’t there for the whole thing due to hw.And the fact that I couldn’t type I still tried to make as many faces as possible!But in simple terms,I pretty much made it! 😀

  5. I came 97 medals for me

  6. i came penguin name dolphino9

  7. Epic job out there, Nachos!

  8. Made it 😀

  9. I made it

  10. I made it, we were epic

  11. I came! AWESOME job Nachos!!

  12. I made it! Nice job, guys!

  13. i came

  14. That looked fun. Wish I had made it D:

  15. I came today! We were huge!!!!!!!

  16. Remember that we had allies. IW allies shut down.

  17. I came

    I added the medals myself

  18. Our golden age is comming.

  19. Dang! I wanted to come but came too late and the room was full due to the nacho’s epic power.


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