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Talex’s Retirement

A Story by Talex831

It was August of the the year two-thousand and eleven, the Nacho Empire had been almost obliterated by the Army of Club penguin. We were left with one server, Fjord. The worst part was, the three great leaders Tanman, Joker, and Puckley had just retired. Most of you probably know what happened next, the almighty Person1233 came back, and got us on our feet once again. Before he left he put two new leaders in place to lead the Nachos to victory. They were myself (Talex831) and Oberst.

In the first weeks of our leadership the main goal was to get moral back , and we did that by using the UMA and Elites war as a scapegoat to go to war with a weak army. We simply used the “protecting a friend” reason to invade the Elites, in the end we invaded and destroyed the Elites.

To be honest, I did not write this to tell the tales about my leadership, but a more secretive matter.

After the Elites war I tried to make a “special forces” group for the Nachos, I called it the “Orange Berets”, with not clear goal in mind, and due to my in-experience then, it utterly failed.

Now, about a month later, I retired. Let’s skip ahead to April.

Now it’s April, I re-enlist in the Nachos and get some moderator rank, one day I oversee Shivertoe2 and Zoo talking about “NSSA”, I quickly start talking to Shiver in private chat about it, we talk of the failed “orange berets” and the old NSSA. In the end, we re-make NSSA.

Our first goal as NSSA was to be able to forge pictures of army leaders to start wars and other conflicts, but we utterly fail and the pictures do not convince anyone

At this point, NSSA is a rouge group of Nachos not doing anything really significant. Until one day we meet with Tomb, who is apparently the creator of NSSA or something. Anyways he helps turn us down the right path, giving us a good site and clear goals in mind.

By this time, the Nachos have declared war on ACP. once again. Us as NSSA jump for joy as we are hoping for some action, we start my implanting multiple spy accounts in the ACP, one day we are asked, by a Nacho leader that will not be named, to make fake pictures of ACP high command. I believe the main goal was to spark rebellion in ACP or something. In the end those failed (as you probably know).

Now, we adopted a new strategy, instead of focusing on intelligence, we use tactical invasions to win. We start by invading Breeze at the same time Nachos invade another server, it worked perfectly as we took Breeze. (ACP eventually took it back, so we did the same thing again)

In the end we won the war, so now NSSA was basically useless until we found ATKM (see CPAC post for info) but even that wasn’t much.

In the end we became corrupt and did pointless operations, so now NSSA is no more.

I thank all everyone who ever contributed to my time in Club Penguin Armies, this is my retirement post btw.

10 Responses

  1. Bye Tal. Good luck in the future. Peace.

  2. The grammar sucks but who cares, and thanks Ungeace.

  3. Bye Talex thanks for all of the time and hard work you have contributed to the nachos. Good luck and farewell.

  4. Goodbye old friend! Good luck in life!

  5. Bye Talex! It was great working with you. Best of luck in all that you do!

  6. Good luck in the future Talex, you were a great leader back in the day. But I’m guessing you still don’t like me, so…goodbye.

  7. gud by tal i wil c u @ hezbolah

  8. Bye talex. I will rember you as a good friend. Also remember Pink Dinos! ;P

  9. Bye Talex! Even though you were so mean to me by saying i’m only 4 which i’m not and by saying i’m only in 5th grade when i’m not cause i’m in 7th grade… I’ll still miss you… 🙂 and If you don’t say sorry for being mean to me.. truth is i don’t care anymore.. if you do say sorry i’ll say this now… I forgive you…. Have a great life! XD Bye Talex! 😀

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