Snow Fort Conquered

Hola Nachos,

Today was our first strike on the Black Alliance! The White Alliance together set out on a strike against SWAT. With that being said, we took on the task of invading Snow Fort. Knowing SWAT was being invaded out of the wazoo, we knew it was a slim chance SWAT would actually show up. As expected, they didn’t. However, the Night Warriors showed up for like 5 minutes then logged off, so that was a bit odd! :mrgreen: In the end, we were successfully able to conquer Snow Fort! Overall, excellent job today, Nachos! Tactics were excellent, and size was good! Let’s keep this going! 😉

Remember, promotions are coming soon!


Looks like SWAT is already backing out…







We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


16 Responses

  1. I made it

  2. I came

  3. I couldn’t make it 😦

  4. I came

  5. I made it, yet to miss a single event this month.

  6. I made it!!!! (AWE)

  7. I made it

  8. I made it,

  9. Sorry that I didn’t make it :/

  10. i made it

  11. made it

  12. […] Nachos conquer Snow Fort as SWAT drops out of the BA officially. […]

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