The War is Over!

Hola Nachos,

The war is now officially over! Last night after our victory at Big Foot, the Dark Warrior leaders confronted us and proposed a treaty to end the current war. After some debating over the offer between us leaders, we decided to accept their offer to officially end the war. We discussed the final terms with the DW leaders, and both armies have agreed upon the following:

  • Nachos and DW exchange any conquered or claimed servers, so they return to the original owner.
  • DW receives a land grant to the server Deep Snow.
  • Both armies cannot attack each other until March 1st, 2013. If this is broken, the army who attacks will have to give their entire nation to the other.
  • Both armies must view the treaty as an agreement, not a win or loss.

With the war now officially over, I’d like to congratulate you all on an excellent war! It was definitely a tiring war, but at moments we definitely shined and proved our strength and dominance! The Dark Warriors presented a tough challenge to us, but we remained resilient and continued to fight on with Nacho pride.

We could have continued the war if we wanted, but the war really would have been more of the same with an unnecessary number of battles along with an unwillingness to admit defeat from either side. It would have been exhausting to continue, but we definitely could have managed and struck down on DW with more power than ever. We had already been in such a war last summer with ACP, but then again that was summer and this is January.

I have no doubt we could have out-lasted the Dark Warriors, but the longevity of the war would have taken a huge toll not only the army physically, but as well as on us mentally with exhaustion and boredom. I will tell you one thing for sure though, we definitely hit the DW hard as they have declined majorly in size. To be honest, I think we are letting them off the hook. They are limping to the finish line trying to hold on until the next party comes along, so they can chat recruit once more.

Really, the Dark Warriors were just trying to get us out of the picture, so they could maintain what they have now until then. Or they could just be trying to make peace before another army like the Army Republic strikes. Who knows or really cares. Back to the point, the DW were beginning to fall. Remember back to the beginning of the war when they stated this: “This war has only two possible outcomes: The Dark Warriors die or the Nachos surrender.”? Well, neither of those things happened; however, since DW wanted the war over with, they were obviously sensing a fall that could bring the end to them.

So, really, why not continue the war? We would, but we are in a fragile position right now. We would rather not risk a major fall at this point in the year. A fall at this point in the year would be difficult to overcome. I highly doubt a major fall would occur, but it’s better not to risk such a thing. It would kill me to leave when this place is struggling.

It has only been about a week of war, but it can be seen it has weakened the army in a slight way. We will need to restrengthen any vulnerable areas. I believe that won’t be a problem whatsoever, and we’ll be right back at full-strength. A nice break from battles will definitely help, or definitely help me at least. We had a whole day of nothing today, and we won’t have anything tomorrow either. We’ll get back into some action on Saturday though.

I could probably keep going on things to say, but I’ll end it at this for now. I’ll get the site activity going again as I have a little bit more time now than I did the past few days.

Once again, Nachos, great job on the war! We did great! With the war now over, we will regroup for a bit, have some fun as always, then of course prepare for a future war. 😉

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


4 Responses

  1. thank god, that was made me want to gouge my eyes out…

  2. Thank lord it has ended. Also, sorry I could not make many events!

  3. nice speech and sorry i couldnt attend any of those battles

  4. […] The war with DW ends with a peace treaty on January 10, ending the war in a draw. […]

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