A Flame that Withers with Heat, and Pierces with a Deadly Cold


I apologize for this post being fashionably late.

Hola,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Today, you soldiers displayed courage, and pure ferocity against a well known foe – no, just kidding, what happened today didn’t even meet the basic criteria to be classified as a battle. It was a tactics expo. A really great tactics expo. Every emote, phrase, and bomb that was proposed was executed fluently, and exquisitely. Had ACP been in the battle room, they would have loved us. But what am I talking about exactly? Well, allow me to present you with a quick synopsis of this proclaimed “battle.”


We began our day by huddling in the pool, like every democratic army should. We did some standard emotes, and were even met by a few brave ACP stragglers, who came to observe our masterful size. And after a few more action sequences, we prepared to enter the dreadful, and inconspicuous landfill known as the mine. We were met by a lagstorm of joke bombs upon our arrival, so instinctively, as a witty retort, we did the same. So since the mine isn’t exactly the greatest representation of an arcology, we weren’t all able to fit in there – but neither was ACP, who took the majority of the hit. About a minute and half after ACP got locked out, the tournament committee passed a rule giving ACP permission to enter, and do their stuff in the snow forts. However, we didn’t know this until the results were announced because. Anyways, our famed and beloved leader, Puckley  put us into a formation that personally, I was a bit skeptical of at first. Anyhow, it proved to be our best formation of the day, and we were apt to utilize an array of tactics because of its design. What was it? A “Z.” Yes, a “Z.” A “Z” looks good with 45 virtual people in it. Following that glorious period of wonderfulness, we frenzied a little, created another circle (the first one I didn’t bother to mention), and we hung out in the mine for the remainder of the battle.

Oh, and we reached 50. That’s awesome. And since Puck is so good to you guys, he made six people moderators, and two people owners. This is a temporary promotion. After three days (Tuesday, March 19th), they will be demoted back to their original status.

Bottom line: WE WON

*Note to DW: We don’t multi-login. It was a good try, a nice try really. The pics you pulled were from another event. And honestly, DW is way more probable to use bots than any other army – combined.

Here are some pics, courtesy of your best friends and mine, Puck and Wolfie:



2 3 4 5 6


7 8




10 11 12 13


14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21



ACP agrees too.


ACP mad.

Other Pictures:

Once again, GREAT job today! You, the soldiers, are an euphemism for our virtual dominance, and we must strive to keep this momentum going!

We will face either DCP or IW next Saturday, depending on who wins tomorrow!

   ~Puck, Ads, & Beeky

24 Responses

  1. Great job, Nachos. Absolutely amazing.

  2. I was so glad I was able to make it to this it was amazing to participate in. Nice Title by the way.

  3. I came to this event, and we nachos where abosuluteley brilliant! 😀

  4. Great job everyone.(I was there)

  5. I came,It was an amazing event 😀

  6. Coolio

  7. Great event 😀

  8. LOL Victory Screech made me laugh so hard

  9. Made it. 😀

  10. I made it! We did great!

  11. I came. Good job! 🙂

  12. This battle was epic. So glad I was able to come 😀

  13. I came to half battle good job nachos!

  14. Good job, Nachos. Though, I do think the effort on our part was a bit pathetic.

  15. i came

  16. I came for the beginning but had to leave early

  17. I came,AND I GOT DOUBLE MOD! *wary*

  18. YOUNG LADS it is i lord callan or ill go by st. callan and soon i really am making my own army AND I WILL RULE THE WORLD HA HA

  19. wait i didnt come

  20. […] Semi-Finals – Nachos vs. ACP [VICTORY] […]

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