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Black Alliance VS White Alliance: What will this turn into?

Hola, Many of you have probably heard of the Black Alliance, lead by Waterkid, the Pirates army leader. Many people in Club Penguin Armies have decided that BA are quite evil, while lead by Waterkid, and I’ve heard many a troop say ‘Waterkid is ruining armies’ 

Although, something new has come to Club Penguin Armies, yes, you’ve heard of the Black Alliance but make way for the…

White Alliance! 

The White Alliance takes up the armies such as Nachos, ACP, AR, IW, Tacos. 

I am going to interview some people on their thoughts of the White Alliance. 


A interview with King Funks- ACP Leader. 



Me: What is your opinion on White Alliance? 

Funks: The White Alliance is full of members willing to help each other when they are in times of doubt, ACP is particular in recent times. These armies are always there for each other. 

Me: What do you think all these alliances will turn out to be? 

Funks: The White Alliance will win as always, we collectively have more troops than BA. 

A interview with Domfantastic- ACP Mod. 



Me: What is your opinion on White Alliance? 

Dom: I’m all for them, they’ve finally decided to stand up against the evil tyranny of BA and fight for justice. 

Me: How do you think this will turn out?

Dom: I’m hoping BA will dissolve…again they always seem to start out strong and get weaker until Waterkid rage quits pirates for 2 days.

A interview with Chrisi Blue- Nacho Army 3ic 



Me: What is your opinion on the White Alliance?

Chrisi: The White Alliance? It sounds like a white supremacist group, they really need to change their name. (wary) But I like what they’re doing, Waterkid is ruining armies. I think any logic person can agree on that. 

Me: How do you think this all will end?

Chrisi: Everyone will get bored. But Waterkid will still be there demanding everyone to ‘hail’ him. 

A interview with Samurai Fire- Nacho Army Mod 



Me: What is your opinion on White Alliance?

Sam: Umm..I think they are doing what is suppose to be done.

Me: How do you think this will end?

Sam: I think the White Alliance will bring victory.

A interview with a Nacho Member (This person did not want to show their name) 



Me: What is your opinion on the White Alliance?

Member: This will be a pointless war. I can see it. There are already considerable amount of rant posts on CPAC. This is a utterly shameful of armies. Some people and armies (not going to mention any names) have sunk low. Now all I can do is watch as people refer to the White Alliance as the KKK, which is the most juvenile thing I have heard. But, being only a Staff Sergeant, I bet barley anyone outside of the nachos will listen and think ‘Hey, this is actually pretty right.’ Instead of ‘Whatever, probably just a newb.’   

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I hoped it explained what the Black and White Alliances are. What do you think about the Alliances? Post on the comments down below! Thanks for reading!

~Harry Joe 


12 Responses

  1. Cool post

  2. That member is now a god.

  3. cool post

  4. I said ‘logical’ not ‘logic’ and ‘heil’ not ;hail’ *wary* <33333

  5. Lol, wa. Nice post btw ;p

  6. Not to be a party pooper or anything, but this isn’t a CP army news site.

  7. thanks for interviewing me lol but im never on so yay its kinda impossible for you to interview me lol

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